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  1. I imagine Celebrity's legal team is quaking at the thought of going up against an attorney who's clients have decided to file their case in the District Court of Cruise Critic. Harris Denver, CO
  2. I’m a scuba diver, so I’d I’m going to take over on a cruise ship stuff has already gotten pretty real. 😁 Harris Denver, CO
  3. Seems like on most tours the bus driver either gets arrested, or walks off the job half way through the tour; necessitating one of the tourists from the ship having to take over operation of the coach. You wouldn’t want to be stranded in some foreign land just because you couldn’t step in to the breach. 😂 Harris Denver, CO
  4. @BOB999 is correct, the cruise visitor tax is in the taxes and fees, and is $10.00, not the higher amount charged for other visitors. Also the marine park fee is not charged for single day visitors. Harris Denver, CO
  5. Generally, I would allow 4.5 hours to be back off the dive boat from the start time. This can get longer if you’re somewhere with extended travel from the marina to the dive sites, and wouldn’t include time from the ship to the dive shop. If you use 8:00 am as a scheduled time, here’s how it breaks out: 8:00 am paperwork and gear fitting, getting on the boat. 8:30 boat actually gets underway, gear assembly and dive 1 briefing en route to first site. 9:00 in the water 10:00 out of water, change tanks, surface interval, briefing for dive 2. 11:00 dive 2 in the water Noon out of the water, gear disassembly en route, cleaning and paperwork at the shop. Harris Denver, CO
  6. Neither island is known for particularly challenging diving. I think the reefs are healthier in Curacao, and from your post I'd say it would be your better choice if you can only dive one of the two. I'd recommend you contact Hans Pleij at CURious2Dive. He'll pick you up and return you to the port,and you could ask to do a drift dive from Director's Bay to Tugboat beach. You'll see a lot of interesting things there; the old surf nets at Director's bay, the sunken tugboat, and then the pier where (currently) there's a drill rig in for service. (https://www.curious2dive.com/). If you decide on a Aruba, there's a wreck there that's interesting for its history, the Antilla (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SS_Antilla_(1939) It's hardly a challenging dive, but it's always enjoyable. for Aruba Jeffrey Kost at Happy Divers Aruba can set you up. (https://happydiversaruba.com/). Harris Denver, CO
  7. It's a 750 ml bottle, and it's been reduced to one per adult passenger. Guests are not permitted to bring alcoholic beverages onboard; with the exception of embarkation day when each guest (of legal drinking age) is permitted to bring onboard one (1) 750 ml bottle of wine (which are subject to a corkage fee) per guest. A corkage fee does not apply to guests with the Classic Beverage Package or Premium Beverage Package. Harris Denver, CO
  8. Usually it's a sold out cruise that causes this. Harris Denver, CO
  9. At the earliest, the points will credit on October 14. Since the period to watch the video ends today, it may be the points will credit on November 14. Also - as it seems you may not be clear - you'll get 3 Captain's Club points for 30 Power Up points. Harris Denver, CO
  10. Not if it's a/the bottle given by Celebrity. Harris Denver, CO
  11. You can indicate that you have a special occasion pre-cruise. Your stateroom attendant can also make these things happen. However, being Concierge Class, you could also contact the Concierge as soon as possible after boarding, and they can likely arrange for whatever you like. If you post which ship you're sailing, someone here may even have an on-board contact. Harris Denver, CO
  12. Yes, I definitely recommend Happy Divers Aruba. Jeffrey will take care of you. Harris Denver, CO
  13. Should have been "whine" dispensers. 🙂 Harris Denver, CO
  14. @jbrinkm Upon reflection, your best option may be Curacao. Talk to Hans at CURious2Dive. I'm thinking you could dive either Tugboat, or Director's Bay to Tugboat, while your snorkelers could snorkel in the Tugboat Bay. There's the sunken tugboat at easy snorkeling depth, and a pier there that is a haven for a lot of sea life. Added bonus is there is a bar/restaurant there so if your snorkelers don't want to snorkel as long as you dive, they have a nice place to hang. Harris Denver, CO
  15. For your specific question - combining snorkelers and divers on one boat, I'd probably say Aruba. The Antilla wreck there is very popular with snorkelers, and is also a good dive. Most of the better dive operators will not have snorkelers on a dive boat, as it invariably ends up wiht no one getting an ideal experience. Harris Denver, CO
  16. @Dharma2003 I don't know who the cruise line's operator may be, but I can tell you St. Thomas is a port where it's hard to find an operator independently because of transport issues. When I cruise I take all my own gear. That includes a roller bag to go from the ship to the pier. It's a bit of a hassle for packing and what not, but it's worth it to me, since my gear is perfect for me, and I know it's properly serviced, and cared for. at a minimum, I'd say take your own mask and dive computer. Those are easy to pack and your own are always going to be better than the rentals. Harris Denver, CO
  17. Well, as you know it wasn't on my list for Discover Dives from a cruise. However, there are plenty of calm spots for Discover Scuba dives, or for training. Harris Denver, CO
  18. I've only dove there once, and it was not impressive, plus the diving was a long way (like 40 minute taxi) from the port. Add to that I don't care for Jamaica topside, and I'd say you're asking the wrong guy. You were posting this question right when I was posting thie info above about Aldora. Harris Denver, CO
  19. @jstewie23 If going to an island is the alternative, I just got this from Aldora Divers in Cozumel. They could defintely do a Discover Dive first, and to get the full Open Water Diver course including dives, AND Nitrox for $586 is an AMAZING deal. And I can tell you Aldora is probably the best operator in Cozumel. Harris Denver, CO
  20. Well, if an operator is doing the ship's excursion that would definitely add St. Thomas to the list. Please let us know who the dive operator turns out to be. Other cruise lines may not have scuba excursions there, so an operator that would possibly do port pick-up/return would be good to know. Harris Denver, CO
  21. St. Thomas currently has no dive operators close to the port, and you're dealing with a very expensive cab ride. Otherwise, the sites there would be OK for a Discover Dive, but you can find better many other places. Harris Denver, CO
  22. @jstewie23 I would say that if looking specifically for a Discover Scuba, you criteria would be diving that would provide an experience where your son would get to dive on some actual coral reef, with a good operator, and relatively close to the port. The good news is most Caribbean ports will fit the bill. Here are some I think would be particualy good, along with my recommendation for dive operators the would be likely able to help make it a great experience: Costa Maya (Mahahual), Gypsea Divers (https://gypseadivers.com/) Barbados, West Side Scuba Centre (https://westsidescuba.com/) St. Croix, Nep2Une (https://n2scubadiving.com/) or Adventures in Diving STX (https://www.adventuresindivingstx.com/) St. Vincent, Serenity Dive (https://www.serenitydive.net/) Aruba, Happy Divers Aruba (https://happydiversaruba.com/) Bonaire, Dive Friends (Dive Inn location) (https://www.divefriendsbonaire.com/) Curacao, Ocean Encounters (https://www.oceanencounters.com/) or CURious2Dive (https://www.curious2dive.com/) Bermuda, Fantasea Both Roatan and Grand Cayman would also be good places. For Grand Cayman I think Sunset House would be your best call, but I've not dealt with them personally. I don't have a strong recommendation for an operator in Roatan. You can see several places that are great diving are not on my list. This is because either the places either aren't in this top tier for a Discover Dive, or the site suitable for a Discover dive are so far from the port that it would be impractical. These places include Cozumel, St Lucia, Belize, Grenada, Dominica, and likely some others. Then there are several ports I would not recommend for what you're looking for. These include, Any Bahamian port (Nassau, Freeport, Bimini); Key West, Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic; Cartegena, Colombia; Colon, Panama; Purta Limon, Costa Rica; St. Thomas, USVI; and San Juan, PR. Harris Denver, CO
  23. Likely a sailing with one or more stops at a Bahamian port. The Bahamas have dramatically increased port fees recently. Harris Denver, CO
  24. Ha Ha, you can go back to 2004 on this forum. If you look at 2018, or any other time one believes was the "golden age", you'll find the majority of posts here on Cruise Critic are telling how things "used to be great, and now are awful". Harris Denver, CO
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