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  1. BUT....if we booked an EZ Air Canada thru Princess....(Omaha, Toronto, QC) … and it's two days before, Princess will get us there. Right? And if we don't get there for our first night we can challenge for hotel? I am not a doom and gloom but wondered. Its September 12th.
  2. We get candy as a snack?? How does THAT happen???
  3. Thanks for the reminder! Just saved another $40 on the same flights!
  4. I was able to buy 8. One at a time. Just a reminder, too, that the $25 comes as a separate email and may be in your spam if your can’t find it. That happened to me for the Mother’s Day gift card special and I think a few others. I sent these to my work email and that has an auto spam which I will check for the $25 gift cards as it cycles thru every 24 hours with the list of blocked emails.
  5. Did not know Target had those, thanks!
  6. Notice Mom got a slightly sweeter deal...…$60 off a $1,000, right? LOL
  7. I'm in the process of buying a bunch of these. 5 so far, so that's $125 in bonus! No problems with getting the DAD25 code to work, you just have to always use a $500 card. Not sure my TA will enjoy doing all of these for me to apply to my cruise, LOL, but I'll wait until a slooow time of day to call, if there is such a thing! Off to get a few more! Have payment due by June 30th so might as well get a slight reduction in that amount! And points on my Princess Visa!
  8. Good to know, thank you! Every little bit helps! Got a big payment due soon. Might as well buy some gift cards to reduce it a bit.
  9. I just booked thru them and I might add, as I experience last year, they were wonderful! Georgette was a peach. 🙂 She reviewed everything in detail and it is a refundable deposit. She did have to put me on hold for awhile to get all the right codes and all but was able to apply all as stated above as benefits. And now off (next year) to visit the capitals of Europe!
  10. OK I think I figured It out. My own fault. I went back and cancelled again and then I did see you could do that separate city. Had to do that first. I need a vacation! For the record thought I'm still on hold....I'll hang up in a sec. BUT it's not any cheaper than what I could do on my own. My lesson - had to totally cancel to figure it out. Thanks everyone!
  11. Well, let's see what I know so far - it costs the most to book on Delta.com (checked that because of AMEX card, no deal), then about $300 less on Expedia. When I looked on Southwest for just the return flight it's about $100 less than that. So am I asking too much to just KNOW what it costs through EZ Air??? Geez. I don't necessarily need EZ as we aren't coming in right before and leaving right after. I just would LIKE to use EZ Air. Maybe. 1:43:27 and holding. But my call is very important to them and please stay on the line. LOLOLOLOLOL
  12. I need both. Two different cities. Don't see an option to book a multi city flight plan (like you can on Delta, etc) and it won't give me an option to book another set of flights without cancelling the first.
  13. I've been on the phone with them on hold for over an hour now. Good thing I have lots to do around the house! Now I'm on hold with EZ Air. The Princess person saw my issue but couldn't help me. I just want an option to make a return flight!
  14. I did it! Turned in the official letter to my director, applied for Emeritus status through the University (Whom is my official employer) …..now to figure out the official days including vacation.....yikes it's for real. August 31st is the official day - vacation after that. Now have a busy few months ahead but the good news is like everything else this last year, it's the LAST TIME! (If any of you have ever been associated with 4-H and county and state fairs, this probably makes sense) It's been very rewarding working with all the youth and their families all these years but I'm just worn out. And want to focus more on MY family now!!
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