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  1. One thing to remember is that Navigator is set up for shore power as required by California laws. I don't think Quantum has the shore power yet.
  2. Just a thought, Sydney Ports is showing Vision OTS been a regular visitor from October 2024, and with this been less passenger capacity, than the Voyager class vessels, could this be a contender for a year round vessel?
  3. Sydney ports has Vision OTS and Ovation OTS as regular visitors from October 2024 - April 2025
  4. I also will be surprised if Royal puts a ship year round from Brisbane, especially since they are having trouble with Quantum bookings during the peak season. And also consider, according to Brisbane ports, there will be a Carnival ship year round plus the Pacific Encounter. Royal will also be still dependant on the international market and the majority of people travel via Sydney.
  5. Sydney Ports is listing Discovery Princess in 2024/25
  6. Airlines are also required to report any sick passengers onboard prior to landing in Australia.
  7. Geoff, with the shorten funnels do you think it will fit under the bridge?
  8. Not this morning Geoff on the Today show...."the ship is riddled with Covid."
  9. The Today show just had a segment on the Coral Princess, and said it slip in under the cover of darkness. (Most cruise ships come in when the sun is raising). Will be interesting to see if they report any positive comments.
  10. Jim Wilson on 2GB has been referring to the coral princess possibly another ruby princess case. Even had a passenger sister called in and said over 140 people with Covid.
  11. @chiliburn Philip, have you been following the thread on Quantum's engine problems? Do you think it will make it here?
  12. Geoff, I read somewhere that she was coming to Sydney prior to going to Brisbane.
  13. Following this with interest as it is schedule to do a trans pacific and relocate to Brisbane in October. Will be interested to see if they take her out of service prior to the relocation.
  14. We are also on the same cruise, and also Majestic a month earlier.
  15. Does anyone know if Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania is open for cruising yet?
  16. Cruise weekly today has an exclusive from Christine Duffy that Carnival will add a second ship year round to Australia. ""Carnival to add second ship this year Carnival Cruise Line is making plans to deploy a second ship in the Australian market over the upcoming 2022/23 summer season, with the additional vessel expected to operate out of the new Brisbane International Cruise Terminal. The move was confirmed by President & Chief Executive Officer Christine Duffy (pictured), who told Cruise Weekly she was excited about the Australian cruise restart and will be heading to Sydney for the already announced inaugural postpandemic Carnival Splendor departure on 02 Oct this year. Duffy wasn’t able to confirm exact details of the second ship, but the Carnival fleet is already in the process of being expanded with the addition of the Costa Magica, which was transferred to Carnival about a month ago and is undergoing a brand transformation and refit. The new departures are not bookable yet, but Duffy hinted strongly the deployment would happen “before the end of the year”. Australia continues to be a strong focus for the cruise line, despite it being forced to temporarily redeploy Carnival Splendor to Alaska due to the extended cruise ban imposed by the Australian Government (CW 07 Feb). MEANWHILE Duffy also told Cruise Weekly the company’s Australian voyages are now for the first time being actively marketed in the United States. Pre-pandemic, Carnival’s booking platforms did not easily facilitate international bookings for its Australian deployments, but significant enhancements made during the cruise pause have made local voyages bookable from the United States market - both online and through travel advisors. “We’re getting a lot of bookings for Australian itineraries from American cruisers already,” Duffy said, with Carnival’s strong brand recognition and American bucketlist aspirations to visit Australia likely to drive healthy demand.
  17. This was in 2005 on Pride of Aloha. The ship that did the Kiribati cruise was one of NCL's small ships. It was the Norwegian Wind and was about a 10 day cruise, however only 3 or 4 ports in Hawaii. (At the time I was comparing both of these cruises!)
  18. I remember when we did a Honolulu roundtrip cruise NCL had also ship that went to some of the Hawaiian islands and then down to Kiribati to get around the PSVA act.
  19. RCL Alaska season has opened for sale and the ships that are doing the Hawaii cruise are Ovation, Quantum and Enchantment, which I would suspect will be the AU deployment for 2023/24
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