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  1. Thanks, but cannot view it from US using the link
  2. Does anyone know how those living across the pond can view this program?
  3. Regarding your previous unpleasant cruise, we too did the Hawaiian Isles on NCL in 2002. We were so disappointed by it - including the dining experience - that it put us off cruising for 6 years. Luckily we found Celebrity then Cunard and have enjoyed every experience since then. I much prefer Cunard's fixed seating (in Britannia class) because we, like you, recognize that the dining experience is a integral part of the cruise. To each his own, of course, but I'm thankful we found our niche with Cunard.
  4. Thanks but not sure I understand. So the status match is once, but if you sail again within 3 years you'll still have the matched status?
  5. Does anyone know if MSC offer the status match only on a one-time basis?
  6. I've not been on the Holland America Koningsdam yet, but from the deck plan the ship appears to indeed have a full promenade deck. And it already has a "Queen's Lounge"!
  7. Was on QV a few weeks ago and one of our tablemates would order it. So yes they stock it. I think she always had vanilla so don't know how many flavors are available.
  8. Hi 39August: We've just booked the Jewel for a Baltic cruise next year after a long absence from RCL. I have a few questions for you - What makes the Jewel of the Seas so beautiful? What made the Windjammer food good? When were you last on the Jewel? Can you compare the Radiance class ships with the Vision class? (We honeymooned on the Splendour of the Seas when she was new and it was our first cruise together) What lounge on Jewel is available for Celebrity Elite Plus pax? (I think that translates to Diamond on RCL) Thanks so much!
  9. They served hors d'oeuvres in the Queen Victoria's Commodore Club before dinner on the just completed British Isles cruise.
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