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  1. We like walking, after our walk around the walls and our wander around the city, we took the bus, but quickly realised that we could have walked. Not that far. We would not have wanted to walk in to the city because we wanted to be there as soon as the walls opened - which as it happened was a good plan. Dubrovnik gets crowded. Taxis were plentiful at the port, I am pretty sure that the sign said they took dollars. It is worth going round the walls. They do accept credit cards though.
  2. A bit late to the thread, but another vote for Córdoba. Cadiz is lovely and I keep meaning to go for another weekend, but the Mezquita in Cordoba, the torta patata and the aubergines make it a no brainer for the choice between Cordoba and Cadiiz
  3. That must be such a gutting experience. I spend so much time working out what we are going to do, I cannot imagine how a Refund as to just the cruise cost, would work out.
  4. Easy jet seems to get so much negativity. When I went to put my API in last weekend.all I had to do was take a screen shot of my passport and everything was entered correctly. I was so pleased with that service. Since my passport still has 9 years to run I am not sure if it would have flagged up any passport issues. It did not even flag up that I had a bad hair day on the day I had my passport renewed. As I only found out that I needed a new document at the last minute before my cruise I did not have time to visit my hairdresser before my dreaded passport photo. I am not sure that I am going to stomach ten years with a bad hair day.
  5. And that is what I think NCL should provide. We go to the trouble of saving them staff to input the data, the least they could do would be to give us an alert when the data is a problem. NCL did not alert me.
  6. I don’t think that there is any pop up warning that says “no, your passport does not meet the 6 month requirements”. It certainly did not warn me 15 months ago when I had checked in with all my passport details and only by chance read the actual rules. At that time I thought that travel within Schengen was Ok with 3 months on a passport. All my documents had been accepted through online booking. If I had not noticed the small print I would have lost my cruise. I would have been very upset.
  7. Over the weekend I had to check in And give API for a couple of flights I am about to make. I thought about this thread and was surprised that no information came up about any visa requirements. Therefore although I do think that cruise lines should add an algorithm to highlight when passports do not comply with the 6 month requirement, I also think that airlines should do their part. Yes of course the passenger should take some responsibility and should not expect compensation if things have gone wrong. I just think that if you enter the details and a red flag warning does not pop up ... then I can understand why you feel aggrieved.
  8. did i miss this? If i did so, then i apologise for my gripe.
  9. I still think that a computer could make that calculation but thankfully in my case i read the rules
  10. OK SeaShark I don’t think that I thought that the font was that small. I think that, as I had already done the same cruise three times I thought that this was ‘small print’ such as telling you that you could not take knives or drugs on board. I had (incorrectly as I found out) thought that I could stay within a Schengen area with 3 months left on my passport. I was lucky to have been browsing which alerted me to the issue in time. That was not really my gripe. My serious gripe (and for this I felt the pain of the OP) was that, given all the information that we submit when we do online check in, surely there should be some sort of alert of the issue. It happens all the time if bank cards fail or when we input wrong info in all sorts of situations. I am a small print nerd, but for me I had been on the ship before and genuinely forgot how small print works. Really am I the only person who goes on a cruise for the 4th time does not actually sit through all of the small print that needs you to actually click on it?
  11. I agree 100% that it is the passenger’s responsibility to make sure that passports and visas are in place. However when we have to go to the trouble of doing the lion’s share of the check-in process for them. We save them hiring staff, it can’t be that hard to program an alert. Glad to hear that one line can do it, it validates my irritation of the stress I went through and my sympathy for the OP. There are some parts of the small print that should be a bit less small.
  12. Akumul, I feel for you. That scenario so nearly happened to me, albeit with a Med Cruise that would have left me only $3000 out of pocket. Flights were not involved and I somehow assumed (someone must have said it in the past) that within Europe you needed 3 months on your passport. We were going in to be returning the first week in November, passports ran till Mid March. That seemed like ages. I am doing work related studies. Anything to put off my writing meant that I actually was reading the fine print two weeks before the cruise. I saw the 6 months requirement and felt sick. This really was very small print that no-one in normal circumstances reads. You should but you don’t!! I am fortunate to live in a small country and getting a new passport takes days rather than weeks. The only negative was that I am stuck with a passport photo showing my unwashed hair!! I was on edge until my new passports arrived. So I got away with it, but I also was angry with the fact that I had entered the passport dates on the check in forms. I assumed that I had “passed” the test of whether or not my passport was acceptable. What is the point of check-in before hand???? It is such a faff, I honestly would be happier to have it all done at the port. OF course the cruise lines don’t want that. They would have to hire more staff. As a pay-off for our hard work, They could at least put an algorithm into their check-in data that can subtract 90 days from the passport data as service to the customer. Not sure if it is just NCL. Probably would happen with any of the lines. People, check your passports and Visas!!
  13. IMHO, you need to consider your itinerary as well as the ship. I have done the Western Med numerous times, the last 4 on the Epic. I love that trip. However in the middle of summer it can be brutally hot. My teens (at the time) had their “worst day of my life” in August in 40 degree Rome. The Itinerary gives you some very long days of travelling. I recall having passed a few parent/teens arguing with the argument going something like “Dad can I please stay on the ship and rest” “Do you realise how much this trip has cost, you have to come with us and look at culture”. Some teens can struggle when they are hot and tired. I had one of each. One would have a meltdown after more than one 6.30 am start, the other would be “Another 14 hour day? bring it on”. Europe can include Norway/Iceland, Western Med, Eastern Med, France, Germany and the British Isles and the Baltics. I think you need to consider what you and your teens want from their vacation. In the summer that means how many beach days you want. Then start to match the ship to your itinerary.
  14. I have considered a family cruise with my parents, both now aged 90. I know that they would love the experience, although my mother has always rejected the idea due to her sea sickness. On my last cruise I really thought it through. Although the family would have loved it because there is so much to do together and independently, the three stumbling blocks were: Cabin doors are too heavy for them to be able to go in and out on their own The steps up into the tour buses make them inaccessible Could they manage tenders - probably but the thought is scary Of course they would not have needed tour buses, we could have arranged our own trips, but it is a consideration. I can’t see how to avoid the cabin doors! Post an accident that left me with two broken arms 2 years ago - I find them very heavy (even in an internal cabin).
  15. You could try making a bid. I have done in the past - but you have got to be sure that you would be equally happy with the inside that you might have to stick with if you are unsuccessful with your bid. Not everyone is successful.
  16. I like your thinking Pete, your sums add up for me. Not a boozer, just someone who enjoys the holiday. I was thinking on the lines of : two decent coffees in the morning, a bottle of water per day, a couple of beers at lunchtime (or as we eat our meal on coming back on board after the port, , two G& Ts before supper, a couple of Prosecco during the meal, one or two drinks in the casino. Then the DH insists on the package. I thought we might have been throwing money away, but now you have added in the coffee and bottled water I think that we are going to break even. If we pass each other on the Iona let’s raise a glass.
  17. We have been at the right place at the right time. But we have been lucky. I still love it.
  18. There is a very long thread entitled “what was your upgrade offer and what did you bid?” That might help to answer this question. At the end of the day it is a bit of luck, a bit of maths and not booking on a popular cruise/cruise dates that get you your upgrade.
  19. I would go back to the advice of Post Number 2 in this thread. It seems the people answering your question all did what we did - potter around the town. It was lovely.
  20. The Epic is my favourite ship because it offers 7 day cruises from Barcelona throughout the summer. We get freestyle cruising and we usually get a drinks package and tips “thrown in” (Ok the pricing means that we pay for it, but it feels free). What more need I ask for??
  21. I had lots of Star love in September when we were in the Greek Islands. 💓🌟🌟
  22. There was a shuttle boat into Mykonos town as we got off the ship. After that we just walked around. The place is lovely. We sort of followed the crowd and found ourselves in the Little Venice area and saw the windmills and a friendly pelican wandering the streets. I think that we may well have done a couple of circuits but it was so lovely. At one point we could see that we were getting out of town so we turned back. We were able to paddle. We could easily have stopped to swim had we wanted to. Instead we had a beer!! We walked back. Once back on the ship I could see that had we had kids there would have been plenty of time to get to a beach just past the ship. It involved a bit more walking. I really enjoyed Mykonos.
  23. Boarding times can vary according to the cruise line. For that information you would need to refer to your cruise documents. I believe that some people are told ‘suggested’ times which can be ignored. As long as you are on board two hours before sailaway you are fine. We always plan to arrive around midday. The time spent waiting for check-in can vary. Sometimes you have to wait, sometimes you go straight through. If it is too early to book your train you could do a mock booking to see how long the train is likely to take. When you book the car you could probably give them an approximate time and then tell them you will confirm when you know the exact train time. Follow Cruisemom’s advice about timing in Termini Station. It is big and busy. It is certainly doable (that is why it is busy, so many people catching trains!). When we are not completely sure where we have to go, one person checks out the platform/train number and time whilst the other takes care of the luggage.
  24. You are right, the walk from the train station was not a highlight of our day, walking doesn’t really bother us though. We did not have great public transport options because we were there on a public holiday. We just got on the train and winged it. It was a lovely day out.
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