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  1. It depends on the time. Also the first night tends to have a queue at popular times.
  2. You can’t book a table. You will find a card with your allocated table number in your stateroom on arrival. If you mean Cunard fare you can choose the early or late slot for fixed dining but you can only express a preference for table size. Freedom dining means you don’t have a fixed time slot, table or table size. You just arrive at the restaurant at a time of your choice but you may have to wait to be seated at busy times. You can check if your table table / time suits you on embarkation day usually after 1 30 and ask to move if it’s not suitable providing there is an alternative option available.
  3. I’ve a back to back on QV for October. Booked onboard and asked and was told definitely no discount.
  4. To give another example of supply and demand I prefer solo cabins on P &O and Cunard but unless I book early they are sold out as they are very popular. I know that if I choose not to book on release or close to I am unlikely to get one. I can moan all I like it’s a commercial decision how many solo cabins they want to offer. I could say I am being discriminated against as very rarely get a late deal. Similarly families requiring spaces for children of a certain age will be unable to book when the quota for a particular age is reached. Is that discrimination? No it’s down to the polices of for the sake of discussion here of Carnival U K . When she was alive and a full time wheel chair user my mother used to like the car parked in particular blue badge holders car park on the Market Square where we lived. If all the spaces were already taken and we couldn’t park was that discrimination ? No. Just others of equal or greater need got there first. I can’t see how you can force the cruise lines to offer an infinite number of cabins just in case someone wants to book. Health and Safety trumps everything and I am sure the other regular posters will know more and can correct me but the various Acts covering disability discrimination do not apply at Sea. There could be a better system such as others have suggested using a waitlist scheme to alert those who need an accessible cabin one has become available.
  5. Yes it is normally 2 30 but 4 on embarkation day
  6. That’s the standard QM2 menu I recognize in format and with usual choices . They have never served the burger which is a shame.
  7. Well yes as far as I am concerned it is 😂😂🚢
  8. QM2 has always had a reduced menu no starters or burger. QE when ex U K had same as QV but not sure now . My embarkation day routine is Curry in Golden Lion
  9. I think that is an old evening menu. Or else it’s a very old day menu. Was on QV and QM2 end of last year and that definitely was not the offerings. I eat there most days unless it’s Lasagne in Britannia 🚢😂
  10. It turns straight back after a few minutes both times I have done it I haven’t got off. I don’t know how the return ticket works. I presume you can book a return to take a later train back. People do go of walking and for other experiences or go for coffee so you must be able to.
  11. What about the laundry workers and the others back stage workers who contribute to the value of my holiday in my opinion equally so.I leave the gratuities on and the tip extra to my waiters and cabin steward and to me that’s fair all round.
  12. On QM2 Last May they had just reserved some carriages at the front of the train. My ticket purchased as soon as we docked was half the excursion price.
  13. It is my understanding that she is hoping to attract many new Cunard First timers which can only be good for business in the long term. Without attracting new folk they won’t be able to fill their ships with an ever aging population of core customers anyway. I for one have no reservations and am looking forward to being onboard in July. As I only sail from Southampton and don’t fly I will make it work and enjoy myself regardless.
  14. Menu is slightly different on QV and QM not sure about QE as it’s a couple of years since I sailed on her. Feel it was same as QV. Evening menus are different . Queen Anne menus not available yet. Surprisingly QM has the least choice but on either ship it’s my lunch time go to of choice unless lasagne on the menu in Britannia.
  15. Couldn’t agree more. If you don’t fancy this particular design of ship just don’t book on it. Plenty of other choice out there. I am for one am very excited and looking forward to sailing in July and am not going to be put off by the naysayers.
  16. I have received my latest OBC via Stockperks in $s at the usual rate for the length of cruise. My Cunard reissued booking confirmation confirms this. The cruise is priced in £s and was booked direct with Cunard U K
  17. Sadly not. You can’t see available excursions and prices until you have a confirmed booking.
  18. If you are from U K There is no 14 day cooling off period and the distance shopping rules do not apply. Cunard do not offer refundable deposits as laid out in their T & C s . The only time that I have received a full refund of a deposit was because my daughter who was to be with me would be over 24 weeks pregnant at the time of the cruise and was not pregnant at the time of booking. I had to send in medical evidence but refund was quick.
  19. I got OBC for September Cunard cruise applied in under 24 hours applied Sunday. Confirmation e Mail from Cunard Monday morning
  20. Did they confirm those would be the likely choices and the system will now be based on a range of personal options or are you just completely guessing that could be what they are intending.
  21. Applied on Sunday confirmation email received this morning from Cunard and Stockperks.
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