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  1. Thank you for finding this, I have now tagged it.
  2. We take the same has above, also take a shoe holder to put behind the bathroom door to put shampoo, shower gel, sun cream etc, two small cup flasks for hot milk before we go to bed (I know boring). The magnets are great for putting paperwork under, plus coats etc, we generally take four. love the idea of the table cloth this will be added to our list. All have a good weekend.
  3. Thank you Avril Yes it's on the Travel Health Advisories P and O Cruises. Amelia
  4. Hi All P & O have said they have now suspended cruising until September, do you think they may cancel for the rest of the year. Like everyone else I have canceled and re-booked and our next cruise is the beginning of November, just wondering will we be re-booking again. Having just canceled June until next year. All Take Care Amelia
  5. Pleased everyone is getting their jabs, I had my jab done yesterday at the leisure centre; it was well organized. Who would have thought we would be getting excited about having a Vaccine jab, lets hope it works and we can all get back to cruising? All take care and have an enjoyable weekend.
  6. This is for some of the people that don't believe, our local bakery for one.
  7. Belated wishes to Mitchell, Josy and Jean, nice to hear some good new.
  8. Years since we have been to Naples, we also was booked for May last year. Since then we have tried three times and now booked for 2nd November this year on the Aurora, really hope we will be able to go on our cruises this year.
  9. Thank you Graham Take Care
  10. My Niece works at Queens Alexandra in Portsmouth. Had her jab three weeks ago should have had her next one this Saturday, which now has been canceled until twelve weeks for her second one. She's now working across 3 wards all of them Covid, so her hospital is much busier now than it was during the first wave in April. Grim isn't it? Stay Safe
  11. Lovely photo of you both, lets hope it won't be long before we can all do this again.
  12. I have only joined this site a couple of days ago, but been in the back ground for a while. Now that cruises are out of site again, you can see why they moan a lot. Due to lockdown.😤 They can't moan at the the family, can't moan in the pub, coffee shops or even the bus stop etc, their partners are probably shielding away from them ill or not. So that only leaves Cruise Critics and it's got Critics in the title. I was going to ask if any one was booking P and O holidays for 2002, before March the 1st Take care Amelia
  13. Yes you are right no one knows, it's a waiting game.
  14. Probably a silly question? We have now a much faster virus then Covid from South Africa. Will the jab also manage that as well. Back in Lockdown now until February, what happens when we come out ? I am in the 65 bracket, lets hope and pray the Government gets the vaccine the Country needs for everyone. All take care and stay safe.
  15. I am pleased someone else at too 😤
  16. Thank you for your welcome Pleased to here you are basically fine, nothing worse than black ice. Take care
  17. Happy New Year Graham And thank you, I have been lurking for a long time and got some excellent advise from you all. I hope you are feeling a bit better from having Covid, Take Care. Amelia
  18. Happy New Year Jane and Nickie I have done the same lurked and got some excellent advice on the way, I thought new beginning's it was time to join the gang.
  19. Happy New Year, I hope you are feeling a bit better after your fall yesterday.
  20. Hi I hope you all get to go on your Cruise's, my first one is in October this year.
  21. Hi Everyone Positive thoughts for 2021, but realistically lets start booking the cruises for 2022. Happy New Year
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