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  1. When an airline has a schedule change, this will change the status of the flight from HK (holding confirm) to either TK (minor change) or SC (schedule change major). This will automatically fall onto the agent's queue they do have to change the segment back to HK. There is no need to notify Princess of the time change as they will be aware already.
  2. My guess if they are moving any ship around would be Pacific Encounter. The reason why I say this is that the Pacific Adventure had her funnel shorten so that it could fit under the Sydney harbour bridge to get to White Bay.
  3. With this news today, I wonder if the additional charges that P&O have will continue when the ships become Carnival. (This is one reason why I have not cruised P&O for a number of years). A prediction, Australia will lose at least one ship during the winter months.
  4. This would work if the onward flight was in the same reservation, and hence a through fare to Melbourne. If on a separate ticket and reservation, then the airport staff do not see the onward connection.
  5. I think the OP is purchasing a return ticket from the US to NZ. A return ticket to and from the same city is usually cheaper than what in the industry calls open jaw ticket (that is US to AU surface New Zealand and return to US). If all the flights were issued on the one ticket, then the luggage will be through checked to Melbourne, however if it is a separate ticket, then the passenger would be required to collect luggage and re-checkin.
  6. There is one Air New Zealand flight in the morning, however a couple in the afternoon and evening. To avoid stress in case of delays etc, I would personally go for the afternoon flight, especially since you will need to clear customs and immigration in NZ.
  7. Savanah Mitchell, who is from Mullumbimby, during a question and answers said Carnival does not employ Australians on their AU based ships. She was employed as she holds dual nationality (New Zealand) and uses this passport to work on the Splendor. She has now left the Splendor as she is engaged to her Trinidad boyfriend, who is applying for AU citizenship.
  8. I don't know if Ruby will be a success in Australia, as this was the ship that made the media headlines down here with Covid19.
  9. Discovery will be 5 years old in 2025 and due for a dry docking. She is schedule in Australia in December after her dry dock in Singapore. Is it possible the only reason she is coming to Australia in the 2025/26 season is because of the proximately of the Singapore drydock? And in 2026/27 Australia reverts to the Royal Princess again?
  10. Within the travel industry, there is a book called T.I.M (Travel Information Manual). When I check for New Zealand this is what TIM gives us: My search data is based on departure from Australia to destination New Zealand with country of citizenship Australia and on a normal passport. Passport Passport required. Passport Exemptions: Nationals of Australia with an emergency passport. Document Validity: Passports and other documents accepted for entry issued to nationals of Australia must be valid on arrival. Passports issued to permanent residents of Australia must be valid on arrival. For the 3 months validity left on the passport for New Zealand, sounds like it could be a cruise company restriction.
  11. Hey Chilli, I wonder if this is why they have not released a deployment for Radiance and Serenade.
  12. After the 2025 Alaska season, Radiance and Serenade are still not deployed anywhere. Considering that most of the deployment has been released until April 2026, one has to wonder what is behind Royals thinking here.
  13. Norwegian Cruise Line will not base a ship in Sydney for the 2024/25 wave season, opting instead to sail from Melbourne as part of a temporary adjustment to its presence in Australasia. The strategic shift was picked up by Cruise Weekly in the line’s reveal of maiden itineraries for Norwegian Sun between Mar and Oct 2025, which will see the ship return to Far North Queensland for the first time since 2019. Prior to that, the 1,936-guest Norwegian Sun will offer five oneway sailings between Melbourne and Auckland from Dec 2024 to Mar 2025, with the ship making just one visit to Sydney on 13 Jan during one of these itineraries. Norwegian Spirit, which recently left Sydney on charter operations for next summer, will return to Sydney from late 2025. The brief adjournment marks the first time Norwegian Cruise Line has not based a ship in Sydney since the brand debuted in Australia in 2017, excluding the pandemic when all cruise ships were locked out of Australia. Instead, Norwegian Sun will begin a new series of 14 cruises in the Asia Pacific region, including three sailings between Cairns and the Fijian port of Lautoka, the first time NCL has used either city as a turnaround point. The Mar-Oct season will also see NCL make maiden visits to Port Douglas and Townsville as part of this schedule. Additional maiden calls for Sun will include Mystery Island, Port Vila, Dravuni Island and Noumea. Travellers will be able to explore the South Pacific in greater depth, with Sun to offer three islandhopping itineraries between Fiji and Tahiti which also call in Aitutaki in the Cook Islands. The revised deployment also confirms the operations of Norwegian Sun after NCL last year cancelled seven months’ worth of sailings as a result of a “fleet redeployment” (CW 27 Nov 2023). Norwegian Sun is the slightly larger and younger fleet-mate of Norwegian Spirit and offers 15 dining options including French, Italian, Brazilian, Japanese and other Asian cuisine options. ML Source Cruise Weekly 30April 2024
  14. I thought RCCL would have also had the transpacific reposition cruises released at the time of the AU 2026 season end, however RCCL has not released any cruises past April 2026. In the past the Ovation has repositioned to Alaska for the season, and the last 2 years they have had 2 Quantum ships there as well as 2 Radiance class. I cannot see Ovation going back to Alaska in 2026, I think it will remain in Asia, however I cannot see where they will downgrade the premium Alaska, so I think Anthem will continue with the current rotation. It will be interesting to see if they do move Quantum to Alaska in 2026. My feeling is if any ship will be based in Australia year-round then it will be Voyager.
  15. From reading through this topic, one thing comes to mind that you do not put all your eggs in one basket. With the Oasis and Icon ships, they are primary based in the Caribbean, and more recently in the New York region, with another doing a European season in conjunction with a dry docking. What happens if there is another financial crisis as we saw in 2008. By building these mega ships, Royal is limiting to where they can put their assets. I personally, cannot see an Oasis or Icon ship based in the Pacific region, unless China improves dramatically with the Spectrum and Ovation being based there from 2025.
  16. From todays Cruise Weekly 18April 2024 Australia was the world’s fourth-largest cruise market last year, with 1.25 million passengers embarking in 2023. The Land Down Under finished behind the United States (16.9 million), Germany (2.5 million), and the United Kingdom (2.2 million) in terms of total pax, according to data released by Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) (CW 16 Apr). The rise in short-break cruises being offered by lines is reflected in CLIA’s data, with the average duration of an ocean voyage taken by Australians last year being 8.1 days, down from 9 days pre-pandemic. The most popular region for Aussies to sail in, outside of Australia and the South Pacific, is still the Mediterranean, with 5.3% of passengers embarking on a cruise there last year, followed by Asia (2.5%), Alaska (1.9%), Northern Europe (1%), and the Caribbean (1%). Growing segments of the Australian cruise industry include trans-Atlantic and world cruises; Hawaii & and the West Coast of the US; and expedition cruises, which captured 0.8%, 0.7%, and 0.7% of the market respectively. “Australians have not just returned to cruising, they’ve come back with enormous enthusiasm and at a faster pace than in other markets worldwide,” said Managing Director Joel Katz (pictured). “Australia has long been one of the world’s most passionate cruise source markets, and these figures confirm an enduring love for cruising among Australian travellers,” he said. Katz said although demand for cruising is strong, close collaboration from Australian governments and ports is needed to support the sustainability of cruise tourism in the future. “To maintain our position as a leading destination and meet demand, it’s crucial that regulatory frameworks and port charges remain internationally competitive,” he said. “Balanced regulation and reasonable costs are fundamental to fostering a thriving cruise sector capable of contributing significantly to the Australian economy,” Katz added. MS
  17. Phil, can you tell me the benefits of Sky Junior Suite. I notice this on Anthem's sailings.
  18. Yes, apparently there is some sort of agreement with the Wiggles. ROYAL CARIBBEAN TEAMS UP WITH THE WIGGLES TO LAUNCH THE ULTIMATE WIGGLY ADVENTURE | Royal Caribbean Press Center
  19. From todays Cruise Weekly: Two RCI ships in Australia in 2025-26 Royal Caribbean International (RCI) has announced its 2025- 2026 deployment in Australia, with two new ships, Anthem of the Seas (pictured) and Voyager of the Seas, set to cruise Down Under (CW breaking news). Anthem, which will make her Australian debut, most recently cruised in Singapore. She will join Voyager Down Under in Nov 2025, which had also been based in Asia. The new Australian ship will cruise “shorter and bolder” getaways from Sydney, while Voyager will make her longawaited return to her new home of Brisbane. The two ships will sail a line-up of 45 cruises to the New Zealand and the South Pacific between Nov 2025 and Apr 2026, and are now open for booking. They will replace Quantum of the Seas and Ovation of the Seas in Australia. “Between the excitement of Anthem of the Seas making its Australian debut, Voyager’s return Down Under, and more weekend getaways than ever before, the 2025-2026 summer season is one for the books,” Vice President & Managing Director Gavin Smith said. “Every kind of holidaymaker can make memories in more ways than one with a varied line-up, from short getaways to a longer sailing from Asia, and new experiences like the show-stopping ‘We Will Rock You’ musical production, iceskating shows and six exclusive family adventures created by Royal Caribbean and the Wiggly Friends,” he said. MS
  20. Sydney ports daily movements is showing a departure time of 23:00
  21. A youtube blogger in Australia is reporting that Voyager will come through the Suez Canel in November 2025. I guess we will have to see how this pans out. They mentioned that Anthem will be coming from Alaska via Hawaii and Tahiti.
  22. With confirmation of Voyager and Anthem coming to Australia, Ovation presumably will go to Singapore, any thoughts on where Radiance and Serenade will be deployed too?
  23. Sydney ports is showing Majestic Princess overnighting in Sydney with an arrival time of at Bradley Heads as 20:15
  24. I think this would be better posted on the P&O UK site.
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