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  1. Yes, Marina never docked in Lima, but people on the ship that Fri were reporting, at least for a while, that their captain was telling them they would. Added more to the general confusion.
  2. They way I remember it, on that Fri (the 13th) there was a lot of conflicting info flying around. O was still telling some that the cruise was on, someone on Marina reported the captain said that they would dock, drop passengers then head head north with the only the crew, someone in Lima at a hotel with O staff said the cruise was on then later got info it was probably off. Finally at some point later that day we determined there would be no cruise and booked a flight home. Before we left on Mon morning (the 16th), we followed the story of the ship at sea as it headed towards the canal. We never canceled because until Fri we felt that the cruise would happen (although with probably fewer ports and possibly issues with flights in Argentina). Things were very fluid in Peru that weekend. 🤪
  3. "Some people are so afraid of dying that they forget to live". Good one. Forty years ago our mantra was 'Live fast, die young, and leave a good-looking corpse" (at times I tried hard to live up to that...luckily not successfully). I can see you're probably about the same age we were. Lord, your perspective WILL change.
  4. I was going on that same cruise. Some friends and us flew to Lima in the week before. BEFORE we left we we weighed the pros and cons and made a calculated decision to go. One of the cons was that the cruise could be canceled. While we were there no new information showed up that we didn't know when we left. When the cruise was canceled, that Friday the 13th, we booked a flight that next Monday, the day the airport closed (happily getting out). Trying not to be mean or cruel, but from where I sit, it seems that those folks made a really poor choice to travel, one of them was even "immune compromised". I feel for them, but if the Marina had sailed on schedule, wouldn't they be out the entire cost of the cruise with no future credit? They came within 2 days of that.
  5. Last Friday my credit card was credited with the 'tax' portion of the fare (not included in the FCC I took) for our cancelled March 15th cruise. Kind of out of the blue as I was getting ready to have my TA inquire about it.
  6. You know, we've thought about that as we're booked 1-28-21 with lots of ports. We decided that if the ship sails, we're onboard. If the are ports that we can't go to that's ok as we understand that's their choice for safety. We'll enjoy what we can do, and not sweat the rest. It's a different time right now.
  7. https://www.marinetraffic.com/en/ais/home/shipid:712914/zoom:9 Marina appears to still be off Miami where it has stayed since completing it's BA to (Lima) Miami cruise in March.
  8. Was reading all of this, and when someone mentioned Amer Air it reminded me that they went through Chapter 11 reorganization in 2011 and through it all people held and used paid-for future tickets. From a statement they issued at the time.. we "are continuing to: ... Honor reservations, tickets, Gift Cards and vouchers, and make exchanges and refunds as usual". Possibly NCLH (Oceania) might take the same path?
  9. So, for all of you financial types, in a bankruptcy, restructure, reorganization (not an out and out shut the doors and nail the windows shut Going Out of Business event), how does that work? Assets, a bunch of very expensive floating things and goodwill (hard to put a dollar amount on that) and liabilities (a bunch future promises of cruises attached to FCC and payments made (and probably already spent) and outstanding loans). Would the cruise line cancel the liabilities? In what order if so? And, as an aside, would anyone who lost a FCC or payment cruise with that line (or any line) ever again? Just wondering as I have money in this game, a 2021 cruise paid with a FCC.
  10. FWIW my TA (who was recently assigned to me by a large agency after my previous TA was transferred) left the company without so much as a 'see ya'. Don't know if she was fired or just left. Before 'leaving' she was working on my FCC from Marina 3/15. When finally, after 2 weeks of no communication, I tried and failed calling her. I then realized she was gone. I went on 'chat' with the agency and got hooked up with another TA who finished my FCC booking. Just a bit stressful. Don't know what communications I might have missed but it's all working out... for now at least.
  11. I get them from all of NCL's lines too (although I have sailed on Norwegian). I also hate wastage, but have always figured it helped someone's business and the USPS. I see your problem as I guess I have the same one with Regent Seven Seas as I get those and have never sailed (and probably won't). Have you tried calling 'O' directly, just wondering.
  12. Worked for me and others... maybe your TA was controlling the flow in some manner. I know the ones we get now come from WTH (World Travel Holdings) not directly from 'O'. Yes, way too many but I have actually used them to plan and have one on the counter in front of me. Would like to know who Kilroy receives his from and if the above suggestion worked for him. Maybe I'll try to cancel them again and see what happens. Edit.... Ok...done...now we wait
  13. This has been posted before by me and others... if you are receiving them from 'O', go to their website, at the bottom click on "Update Marketing Preferences" under "Guest Services". Select "Please remove me from your mailing list". Click the "Please remove me from your mailing list" button. Fill in the stuff... click SUBMIT. Don't scream at internet message boards... it hurts their ears.
  14. This is basically the story of my life (68 now). As the child of a 'depression child' (we never had much money) frugality was just a way of life. When I started get decent jobs as a young guy I preferred to see my savings account increase rather than going into hock for anything (I've always hated 'payments' and paid things off as quickly a possible). Later, with the 'good' job I always tried to maximize IRA's then the 401-k. One year my wife actually asked if we could keep a raise I'd gotten instead of increasing the contribution to the 401-k. Anyway... retired 5 years ago and no switch went off in my head that it was now time to SPEND. It basically took me 4 years of small steps seeing that the money coming out of the savings was significantly more than we were spending (although a move back to CA helped reduce the 'pot' significantly) and that there was really no sane reason worry about money TOO much (although of course I still do somewhat). We now cruise Oceania instead of Norwegian, I don't worry about what I order in restaurants, bought that new techy TV, replaced a fridg even though it wasn't broken, fly Business class occasionaly... still working on replacing our 10 year old car (hey, it still works great). So, bottom line, small steps, look at your cash flow and make age/time decisions based on your situation. And have some fun with that money (and don't forget giving to charities and making your kid's life a little easier). No one gets a prize for having the most money when they pass on. Definately a 1st world problem, but that is where we live.
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