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  1. Here's a link to more info... https://www.cnn.com/travel/article/venice-cruise-ships-lagoon-scli-intl/index.html
  2. Trivia...a 'blood sport' ? Fascinating. Walked by a few time and saw no blood. We like trivia, used to be fairly good at it. Sounds more interesting now with your description.
  3. May I suggest, and this isn't a solution to the real problem of slow beverage service at Terrace, that prior to going into Terrace you stop at the Waves bar and get your beverage. Then go find a table in Terrace, leave the beverage (and whatever else you're carrying) and get your meal. The short time your beverage sits usually will do it no damage. It reduced my stress level and didn't really inconvenience me (much). Enjoy.
  4. Thanks 'roothy123'. It looks to be about a mile from where I'm guessing the tender puts in to the 'hand in the sand'. Since it looks like the tender pier must be out near the tip of that peninsula any place else would be quite a walk.
  5. Here's possibly a tough one... Puerto Chacabuco, Chile, Port Stanley, Falkland Islands and Punta Del Este, Uruguay. An odd collection of ports. Thanks for any help.
  6. Each 'couple' (on our cruise) got 1 two-person reservation per specialty. We traveled with another couple and they got the same. We let them book our 4 meals with theirs...a table for 4 at each of the 4 specialties...4 different nights. We were in a B3 and as mentioned above the highest categories get more per cruise. What I find odd about O is, on a previous 7 night cruise we got 1 res per specialty, on the 10 night the same, on our upcoming 20 night still the same (B3 category). Maybe some of the more knowledgeable folks on here can chime in where the break point is on cruise days versus reservations and when it changes per category.
  7. Went on a recent 10 day cruise. We booked the standard 4 nights allowed pre-cruise with another couple. Went down every morning to check on availability and were told sorry nothing due to this being a 'short' cruise? We'd go by the 'specialties' at dinner time and there'd be empty tables...maybe a planned capacity thing due to overall staffing among the venues. However, at the end of the cruise I was given an additional 4-person-table booking because I'd asked every day and he recognized me and for my perseverance (is this a valid reason ?).... So, who knows what you'll get. However, the other meals we ate in the Terrace and MDR were good and no complaints there.
  8. This is what i found on the Antigua board. Seems currently to be only Carnival (+ subsids)... https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2644304-carnival-cancels-all-stops-at-antigua/
  9. Ok...10 cruises in (11th booked)(5 cruises with Norwegian) , I'm now with Go-Bucks (look above /\). For a completely laid-back cruise without kids (got kids ?, great, got a beautiful one of my own whom I love). and great food with pretty darn good service I'd choose ... Oceania. What Go-Bucks said..."You do, truly, get what you pay for". Argue all you want NCL vs Princess, but if I can't go Oceania, I'd go Celebrity... or for value... Carnival. But, your dollars (pounds/euros/pesos), make the choice you want and, have a great cruise.
  10. FWIW... as you can see by my signature I've sailed on NCL more than any other line, not a lot, just more. That said, of the ones I've sailed, NCL is the one I won't use again. In 1994 on our 1st cruise the food, service and amenities (midnight buffets every night...) were top notch. So, for over 20+ years, I've seen 1st hand the progression of NCL...down in all categories. As always you get what you pay for but I believe NCL is one of the worst at the old nickle-and-diming thing coupled with a poor product. I've never sailed on Princess so I really can't fairly answer your question, but hope this helps some. As an aside, you would shudder now for what we paid for a porthole cabin (in 1994 dollars) then for 4 nights vs. a nice cabin now on say Celebrity for a week.
  11. pinotlover...could you clarify " Monitored matrix " or cayman09 " monitoring matrix" please. Thx.
  12. Ok, my last comment on my poor attempt at a simple question thread... basically what pinotlover just said... and, I do hope there is some security (as I've witnessed in the past on at least some cruise lines) for the bags in the pickup area. Stan/Jim, I've always respected the wealth of information you've provided, however, this will be my 10th cruise, and I know how the luggage thing works. It was a SIMPLE question regarding my rental car timing. Everyone, please end this thread here. Thanks.
  13. Ok ...again..." My plan is to just to remain onboard until the last group is called and leave with them ". I will leave with a group. No one will have to hunt me down. Also, I believe that luggage can 'accidentally' leave early or late. My bags will be with the last group's and I'm certain security for those bags will be comparable to that for the first groups. Thanks everyone for their advice. I think the time I scheduled the rental car should be ok.
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