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  1. Does their texting plan work in Dubai? What about email or Facebook.
  2. Amazing pictures! Excited to see what you think! Welcome to Royal.
  3. Yeah, been cruising Royal since 1991. They're my favorite, but, not at all solo friendly. I cruise MSC and Carnival solo for less than $700 per week. I still haven't heard on my Royalup, so, maybe that'll come through with all the cancellations.
  4. I got through. Royal says they'd be happy to charge me an additional $2400 to upgrade to a balcony. That's be $3600 total. Gee, let me think about it. 🤬
  5. I'll let you know. I paid $1200 for the solo. It's a good thing my name isn't Karen or I'd be demanding to speak to a manager. 🤪 Don't make me play the Diamond Plus card. 🤪🤪
  6. I'm in a solo studio. My first time in one of those. Normally, I'm fine with inside cabins, I sleep the sleep of the righteous in them. I'm thinking if we get quarantined, I might go stir crazy in less than 100sf. . It'd sure be nice to have a balcony. Still on hold...
  7. Sill so strange that they're discounting far out sailings while we're in the heat of it. A lot will change before November. You'd think the least they could do is honor our Royalup bids. Anyway, look for me and MrFunInTheSun to do live reviews. I'm still on hold, by the way.
  8. Interesting because when I call, there is a message saying if you are not sailing within 2 weeks, please call back at a later date. I'm sailing in 12 days and can't get through.
  9. Favourite- thinking about Maureen. Least favourite- Not seeing Maureen. C'mon, you're from Rhode Island, I'm from Weymouth, MA... Yes, $10. She's mean as a snake! Who you callin' an old nanny?
  10. Fun for who? That was pure torture! 🥴 Dale was probably updating his porn collection. 🤓 Great review, my friend. I can't wait to see you again in 4 weeks! 😍
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