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  1. Australia Zoo, Sunshine Coast, Queensland ?
  2. Google tells me there are red pandas at Smithsonian zoo in Washington, DC so I will guess there.
  3. Yes, true. Now that I am seeing it on my computer screen and not my tiny phone screen. It would be a very fat fox.
  4. Pisa? waiting for pizza in Pisa 😁
  5. I'm guessing it is somewhere in Italy by the language o n the signs - and that it is something to do with food by the chef's hat of the guy in the doorway. Rome? pizza?
  6. Melbourne Aquarium well really it could be anywhere
  7. Cant comment o n the cost - or the rest of the excursion - but we went to the lunch and singing with Scenic. We had choice of a S of M walking tour first or a general Salzburg one, which we did. I'm not into the Sound of Music at all and didnt really think I would enjoy it (was included excursion so no point not going though) - actually was great fun, it wasnt all about the Sound Of Music and one didnt need to be a S of M fan to enjoy it.
  8. oh ok. de-gendered terms like wait staff, service staff ,admin staff, nursing staff etc are common place here You dont need a new word, existing words can convey occupations etc without gender.
  9. I have no idea who he is, sorry. But let's narrow down location. Is he in Australia?
  10. Really? Wait staff has that connotation to you? Frequently used term here and no derogatory implication to it.
  11. 'Wait staff ' is commonly used term here in Australia - along with 'service staff' and similar
  12. Wild guess - the light show at the Birds Nest ( ex Olympics stadium) i n Beijing?
  13. got there at last! I dont think this one is too hard...
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