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  1. My goodness, there are a lot of options! I googled just a few and am overwhelmed at the choices! Such beautiful buildings! We will be there leaving September 14th on Princess. Now to just CHOOSE a hotel!
  2. And yes I realize this is an ancient thread. Popped up on my search. I'm sure you all had a fabulous time!
  3. I am looking to book a PC one as well - looking at LA to MIA in 2020. First time on NCL so I am totally new to all the NCL lingo! We do like aft locations so hopefully my TA can find a good one for me as I switch the one I had booked this fall to next fall. Any advice to a newbie NCL cruiser would be great!
  4. We will be in C751 next fall for a New England cruise! I’ll hope we get the same steward! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. We were on the Sea Princess back in 1999? or 98. I think 99. It was her 3rd voyage or so. We flew in from Nebraska during a blizzard THAT MORNING!! No one even thought that we wouldn't get there ! We went to the Western Caribbean - Jamaica, Grand Cayman and Cozumel. It was another 10 years until we took another one - the Caribbean Princess to New England. Will be back on her in the fall for a 10 day NE - can't wait! What a fun memory!
  6. We were on the Conquest last week and took the ship's tour and I saw some! I remember seeing it on the menu, too.
  7. LOL on our last cruise on the Ruby they tried SO hard to say there wasn't a DR open. There was. I think it opened at noon?? We enjoyed mimosa's and margaritas while we waited for it to open. It's a wonderful place to go!
  8. I did just see this while searching for answers, however I did not see this option. Unless I missed it! Our next Princess cruise was booked with a large X Factor online agency and they certainly don't have it as an option to pay down the bill! So I looked to see if I could use it to purchase OBC but didn't see the GC as a payment option.....Just trying to do it myself without having to call. Thanks for any additional tips! Princess Cruises gift cards can be redeemed on princess.com, through travel agent advisors and by calling 1-855-426-0168. For more information and to view Princess Cruises gift card options, visit www.princess.com/giftcard.
  9. We received one for Christmas - very appreciated but then I wanted to use it but as above have stated I guess we have to be on the ship to apply it? I wish they would offer it as a way to pay for pre-purchase items - but it's just paypal or a credit card.
  10. It's been two years since our last Carnival cruise. We usually get the Cheers. Previously, you had to go to a specific area to get the sticker - it was a pain for more than one reason! Do they still use a sticker or is it an autoload on the card? On our last Princess, it was loaded on so we didn't need to get a sticker. Thanks in advance - 30 days to go!
  11. I got it to work on my Delta!
  12. If that was a new screen for MUTS, they need a new vendor.... As to the wine. it was in both the DR and Vines. And it wasn't that the wine choices were crap, they just weren't what was on the menu. I'd ask and they'd say they were expecting to get more but never really did. At one point, they were out of an under $12 Cab in Vines (I can't remember if they had the $16 one as we had the PBP so weren't going to get that) so they were able to scrounge up the Simi Landslide (which was fine with me as I LIKE that one and they had told me earlier they were out of it! - Hard to figure that out) They had different wines in different bars, and it wasn't what was always on the general menu. For instance, at Club Fusion they had a Genesis Cab but told me they only had 4 bottles of it left. I also like dry Rose'....and they didn't have that, either. I'd say over all the wine inventory was confusing. And it changed all the time. They had decent ones for the most part - you just couldn't rely on a certain kind to be there. That doesn't mean they don't have it now - but it doesn't mean they do. Sorry that was as clear as mud.....
  13. We were also on this cruise. Had a great meal in the Crown Grill, at AD a few times and the buffet. We found the food all fine, and enjoyed the selection on the buffet most times. There was always certainly something to eat. We didn't dress up for dinner - makes a difference when you have to pack for a week and fly - only want to pack so many things! So we did not do the formal nights but did a few of the others. Food was fine. Enjoyed the crème brulee, and the caramel custard. My DH had some chocolate dessert, he seemed to eat it all! True confessions, we were in VINES a lot, LOL. Did enjoy the service of Jude and Gideon in Vines as well as Marc Anthony up in Crooners. I will say it was frustrating the lack of wine that they had compared to what was on the menu but there were all good at coming up with acceptable substitutes. Good wine (for the most part) for the first wine tasting - lousy for the cheap one, I can see why it's only $9 for the Grapevine Wine Tasting! I swear one of them smelled like my cats.....but that's what you get. We go because it's fun and something to do on a sea day. Always a wine for someone! The weather was amazing! No rocky days - the sea was pretty smooth. I would agree about the MUTS - lots of squares in the background of the movies. Good variety of movies though, watched two and the weather was also great out on the deck even in the evening. Sound was good. You just got used to the squares. After I figured out the TV I did enjoy the choices. The screens are bigger so you may have to duck around them a bit as they are bigger than the size of where the TV's are placed. We did all Princess excursions and enjoyed them all. Most also seemed to involve..... wine..... and really enjoyed Alcatraz! Be happy to answer any other questions. Overall a very nice cruise!
  14. We have stayed in both, most recently the Aft, E733 on the Ruby. The cabin is smaller in between the two rooms which you can also slightly notice throughout the bathroom area. If you’ve never been in the side Penthouse version it is probably not a big deal. The balcony was deeper, the beam a non issue. I’m not sure which I prefer! Bigger cabin or deeper balcony! They have also upgraded the TVs so they stick out a bit but the bigger screens and more tv options were good. The aft is a bit rumbly when getting into port if that bothers you. Doesn’t bother us. We always got into port when we were already awake or needing to wake up anyway. The view is a nice act view. I also like the side ones if you are able to match your cabin to whichever side faces the dock at port. Also you could not see onto our balcony on this deck from above. We were right above the Fusion and the Promenade deck but heard no additional noises.
  15. Oh my goodness. If this is on the menu I'm certainly taking advantage of it! Or did you ask for it? A week from today I'll be able to ask myself!
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