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  1. It’s always best to ask. However: They are advertised as a special lunch. Murano is only open for dinner and they will have a special lunch on some sailings. Other restaurants like Tuscan may offer a themed menu for lunch or dinner that is not included. If the sushi restaurant has an Indian dinner it is not included. Often the M’d will let us know that our meal is covered but that is not the official policy. Similar to not having trivial beverage up charges when staying in the top suite. Very hotel director dependent. Regular lunches are at restaurants that typically serve lunch such as the Porch on some S class ships and the Bistro on E class. So, If there is a lunch in Blu it is usually a special lunch. There will often be a special lunch with the officers for upper suite guests on longer sailings and the top suite guests sit next to the captain. No charge for that one. I am writing this on my first sailing with MSC. In the YC they have lunch every day in their YC restaurant. Luminae should too for passengers who don’t get off at some/all ports.
  2. I had lunch at Murano 3 times on a B4B (53 day) Solstice sailing and was only charged once, but the official policy is special lunches are not included in the upper suite unlimited specialty dining.
  3. Special lunches at Murano or Tuscan are not included. The special Indian dinner is not included. They may not charge for these on occasion as a special bonus. The port hours are usually as stated above however they change if it is an overnight in port. I find it disappointing that Luminae is closed on port days...
  4. I moved the bed on the Ascent myself without a problem. No more difficult than the one on M class or S class.
  5. TLDR... Had the Ascent PH with 2 bedrooms and bathrooms with common space - it was a great setup overall. Also the Reflection suite on the Reflection has 2 bedrooms - not as nice a setup as the E class PH. A great setup is the M class PH with the adjoining SS that is connected to the living room. This setup provides 3 bathrooms and much more. If you look at Silversea, their ships offer many combinations too often at a lower price point than the options I listed with Celebrity.
  6. I'm on the Seascape now and Mustafa is not here. I'm loving the YC experience!
  7. On M class the PH is typically 30% more in price than the RS. Four times the space, more attention, and that second bathroom. On an S class ship the RS is very nice.
  8. From a prior post of mine referring to M/S class ships: As with most things on Celebrity there is a hierarchy in Luminae. Tables are reserved in a subtle way, such as putting a bottle of wine on an unused table at lunch/dinner so that guests entering the dining area will assume the table is occupied. Leaving a certain desirable table not setup/cleaned at breakfast so it is unavailable to entering guests. Occasionally they will say a certain table is reserved for the PH guests but usually it is more discreet. If you are in the IC suite on an E class ship they will accommodate your dining time and table location. If a sky, celebrity, or royal suite - then no. EV or PH... then maybe.
  9. Yes, they will accommodate but you need to call them. Friends have combined a 16 day with an extra 7 day Galapagos loop. They did the pre and post of the 16 day with the extra 7 day loop in between. Nice way to see the Galapagos!
  10. I stayed in 1616 and 1611. They are the exact same room but reversed. The elevators from 1616 are on the same side as Luminae and Michael's club if that matters. I have a slight preference for 1616 for no real reason. The Reflection only has 1611 and is also the same layout.
  11. The Bistro has great lunches with a rotating daily special. Unlike Luminae, it is open every day for lunch. The Bistro has a high end espresso machine if you enjoy coffee.
  12. Lots of good information already given! I have sailed many times in all of the different ship class PHs. The S class has a much larger balcony than the E class because part of the E class PH room has a jut out similar to an IV room. The inside cabin space is a little larger on the E class because of this (not the extra bedroom) and I find the S class has more dead space (large open area in the bathroom and where the piano is located) whereas the E class makes better use of the bathroom and living room space. Obviously having the extra bedroom is nicer when traveling with more than two people but you will be well accommodated after discussing your preferences with your butler. If you continue to book a PH and you like to spend time in your suite, check out the PH on the M class ships. They have an adjoining sky suite if desired as a second bedroom and a great layout with the best balcony of any ship I have sailed. The M class PH has a square footprint that allows a nice layout of the space compared to the other Celebrity ships that have to work with the long and narrow space afforded by putting many regular cabins together. Have a great trip!
  13. Communication is necessary because if you just show up they probably will not have the tables available to put together to accommodate your party. The tables will be occupied in a somewhat staggered fashion already. Large parties are usually seated along a wall that has bench seating because the room is not set up for a large table without disrupting traffic flow. They will probably give you a "reservation" for a specific time for dining and when your party arrives the table will be ready. The choice of time offered may be limited depending on the sailing.
  14. As with most things on Celebrity there is a hierarchy in Luminae. Tables are reserved in a subtle way, such as putting a bottle of wine on an unused table at lunch/dinner so that guests entering the dining area will assume the table is occupied. Leaving a certain desirable table not setup/cleaned at breakfast so it is unavailable to entering guests. Occasionally they will say a certain table is reserved for the PH guests but usually it is more discreet. Large tables are accommodated but as stated it is difficult to communicate because of the layout and the large tables are often disruptive to the environment in Luminae because of the noise level. Some of the speciality restaurants and certainly the MDR are much better suited to large parties.
  15. They had cooking classes on my March - May 2024 Solstice sailing. Those who did them enjoyed the classes but said they would probably not do another one. The sailings I was on were, in most cases, booked when Celebrity was including NR OBC and it was another way for people to use it. The cooking activities were being sold rather than bought as we were asked many times if we would like to participate. Discounts were offered too until the classes filled up. I did not participate in the classes for various reasons.
  16. The certificates were refundable if purchased in Dec 2023 - in other words you will be refunded the $100pp. When you then booked the cruise in March 2024 did you pay the NR rate or the Refundable rate? That info is on your booking conformation under booking charges. If it says NRD I doubt they will refund your deposit.
  17. Very insulting to Silversea sailors when someone sails fewer days at a lower cost on Celebrity and then ends up with more benefits than a loyal Silversea sailor. And often more benefits than they would receive on Celebrity! The greatest benefit is the 5% to 10% discount off the price of a cruise and free laundry! Some have asked about jumping lines and other preferential treatment on Silversea because of their status match. Silversea does not have the class system with respect to where one can dine, lounges, pool decks, etc. that Celebrity has created. Everyone enjoys the entire ship.
  18. Silversea has many expedition cruises that are much more active than most Celebrity cruises. They go to very unique places too. I, for one, am too old for a lot of those adventures.
  19. I with you on that! I believe my wife picked it up from her mother... Many years ago my MIL watched our young children while me and my wife went on a week long vacation. We returned to find our kitchen rearranged - like where the plates, glasses, silverware, junk draw... are kept. Oh boy!!! While my wife was understandably upset, my reaction was don't look a gift horse in the mouth.
  20. We have the butler take care of everything except I separately pack meds and electronics into my carry on bag. The only time we realized that the butler service of packing and unpacking is useful.
  21. I ventured away from Celebrity about two years ago because of the price increases, service/quality declines, and lack of trust because of the frequent changes from the product originally purchased. I will still book Celebrity - currently have an Apex December booking and will book another sailing once onboard - but I think the majority of my future booking will be on other cruise lines. Why? 1. The preponderance of shorter cruises that do the same itinerary is of little interest to me because I enjoy longer sailing and doing a B4B to mostly the same ports gets tiring. Not only are the ports the same but the unship entertainment is too. 2. As my family has grown, I enjoy treating all to a winter vacation on a cruise ship. Ages from 3 to 18, 33 to 48, and the old folks (me and my wife) who desire to create great memories for all. Royal is a better fit for this family's trip than Celebrity and this year I am giving MSC a try. 3. The Celebrity Retreat pricing is similar to the true luxury lines, often more. I enjoy the smaller ships ability to get closer to the destination of interest, often able to dock instead of tender, the care that goes into ensuring all passengers have a satisfying experience (a numbers game), and more equal treatment once you leave your cabin. 4. For trips that go to destinations that I am interested in experiencing, I find the logistics of the smaller ship superior. This year, I did the same 2 week sailing on Silversea Silver Moon followed directly by a sailing on the Celebrity Solstice. Same ports but more tendering with Celebrity, shorter time in the ports with Celebrity in general, and often several hours of ground transportation to get to the sites rather than actually docking where you want to be with much less time in ground transportation. These are the reasons that I chose a Silversea sailing for Japan in April 2025 rather the Celebrity. 5. I am thinking that I will prefer Celebrity for Caribbean sailings because the ship is my destination have been to most of the ports. My typical mode of operation is to stroll around off the ship, often grab a lunch somewhere overlooking the ocean, and then return to the ship to enjoy the less crowded spaces while the masses are in port. However, this January I am sailing on the MSC YC for 7 days followed by some land time before 21 days on a small ship - the Silver Moon. I will then be able to have an informed decision for my future Caribbean sailings rather than proclaiming that I would be board on a smaller ship or overwhelmed on MSC. Sorry for the long post but I need to put some of my thoughts together for selecting sailings based on different locations and whom I'm traveling with.
  22. American Cruise Lines is the provider. Small ship with maybe 100 to 150 pax or so. All about the destinations as the enrichment and entertainment. Pricing around $1000 pp/day. I suppose it is a great way to see New England culture and history that is not possible on a large ship. Maine's state slogan: “Maine, The Way Life Should Be”
  23. The aft of the ship was fine. I think a lot depends on one's schedule. If one has an early dinner, proceeds to the 7pm show, walks by the busy World Class Bar and proceeds to the Ensemble lounge - no issue at all. Maybe hang out to see the band in the Atrium for a few as one heads to the casino. No problem because expectations are met. At 8pm in a crowded area the liveliness/noise is expected. Our schedule was different with going to the empty WCB at 6pm and being blasted with loud piped in music. Thankfully, the loudness is much easier to avoid on an S class ship compared to an E class ship. I'll be on the Apex in December and will have a great time... just need to decide where to go at what time. Some frequent posters say the breakfast in the OVC is not crowded with their strategy of going at 10:30am. That simply does not work well for many.
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