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  1. We had that on one Christmas cruise. We were in an inside cabin with a cabin for four right next door, and this is where four tween and younger aged kids were sleeping. Their parents were in a balcony cabin across the hall. The first night we didn’t say anything, but the second night, DH knocked on the parents’ door and told them, in his typically understated way, “It’s getting kinda loud over there”, pointing to the kids’ door. That was all it took. The parents were all over it and we never heard a peep out of them again.
  2. On our second transpacific cruise, we saw a couple (or 2) being disembarked in nearly every port for bad behavior. Laundry room, elevator, Princess Theater seat saving and casino gaming tables were the sources of those altercations. I’ve only ever seen one fight, and it was just a screaming match in Vines on the first night of a cruise. It was obvious alcohol was the issue, and security had already been called.
  3. This has happened on both of the transpacific cruises we’ve done. And then there’s the lady who, because her laundry was in the washer located immediately beneath a dryer, claimed the dryer was “hers”, although there was nothing currently in it. DH just walked away, and found a different dryer in a different laundry room. Which was a good thing, ‘cause I have a feeling she might have been the physical altercation sort. 😉
  4. Disembarkation in Shanghai is notoriously horrendous. I kept hearing that when we were on board the Sapphire Princess, from the HGM and the Customer Services Director, but I didn’t fully appreciate it until we went through it (complicated by a late arrival due to fog). We were told it is not unusual for the full ship to not be disembarked before 2pm. I think that you can’t rely on getting off before 11am at the earliest. China immigration is time consuming on a good day. With the time to the airport and international flight check in, I wouldn’t book anything before 4pm.
  5. Hard to believe this post is over six years old now. While the amenities on Honeymoon Beach have certainly been improved, the route to get there is unchanged. Going to Water Island from Crown Bay
  6. There is also a once weekly flight between Papeete and Easter Island. If you happen to be doing a cruise ending in Papeete, this is a great way to get there. We opted to go this route, because the 50% miss rate by ship was a little scary for us. The weekly flights from Papeete actually give you about 6 days on the island, which, frankly, were perfect for us, but you could also return to Santiago on a daily flight. One day by cruise ship will barely allow you to do a cursory overview of Rano Raraku, Tongariki and Orongo. There are many more sites to explore.
  7. There is a cruise on the Pacific Princess in December 2020 that sails from Papeete to Fort Lauderdale through the Panama Canal, and that stops in Easter Island on the way.
  8. To see just the FAQs I've posted on how we manage our travel and home while we're away for months at a time, see: FAQs on how we cruise for extended periods of time
  9. I thought I answered this and now wonder if my post was deleted or if I actually did ever hit submit. So I will try again. If it gets deleted again, I'll try with just the phone number, and you can call Fort Lauderdale and get the address. Since my information is over four years old, I recommend calling them anyway to ensure they are still fine with you doing this. PRINCESS CRUISES <Ship Name> Princess <Passenger Name> - PASSENGERS Stateroom XXXX 3721 SW 30th Ave. Fort Lauderdale FL 33312 954-525-8520
  10. We have started making sure that we will have one Princess cruise charge of at least $4001 before we use our Princess Visa for any of our series of B2B cruises. If we won’t, we use another card that will give us better rewards. It hardly makes sense that we can charge over $25K in Princess cruises in four months and not qualify for the full bonus rewards, but that’s life. We simply give our business to a different credit card company when that’s the case.
  11. I have had a Zappos delivery to the Princess warehouse in Fort Lauderdale and it was brought onboard on a turnaround day. I received it the next day. We’ve also had mail boxed up and delivered to the warehouse in Fort Lauderdale and brought on board. We would never try it in any non-US port because of customs issues.
  12. We have been doing this since 2010. We are both retired (I didn’t officially retire until four years ago. We have neighbors keep an eye on our house. We also have multiple interior and exterior webcams that we can access with our iPhones. We control our furnace remotely, and if someone rings our doorbell (rare), or opens our doors, we get notification and video. We have nearly everything that can be charged directly to credit cards. Our utility bill cannot be; it is automatically deducted from our checking account. Our bi-monthly water bill can be, but we pay it online using our credit card. We like to closely monitor that one. Our homeowners’ dues change every January, so we simply email our neighbor to verify the address and the amount and have a check sent from our checking account. We do not travel with the credit card we use for all of our automatic charges, so as to reduce the possibility of it being stolen. However, one time we were in the first month of a four month cruise and the credit card was compromised at Citibank. They mailed a new card to our house, and said we had two months to update it with our vendors. We had our neighbor, who was getting our mail, find the envelope and open it. We phoned her (over the Internet) and got the number, the expiration date and security code. Next we had to activate the card remotely, using the overseas phone number. That was the hardest part. Then we had to go online and change the card on file with all those vendors. That was the biggest single PITA we’ve had; otherwise, it’s all pretty smooth. Yes I do! I’m always homesick the first couple of days, and , after that it rarely happens and then only on a sea day with rough seas. It doesn’t last more than a few hours and then I’m good to go again.
  13. I think the first harbinger of whether the Pacific Princess will return again to French Polynesia is where it will spend Summer 2021. If Europe, then I’d say no, but if it’s in Alaska again, it’s possible.
  14. Frankly, I would be thrilled for Princess to see proof positive that I move from one of their beautiful Piazza areas (looking especially at you, Royal Class ships) to another area when they start the seemingly non-stop, loud, high-energy activities each morning. Others may love it, but Zumba taking place a few feet from where I’m enjoying my morning latte is not what floats my boat.
  15. Hi Karen, no, we won’t be pre-paying. We usually seem to be able to catch a promotion before final payment that includes the tips, or, at a minimum, we like to use OBC to pay them once on board. If we’re on the Pacific Princess for 90 days (I have no idea how many days we actually have booked), it’s $180 more. In the big scheme of things (which are ridiculously sizable next year), that’s negligible.
  16. I choked on this. Crew retirement? What crew retirement? Do you think your waiters have some kind of pension plan waiting for them at the end of years of faithful service?
  17. Sorry, it is just a fact of life cruising Down Under. We did for three months two years ago and I wouldn’t even calculate how much that conversion rate cost us because it would be irritating. Plus there’s the Australian practice of charging a certain percentage (1.5%?) on all credit card purchases. It’s part of the cost of travel down there. Actually, I think the Captains Circle OBC (if you qualify) is grossed up so it works out equitably, but when I do a spreadsheet of our cruises, I convert all OBC to Australian $ and I just know that’s the worst it will be.
  18. When we have done that hike, we always leave a note with the medical staff (just as you get off the tender) with our names and cabin number and where we are going, not that we expected them to come looking for us, but just to know that we had every intention of being back in plenty of time and if we weren’t, at least the port agent would know where to start looking. I have turned an ankle before (not hard to do, especially on that long north-south road) and had no choice but to keep going. Luckily, I packed an Ace wrap in my backpack and was able to.
  19. This just gets better and better, doesn’t it?
  20. Andrew, you and Brad in tuxes...rrrrrrrrrr! Y’all are so darn cute! 😍 Thanks for the review and the great pix. I’m sorry to hear Brad got sick but thankfully it happened after his big birthday. If you’re feeling ornery, tell him you’ve read that a weakened immune system is part of getting older. Congrats on the new job! Jeannie
  21. I’m glad that worked out, and you have restored my faith in Princess’ EZ Air promises.
  22. I’m sorry you experienced this. Like you, I have well controlled asthma, use a daily inhaled steroid and my rescue inhaler when I need it, which is usually only when I get sick. I explain all this just so you know that we sound like we have similar asthma severity. I have never had an asthma issue triggered by something on a Princess ship (other than cigarette smoke...that’s a whole other issue), and we’ve had our cabin carpet cleaned while we’ve been out of it and returned to it with no issue. That’s not to say that you won’t, of course, but perhaps you can feel a bit more comfortable in your choice of a Princess cruise. The Princess hand sanitizer causes me all sorts of trouble, not breathing but skin rash, so I do avoid that.
  23. Thanks for sharing these beautiful pix. That’s one of our favorite places to walk to on Princess Cays days.
  24. I'm confused, too. Every time our Flexible EZ Air fare has increased, our price has not changed. If it goes down prior to 45 days pre-departure, I get the lower price. In fact, I think that fares not increasing is one of their selling points, isn't it?
  25. CentslessCruiser- awww, gees, thanks! 😊 But there is still much suspense to be had!!! The odds of a season unfolding exactly in the manner we initially booked it is about 20% (readers have no idea of all the changes that happen behind the scenes). And then there’s the impact to this year’s season. Will we do it at all? Shorten it? Cheapen it? What does life have in store? Let’s just say I’m not starting a packing list.
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