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  1. Hi neighbor, I'm in NJ, 2 cruises, one weekend B&B and a trip to Florida all cancelled. We were going to try and go around Christmas but numbers are rising and my husbands job won't lift the 14 day quarantine & test any time soon. I can't even leave the state. My husbands employer has a question/answer form every morning before entering. If he says I left the state he will have to quarantine, guilty by association.
  2. Dispute it. Make sure you hold onto all docs and other proof. If you get a denial, just appeal armed with your actual proof. Some people get everything fixed on round one. Quite a few on the appeal. It depends on how your bank handles these things.
  3. Same here with my health. I fought tooth and nail to get my money back from another cruise from March (should have stayed with Carnival, that's on me). I'm not going to rush to be the first on the ships. When it seems to be back on track, I'll give it another shot with a balcony for added insurance.
  4. I'm not new to cruising, but attempted NCL for the first time. The way they handled this crap show is ridiculous. I ended up going the dispute route. Still not finished with it. Received the notice that I won and get to keep the money after the dispute was appealed. Now I'm missing money in the account. Once my bank figures out their errors, I can put this thing to bed. (Just hope their error wasn't an approval, yikes)
  5. Even employers are pulling the 14day quarantine and test card. I had to cancel a road trip because of my husbands work. We can even go into PA or NY because of it and they're on the safe list to travel as of last week anyway,
  6. It's not removed yet, but I suspect it will be. The final determination was made last week, so I'm sure it takes them time. Take all they want, I have no intention of using it.
  7. We are waiting for the same reasons. I really struggle with the mask (health problems), but I use it anyway. I keep my outings shorter. I can't gamble with placing more money down either. Even if the cruiseline does sail, it doesn't mean my husbands employer will let him. Quite a few people are under that pesky rule of not leaving their states. I had to cancel a road trip too. When that rule is lifted, than we'll try. Can't even do a road trip, oh I wish he was retired.
  8. Exactly. They pulled this crap on me too and than some. I filed, I lost, I appealed with the actual proof and documents, I won. It's not a cookie cutter situation for everybody.
  9. So you're going to start off your post with "scared of cruising" and "doom and darkness" terms? Is that in retaliation for other posts that didn't go your way? Second thought, don't answer, I don't care.
  10. No to original poster who actually put that in the post? I apologize, I should have quoted it. Just tired of everybody with the "too scared to" garbage. Most of us aren't scared, we weigh things out.
  11. I remember some of your posts as we were supposed to be on the same sailing. That final week, you were posting the available rooms. Everybody being die hards still. Than the bomb was dropped. My husbands employer said No Sail for him along with a bunch of others. Who would have dreamed this could have happened.
  12. MyVegas slots, you play it on your mobile phone or social media and collect Loyalty points (gold coins). Not exactly sure of the specifics, but they give out free cruises and other items out of Las Vegas casinos. It's done to coax you into gambling when you get on the ship, lol. I've been lucky at it until this year, my March freebie cancelled.
  13. Only thing stopping me is my husbands job. He can't leave the state. Until we have a definite green light, no can do. Unless I get someone else to go along in his place, lol.
  14. Apparently Royal is confident with January sailings. Out of Port Canaveral, Mariner & Navigator, 3 day bahamas cruises through the month of January are being given away. You redeem your points and pay taxes & port fees to be booked. It would be perfect for a Florida land & sea. I wrote the details on another topic but somebody deleted it, so I'll keep out info so that it stays. Point of this reply is not so much a Royal freebie, but the fact why are they restarting these freebies in January unless they are that confident.It's legit, I've obtained a 7 day from this last year, plus another 2 with Carnival and 1 with NCL that didn't go off due to corona.
  15. 3/7 was when that Peace of Mind and 48 hr cancel came out for cruises 3/10 on, all the time saying, they aren't cancelling. In NYC came the half marathon run cancelled for March 15, not far from cruise port. Than there was the talk of those with temps and pre-existing conditions (lung, heart, etc) were not going to be allowed. Than no crowds over 500 were allowed in NYC. Now that's a feat. It was strongly recommended no to cruise. Most people held on as long as they could. But than employees were stepping up and saying NO unless you want to quarantine when you get back. Every day the final week, people on forums & social media comparing notes as to if they should cancel or not. So different from whether they were had to worry about a hurricane interfering. Friday, March 13, the hammer came down. People who cancelled the day before them got FCC only. I really don't feel it was fair of them to not give the March cruisers ending that weekend the FCC only.
  16. That's what happened to the cruise part of my cruise. Free cruise expired and not being extended and holding all the extras paid by me into an FCC. I am attempting a chargeback. I tried to play ball with them in the beginning and if they played nice, I wouldn't be posting in here.
  17. At this point, anybody that does a chargeback probably don't care. I for one don't. Through all the years, this is about the worst treatment I've had to go through with any company.
  18. Mine was for a free cruise. The only money they should have kept was $280 admin fees. I cancelled 3/12. 3/13 was when everything shut down. The week before they changed their refund policy and that's where I lost it. I'm still fighting but haven't won yet.
  19. That's what they nailed me on. I cancelled the day before them and they were not giving a refund on it. I was told FCC on those extras but they were extending my cruise to anything between March and Sept 30. Guess what, August cancelled can't rebook to Sept, it's cancelled. So my free cruise went bye bye and they are holding those extras. I know the rule about fcc once it gets converted, but they wouldn't refund from day 1. When was your cruise and cancellation? I took a beating on this.
  20. Even my alternate got cancelled. It started my husband had to quarantine when he returned back to NJ for work. Now he can't leave. We were planning a roadtrip to Florida and possibly Texas for family.
  21. I'd prefer Bayonne myself or even Baltimore (Carnival & Royal). I don't hold much hope in either of them. But that would be so great.
  22. I can imagine, it does go both ways. I've had good and support throughout the years.
  23. I must have hit an ex comcast employee when I called. They kept interupting me and reading a script of some sort over and over.
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