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  1. Thx! This is very helpful. I did hear back from Rabbie’s Tours, and they seemed satisfied with the information I had provided (from this thread). Thx to all who have helped!
  2. Their tours meet in Edinburgh, about an hour away from Rosyth port by bus. Their single departure time for the Hadrian’s wall tour is at 8AM (meet 15 minutes prior) however our port arrival time is scheduled for 8AM, so we can’t take the general tour. Thanks for your response!
  3. Thank you for your quick response! How close will the car and/or driver be able to get to the ship, or dockside if we are standing just off the gangplank? Maybe you would call that quayside?
  4. Hi! I am organizing a private group tour with Rabbie’s Tours for some pax on our roll call and the tourguide/driver will pick us up at the Port of Rosyth. Where can I direct the driver to meet us/pick us up? The Head Office is requesting an address. When I google it, here is what I get: Port of Rosyth, Fife Place, Rosyth, Dunfermline, Scotland, KY11 2XP I would like to provide better information so we are not scrambling to find our driver when we dock! Thank you for any help you can provide!
  5. I hope they have heard the concerns about “noise pollution” and will address noise issues in the staterooms that I read about on CC. Thin walls are part of the problem, even if not the only root cause.
  6. Enjoy! Holiday Biscotti, GDL.pdf GDL Eggplant Timbale.pdf Giada Chocolate and Fig Tart.pdf
  7. While I no longer follow Giada, I used to watch her TV shows, I bought her DVDs and I cooked and baked many of her recipes. I have a lot of good recipes that I got from Giada. I definitely would say that yes, she is a celebrity chef. I’ve since moved onto follow other chefs as I’ve previously mentioned, but I have absolutely no complaints about her professional competency (marital infidelity will not be mentioned. OOPS!)
  8. Thx Chat GPT! Now they can fire the Marketing Department!
  9. Not overdoing it??? I say, GO FOR IT! 🤩
  10. I’m an American and I don’t like any of the brewed coffee I’ve had on any cruise line ever, with the exception of Uniworld. Their brewed coffee was very good. Now on the other hand, I could not get the Uniworld servers to bring me both heavy cream and milk, so that I could prepare my own half-and-half. (This was in 2021, post COVID, so……)
  11. Christina Hill? If so, she’s great! PS, I’m sure all Christinas on R are great!😁
  12. I answered the survey in full on Voyager this past February. I would have noticed if there had been anything nonsensical as in your example above. So I think they might have caught it. Fingers crossed!
  13. Bravo and hooray, Stefken! We are likeminded. We must coordinate cruises. I hope to sail w you (hubby welcome too) soon!
  14. I agree. I was disappointed to see that the letter came from a guest relations supervisor. I assume that “supervisor” level is the equivalent of “Director” in banking. Everyone is a “Director.” Means nothing….
  15. This might a good question to post on a different part of cruise critic; am thinking maybe this forum…… https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/77-cruise-air/
  16. Important to set phone in “airplane mode” to avoid potential outrageous charges if connecting while at sea….. Also, (and I’m a technophobe) also need to set a switch to enable wifi calling. Did I miss anything?
  17. You’re thinking US legal system. We don’t know where the lawsuit was brought…..
  18. Here’s a link to O’s FAQ on alcohol - the official policy you requested. https://oceaniacruises.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360005405394-What-is-your-alcohol-policy-for-bringing-bottles-on-board Although, on CC you will hear there is no effective limit to the amount of alcohol that you bring on board, so long as you conform to the regs, e.g., consume in your cabin or pay corkage for wine consumed in a restaurant. Enjoy your cruise!
  19. Off topic but couldn’t resist bc I’ve also lived in West Africa (Liberia) and South America (Colombia). I assume you were in Venezuela (?) - how about West Africa….?
  20. Regatta is a small ship. I’ve sailed on the very similar Sirena. There’s no need for an app onboard. Not enuf stuff going on. No 5,000 pax trying to get their meals scheduled. I can see the need on an X ship, or RCC, Carnival, etc. In my opinion, no need for an app on O. Now, “improve the wifi” - did I hear anyone say? YES, now you’ve got me going on that one!
  21. Please try the Cappella Palentina in the Palazzo Normanni. The mosaics in the chapel are incredible. Palermo has a fascinating history , something that can trigger an interest in a family member!
  22. I believe Riviera has several itins in April that include Japan. I’m on Riviera as it departs Asia (Tokyo embarkation) on 25 April and travels to Vancouver.
  23. I like Giada a lot and used to follow her. Now I’m more into Nigella, Jamie Oliver and Christopher Kimball (Milk Street), as well as America’s Test Kitchen.
  24. Also, please keep in mind that if you purchase an FCC, then you will be subject to any price increases in effect by the time you have selected your itinerary. On the other hand, if you book on board, you lock in your price at the time that you select your itinerary. Enjoy your cruise!
  25. A pdf file can be posted here. First download the file, and then okay to post here……
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