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  1. If you look back through the course of the program, most webinars have been five points, but many have been three points. No rhyme or reason to it. Realistically, the participants of this thread prove that any number of point is enough to get everyone to participate (in some manner) in a 1/2 hour webinar; and no amount of points would satisfy the participants of this thread. Harris Denver, CO
  2. The mattresses on Celebrity Ships are generally good, but the Edge class are excellent. In fact, the mattresses can be purchased. https://celebritybedcollection.com/product/celebrity-cashmere-mattress/ Harris Denver, CO
  3. Any WRSTC member agency (SSI, PADI, NAUI, SDI, And many others) is going to require a ten minute float/tread, and either a 200 yard/meter uninterrupted swim, or 300 yard/meter uninterrupted swim using mask, snorkel and fins. Harris Denver, CO
  4. @Sigyn If one were going for a week, I think Belize would win first place. However, the sites you can do when there for a day on a cruise, are nice, but not in that super tier. Also, Belize is a tender port with a particularly long tend ride. It means that unless you use a ship's excursion, you take a 25 minute tender trip in, then go to the dive shop and the dive boat takes you right back out past the ship tot he dive sites. The ship excursions had the benefit that the dive boat would pick you up from the ship, saving a bunch of time. For this reason, Belize was one of the few ports where I felt the best answer was to use the ship's excursion for this reason. However, since cruising has resumed after COVID, it sounds like they really haven't restarted scuba excursions. Others here have reported there's a shop adjacent to the tender pier that they've worked with. I'm sure someone will be able to provide a name and review; although my recollection is that people were happy. Roatan has good diving. If there's a ship's excursion it will probably be with Anthony's Key Resort, in West End. If there is a ship's excursion, and the price is not too much higher than you can get doing it yourself, that's not a bad way to go. I've dove with them several times on ships excursions, and have had more good than bad experiences. If you arrange a private excursion, I'd make sure it includes port pick-up and return. The ports on Roatan are not terribly close to the diving, so if someone says you'll need your own taxi it will likely add quite a bit of expense. Costa Maya is easy. There's great diving and great people to dive with. The diving is on the same reef as Roatan and Belize (the Meso-American reef, the second longest barrier reef in the world). The nice thing at Mahahual (the actual town at Costa Maya) is that it's not near so well know nor as busy. It's a bit off the beaten path for tourists not on cruises, so things are smaller and nicer. You will want to dive with Catherine and Abel at Gypsea Divers. From the cruise port, you'll walk through the port complex, then take a taxi (Ask them to take you to the Hotel Nacional). It was $4.00 US per person the last time I was there. It's about a 10 minute ride. Then you can spend a great day diving, and when it's time to go, you won't want to. (http://gypseadivers.com/). Tell Catherine I sent you. Harris Denver, CO
  5. @Sigyn I've not stayed at Buddy Dive, but a group from here stayed with them about a year ago and were happy. It's always hard to figure whether on-line reviews are valid or not. I'm leaving for Bonaire in 2 weeks, and we'll be staying in a condo, and getting an unlimited tank package from Dive Friends. We just use our rental truck to go all over, and thus don't need to worry about any resort facilities, or dive guide issues. I don't know of other lodging option s that would be great. I've stayed at the Courtyard hotel, and it was nice enough, but it's not on the water, and not someplace I'd recommend as a first choice. Harris Denver, CO
  6. I’m sorry, I don’t have anything to report there. Harris Denver, CO
  7. For Maui, I last used Maui Diving and Snorkeling. I've also used Lahaina Divers in the past. Both are good, although - at least when I was last there - Lahaina Divers had one of those huge Newton 46' boats; and thus had a lot of divers going out. I haven't dove wiht Maui Diving in years, but we refer a fair number of students to them for their Certification dives, and all seem happy. (https://mauidiving.com/) My favorite dive there is Mala Wharf. It's a collapsed pier (knocked over by Hurricane Iniki in the 1990's). The coral has done well on the collapsed structure, and you can almost bet on seeing turtles and reef sharks. The max. depth is only about 35-40 feet, so you get a nice long dive and plenty to explore. Since it's fairly shallow it's often dive operator's second dive, but my experience is that it's been better than the first dive every time I've been there. If I were trying to put something togeher, I'd ask about doing Molikini Crater (the inside side) and then Mala Wharf. They may not be able to accommodate that for you on a ship. Oahu is a little tougher, again I haven't been there is years. A favorite of mine there is the Corsair plane wreck dive, but it's not everyone's cup of tea; and it sounds like it wouldn't be yours. I've not dove with them, but have had very positive reports from customers regarding Island Divers. They have a location at Hawaii Kai, which puts their marina right at some of the nicer reefs. Hawaii Kai is probably about 20-30 minutes from the cruise port. (https://www.oahuscubadiving.com/) Harris Denver, CO
  8. @jbrinkm That's great that you're set to get certified. For Aruba, please get in touch with Jeffrey Kost at Happy Divers Aruba. Let him know you're coming to do your cert dives, and he'll get you set for sure. (https://happydiversaruba.com/). For Curacao Hans Pleij at CURious2Dive is your man. (https://www.curious2dive.com/) He'll provide port pick-up and return. Even though we're a long way out, I'd recommend getting your dives scheduled now, before someone else books them up for regular dives. If you tell these guys I sent you, they'll probably charge you extra. 🙂 You're correct that one should wait 24 hours after diving to fly. As far as diving on consecutive days, you're suppose to dive 2 dives everyday once you're certified. Ok I'm kidding. The truth is that - as long as you follow your dive computer - diving daily is not going to present an issue. However, you'll want to take a break after several days of diving, not so much for any physiologic reason, but just cause daily diving wears you out. It's a lot of early mornings. Harris Denver, CO
  9. 100% agree about West Side for Barbados. I just got word they're moving back to the Boatyard beach, which is even more convenient for cruise passengers. Peter can't pick up inside the port anymore, but will meet you at the port gate. (https://westsidescuba.com/) I've used Scuba Steve's in the past and they were fine; but I've been happier with Eastern Caribbean Diving. Either will get you a good day of diving, and there's no easier port for cruise ship to dive boat pick up, regardless of which pier your ship docks at. (https://www.easterncaribbeandivingstlucia.com/) Harris Denver, CO
  10. Yes, this season Eclipse, then Equinox. In both cases Solstice class in SA, not Edge class. Harris Denver, CO
  11. November 2024, Eclipse will be in the Caribbean. Harris Denver, CO
  12. You can bet not, since they just moved Eclipse to the South America/Antarctica runs replacing Infinity there. Harris Denver, CO
  13. That's why I'm here. 🙂 Well, that and to give snarky answers to some posts. Harris Denver, CO
  14. On bag per Elite member per sailing, so if both you and your spouse are Elite, you'll get 2 bags of 30 items each (20 items on certain water restricted cruises - Alaska cruises). Harris Denver, CO
  15. In the Caribbean, the 6 months before expiration is recommended by Celebrity, but none of the countries you visit require it. Some Countries, including EU nations, do require the passport have at least month validity. Harris Denver, CO
  16. 1) When is the next opportunity? 2) Oh it's been a long time since an opportunity, did I miss an email? I don't get them like I should. 3) I think the PUP program has ended, it's been too long since the last opportunity. 4) Oh a new opportunity has posted! 4A) I didn't get an email 4B) Here's the link posted on Cruise Critic 5) It's a 10 question quiz, but the answers I put in don't work. It's not worth it for 1 point 6) It's a 40 minute webinar, and it's worth as many captain's club points as one night in an Aqua Class cabin, but I didn't like the picture they showed of asparagus on the plates. 7) The last webinar was worth 5 points but this one is only 3, THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE (yet the points will be accepted) 8: This program is useless. I would need 1000 more webinars to get to Zenith 9) This program is genius I only need one more webinar to get to Elite 10) It's been 17 seconds since I watched the webinar. Why haven't my points creditted? 11) Everyone else posted 5 minutes ago they got their points, and I haven't. Does anyone have the new CEO's email? Oops, never mind they're here now. 12) When is the next opportunity? Yes, I find the cycle of posts on this thread amusing, but if I were Celebrity I'd find them a reason to discontinue the PUP program. Harris Denver, CO
  17. Yes. Harris Denver, CO
  18. I raeally was kidding. It's delightful to see a reasonable person here was the point I was hoping to make. It's very easy for all of us to forget cruises are overall a great time. Harris Denver, CO
  19. @Hawkstar33 You know, if you're going to use Cruise Critic to post an experience, then consider other opinions and come to a conclusion based on a reasonable consideration of your own experiences, the needs of a corporation, and the opinion of those you posed the question to; you're going to make the rest of us loo bad. 🙂 Harris Denver, CO
  20. 1) You booked through a travel agency, and then were disappointed when Celebrity expects you to service the reservation through the agency they had paid a commission to service your needs. 2) You wanted a bargain price on an unsold room, but Celebrity would have several reasons not to sell you the higher category room at a fire-sale price: They don't increase actual passengers aboard, since you're vacating a room to move; therefore no increase in onboard spending. If they sel you a room at a price low enough to make you happy, it devalues the category. This is akin to why airlines don't allow passengers to move to empty Economy Plus or First Class seats. Others have paid full price. If they learn that they could have gotten the same thing by waiting and paying much less, that devalues the product. The cruise line has to consider this while customers usually do not. The fact that you're "Elite" is taken into account if you make a Move Up Offer, beyond that what effect would you hope for? While many go on about the value of their "loyalty", the fact is generally the more experienced cruiser spends less on board than the first timer. Witness the fact you had used your knowledge of the next sailing's capacity to try to angle for a deal. The new cruiser likely wouldn't have known to question the next sailing's passenger count. Harris Denver, CO
  21. Well then, they must like you better than me. Harris Denver, CO
  22. It is generous (webinars are historically 40 or 50 Power Up Points); but remember 10 PUP = 1 Captain’s Club Point. Harris Denver, CO
  23. It is the regularly scheduled dry-dock, done roughly every 5 years. This will be Edge’s first. Harris Denver, CO
  24. The included gratuities cover your dining and stateroom staff. The drink package includes gratuities for all drink service. With the premium package it's not common to have any drinks not included in the package, but if you did there would be a 20% gratuity added to the additional charge above what the package covered. Harris Denver, CO
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