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  1. Thank you for the many amazing itineraries in your future. It must take you months of careful planning to coordinate so many. I have them written down so I can follow along. Happy to see a few Cunard voyages thrown in among all the others. Enjoy being at home for a couple of weeks. ~ Patti
  2. As always, I have enjoyed every minute of your trip and appreciate the time it took for you to post so much, do your blog and let us enjoy so many great photos. I'm just sorry that your next voyage isn't on here so we can know which cruise line and when you will be at sea again. Always look forward to Roy's next adventure!!
  3. I can't believe it's almost over. I've loved your blog and your posts on here just as I have during your other voyages. Thank you for taking so much time to write in wonderful detail and give us so many great photos. Enjoy your last days on that great ship with your fun friends.
  4. I just now got a long e-mail from Roscoe. He is back home in New Zealand and he has had some tests done to find out what happened to him and has more tests scheduled for April 1st. He feels pretty good now. I'll write him back and ask him to please post on here with whatever information he wants to.
  5. I check his blog and here on Cruise Critic and I have also sent him two e-mails and have had no reply. I wish there was someone we could contact to find out how he is.
  6. Have the Sydney hospital people allowed you to leave there and fly home or are you staying at the apartment for several days? Hoping for the best for you and hope you will let us know the latest info. Patti
  7. So sorry to see this wonderful adventure end. Your detailed posts and photos have been fabulous. Now we have to wait until May for your next event. Can't wait.
  8. Your photo on your blog of the sunset with Christ the Redeemer on the right is glorious. Very memorable, I'm sure.
  9. Phenomenal photos and descriptions. Wonderful train and food! You really covered everything that I was curious about. Thank you! What a great way to end your holiday!
  10. Still enjoying everything that you write and happy for you that you had a friend come aboard in AKL. Great photos. Should I assume that the final photo on today's blog was of your parents? Young and fun people. Enjoy your last days. Cheers, Patti
  11. Enjoyed reading your comments and seeing photos of Tonga. Your words were wonderful, kind, descriptive and very aware of what those joyful Tongans are like and what will be lost when the sea takes over the islands someday in the future.
  12. Will you be using this same thread for your time in Perth and on the train back to Sydney? It's been fabulous following your daily adventures and I don't want to miss anything. Thank you for taking the time to post so often and for the great photos.
  13. Cunard's QM2 has an indoor pool as well as an outdoor one, excellent speakers on transatlantics and it's a comfortable ship if you happen to hit rough weather.
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