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  1. Well I am glad that you liked it. However this is one of the biggest complaints on E class. Talking to others on my Edge sailing it was the biggest complaint. It has been heavily discussed on the Celebrity board. The biggest issue for myself is that the AC turns off when the open/close window is open. If I want to be outside in the veranda and my wife inside in the air conditioning this type of set up just does not work. The Sunset Verandas on E Class ships book out early (real balconies). When I am at home I do not just open up a window I actually go outside on the balcony. IVs are just not the same. They make work for some but definitely not for myself. I have an SV on my next Apex cruise.
  2. Once the vaccines are approved for 12 and under I would assume that Celebrity would require the vaccine for the age groups approved. I think that will happen in the next month or two. With ages 5 - 11 being approved that will leave children 4 or younger.
  3. Yes, but maybe the OP will take our advice and use a TA next time. A day or two ago I just e-mailed my TA to get the 20% promo. It took me all of 10 seconds. My TA did the leg work and sent me the invoice the next morning with the savings. It does not get any easier than that.
  4. There are the SVs on the Apex. A bit more if you are interested. They are the real balconies in the back of the ship. Some like the IVs and other's don't. There seems to be about a 50/50 split.
  5. Normally these cruises are more expensive due to the high demand. Not this year ...
  6. As others have pointed out there are large holes in the coverage of Celebrity's Assistance Plan. If you test positive before the cruise. If you fly to a foreign country and must be tested multiple times ... The Celebrity plan only covers you while on the ship. Not before or after. The October 31st date is also a big concern.
  7. https://www.forbes.com/advisor/travel-insurance/best-pandemic-travel-insurance/ Your example is why you need insurance. Above is a ratings of insurance companies that cover this.
  8. We will wait for final payment for our holiday sailing to see what it looks like then.
  9. Has anyone done any price comparisons on these? Say Trawick vs the top Cat 70?
  10. On the Princess ships I have been on they have real balconies and not the open/close window IV. Also they have a front facing lounge similar to the Sky Lounge on the Celebrity S Class ships. Much better than Celebrity E class IMHO.
  11. On the Princess ships I have been on they have real balconies and not the open/close window IV. Also they have a front facing lounge similar to the Sky Lounge on the S Class ships. Much better than Celebrity E class IMHO.
  12. One thing that I enjoy about sailing on Princess are the better wine selections.
  13. Right now I don't think that the ships are hitting their capacity limits. Some are only sailing with 700... Maybe someone on the Equinox will chime in here.
  14. My TA just got back to me. I saved $1000. Not bad for a holiday sailing.
  15. Does anyone know if they have coconut milk?
  16. We were scheduled to be on the Solstice at the end of February. We cancelled several months back as it did not look like the cruise had a chance of going.
  17. I sent an e-mail to my TA to see if I would save anything. When I did a sample booking it looked like I should.
  18. My main complaint about this is that apparently AA does not plan on fixing their high cancellation rates. Otherwise why would this be a big deal if they just had a normal amount of cancellations? Sure it costs them some money, but I am not sure why they would want to sink down to the level of the discount airlines who don't offer the ability to rebook on a partner airline?
  19. You are correct. I work in an industry where pay levels are driven by expertise and value to the company. Not by how long someone has been with the company. Unions and their lack of competitiveness never made sense to me. I guess they will try to injure the company to get more of a pay raise. Working as a team always made more sense.
  20. The pilots have the upper hand in this matter. Both AA and Southwest are understaffed therefore contributing to the schedule disruptions and cancellations. AA is going to need to pony up more money to attract more pilots to staff their schedules or drop some of their schedule. Simple supply and demand. The informational picketing just adds insult to injury. I am not sure why union workers would want to injure the company that they work for. They would be better off finding a company that they did want to work for.
  21. I think that there are a good 6 or 7 reasons with the least of them being hurricane season. My dealbreaker is what you can and can't do while in port and what is open. I cruise for the destinations and not so much the floating hotel. I think that there are some cancellations. A couple of weeks ago I was in Glacier National Park. There was not much activity back and forth across the border due to the restrictions. I think that some of that is in play here. I can travel in the USA without restrictions, testing, tracing, etc. Add in to the mix changing rules and it is difficult to keep up with. My next cruise destination is shut down to cruising for the time being. We will have to see what happens at final payment time. That may turn into another land vacation.
  22. So if Blu is the main draw for Aqua Class. Why not just save the money and book the specialty restaurants every night instead of Aqua?
  23. I wonder how well the facial recognition works as well. It is probably not 100% unless someone is looking at the camera.
  24. If it is another E class ship it would be Descent.
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