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  1. First let me say we’ve done 3 EJ cruises, and have had wonderful voyages. However, we were not thrilled with our private island experience. We experienced a bit of weather on our cruise and ended up tendering on our Ocean Cay day. After several attempts to dock, we finally made it to the island around lunchtime. We were the only ship there. While I enjoyed the island, felt the amenities were lacking. We were not in the Residence Suites, so can’t comment on the YC area. The large dining area didn’t open and most of the food trucks were also closed. The ship provided a mediocre bbq on the beach, and the 3 bars that were open offered underwhelming beach cocktails in tiny plastic cup and horrible sparkling wine. In hindsight, we should have stayed on the ship and enjoyed much better pools, food, champagne and cocktails. Did climb the lighthouse which was quick fun.
  2. The Helios Pool is adults only. During our cruises it was never open either due to weather or maintenance.
  3. The Pastéis de Nata are addictive. We loved sitting outside for lunch and breakfast. Unfortunately it always seemed service out there was an afterthought. Placements would be nice.
  4. We did witness a lady falling on those steps near Crema Cafe. What concerned us more, were the people slipping and falling from the chairs in Sakura. At least 4 instances that we saw and very dangerous. Definitely a design failure.
  5. We really enjoyed Justine. Best voice on the ship and a really nice playlist.
  6. The books in stateroom were mostly in French or Spanish and not really topics that interested me. Bring your own books. The only library is actually an art installation and not to be touched. Did miss a real library, but loved the ship.
  7. As a vertically challenged individual, l loved the furniture. 😁
  8. What a pretentious article. Makes it sound like the ship has free flowing caviar and a bunch of rich yuppie families. Not at all the case on our three cruises. And to Saratogamoof3, from your description of your children, I think they would have a good time.
  9. Still better than the Germain I will get on Oceania in March. I do see your point & it will be disappointing if the Moët is replaced. Hope this is not an indication of more cost cuts to come.
  10. We’ve stayed in both an OT and DP. While the DP is a little larger, I prefer the layout of the OT. The OT bathroom doesn’t open directly into the bedroom and the DP bedroom wall divider just takes up space. You will be fine in the OT.
  11. See, it takes all kinds. For example, I’m good with the bathrooms and enjoy most of the wine. Agree there needs to be more daily specials. I also will be back for more.
  12. But the Champagne is much better on Explora. I’m really going to miss the Moët on our Vista cruise in March. 🤣🍾
  13. Lydia Christina was also very good. Justine the piano/vocalist is amazing. So some good, some not great on EJ. They have struggled with entertainment. Looking forward to comparing.
  14. Plan to enjoy our time on Vista in March and will be looking for another opportunity to sail with Explora, hopefully on EJII. For now, Oceania offers better itineraries. Thanks for a solid comparison, look forward to part 2. Enjoy your trip.
  15. Yes, but they were rarely set up and used. On our 3 cruises, weather was the reason for this. Did have breakfast and lunch outside but never dinner. Sakura has outside dining, the Emporium and I believe the upscale restaurant too (never dined there). EJ didn’t really focus on their outside dining areas while we were aboard. While on Atlas and Oceania Regatta, we often dined al fresco.
  16. Please do. Don’t think you’ll find lounge hogs on Explora. Have a great time.
  17. As popular as Crema is, that outside area would be great for additional seating but due to smokers, very few coffee drinkers use that area.
  18. Do you mean Explora isn’t allowing you to pick-up extra available reservations in Marble & Sakura? We were able to check daily for open tables and always managed to get more than our pre cruise allotted one reservation.
  19. Thanks for the info. A fellow Idahoan!
  20. Last time we cruised on O, we didn’t buy the drinks package. After several all inclusive cruises we really are spoiled and will probably upgrade to the Premium pkg. When looking at bar and restaurant menus, how do I know what is topshelf and not included?
  21. We’ve done one other TA and managed to keep ourselves occupied. Gym, spa, hot tubs, reading, lectures, cooking class, Rummikub and relax.
  22. Oh dear, hope you had trip insurance. Pre Covid, we never did trip insurance. Now, never leave home without it. Hope your spouse is 100% now.
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