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  1. We went on that cruise last year - school holidays, completely full and hordes of kids. Had a spa cabin so we were in a quieter place but so busy all the time.
  2. We hired a car and drove to Penneshaw, the lavender farm, Emu Bay and Seal Bay. Great day but lots of driving.
  3. Why not book with Princess? They usually let you refare if it becomes cheaper, or alternatively cancel without penalty until a certain date. Have saved thousands on my NZ cruise that we went on in January.
  4. January 2024 our mini suite floor was wet or damp for 6 out of 14 days.
  5. In addition to the Indonesian visa, the Bali government have introduced a tourist levy of roughly $15 as of 14 February 2024. https://lovebali.baliprov.go.id/article/detail/1695794247752/bali-will-apply-tourism-fee-for-foreign-tourists
  6. When you say cheap, how much is it? In Australia they are not that cheap overall - depends on the type of cabin and time of year.
  7. We were on the Grand from 8th to 22nd of January and the air conditioning worked well then - too well in some areas, if you ask me. Sorry this has happened to you. It was very clean too with lots of staff cleaning each day.
  8. I have taken the Princess cruise from Brisbane to Port Douglas and return using my drivers license and my kids using their Medicare card. When it asks for the passport number you just use your aunt’s drivers license. Also did the same for a cruise from a Melbourne to Adelaide and return. No problems at all.
  9. On the Grand last week there was an announcement about a week in to the 14 day cruise about respiratory illnesses. A mask was suggested and there was a few people wearing them. We’d all had covid across Christmas and New Year so didn’t bother. None of us got ill.
  10. We just had two weeks on a dolphin mini suite around NZ. It rained and our cabin carpet was soaked. Took 3 days to dry with a blower. Very good when the weather was fine and we stood out there in puffer jackets when it was raining through the fiords.
  11. We were in Dunedin with the Grand this month. It was $35 return. As it was me and two kids, we caught the local bus which cost us $6 return each - $18 in total saving $87. We walked off the ship and there were signs showing us where to buy the tickets - we used NZ$ which we bought from our local shopping centre TravelOz. We also used cash on other buses in Dunedin. Same price $3 per journey.
  12. Internet excellent on the Grand from Melbourne to NZ and return. Worth it as part of plus.
  13. Just got our port fee refund for missing Wellington. $49.70 AU. Carnival is telling furphies about the port fees in Melbourne being too expensive.
  14. We got ours from a place called Travelmoney. Connected to flight centre. Had a pop up in our local shopping centre.
  15. We used our puffers on our balcony going through Dusky Sound. It was quite cold and wet.
  16. On Grand now in a mini suite on Dolphin deck. Woke up this morning to soaked carpet for about half of the cabin. Have had a drier going all day and still not dry. They are coming tomorrow to do balcony maintenance and suction the carpet.
  17. We were given the tote bag this week on the Grand. No pen, paper or choccies.
  18. We caught a train from Melbourne to Sydney then the train to Central Quay earlier this year. Stayed at the Marriott then went to the OPT for our cruise. On the way back, train to airport then flight home. Easy as.
  19. That’s harsh. Covid is endemic now and it is very reasonable to take precautions.
  20. Spoke to Princess. They are having a problem with the cruise personaliser bookings for Tauranga. I was able to get them to book for me.
  21. It is very annoying. When I have time to book it is after business hours so live chat is unavailable. I’m going to try to do it at lunchtime and see if I can get an answer.
  22. The tours are listed on the website but when we log in and try to book, there are no tours at all for Tauranga. We have booked other town shore excursions on the same cruise so it is unusual.
  23. Since there are no excursions showing at all I am worried we will not be going there and will contact Princess to find out. There is a particular shore excursion we are interested in, which will be mostly covered by OBC. I am reluctant to book anything else until I find out what is going on.
  24. We would like to book a hire car for the day in Tauranga but I just be doing something wrong as it won’t let me book just for the day. The cruise I am on is not showing any shore excursions for the port and we really want to see Rotorua and surrounds.
  25. I have used cashrewards before but not for cruises. You have to remember to go in and claim the money once the qualifying period has been met. I use it a lot for booking hotels. I saved $50+ at Marriot Sydney earlier this year, had to wait until 45 days after staying then claimed the money back.
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