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  1. It never hurts to check onboard. They may put you on a waiting list in case someone cancels. Good luck.
  2. My password isn’t working either. Guess I’ll have to come up with a new one….
  3. I don’t want to lose any perks. It really does keep us coming back when we compare having to buy drinks/internet on other lines. What will make us leave Royal are the repetitive itineraries. The new cruisers don’t care as it’s all new to them but some of us want to see other parts of the world then just the Caribbean. Royals 25-26 leaves a lot to be desired, nothing longer than 7 days at a time in Europe. They used to do 12 night. While you can string some together, the meals and entertainment gets repetitive. Flights are expensive, I’m not flying overseas for a week cruise. I skimmed the blog rebranding article. I’d be thrilled if Celebrity and Royal merged for C and A. It would certainly get us on more Celebrity ships! Elite on Celebrity isn’t much.
  4. That’s great. But if the ship was ever a couple of hours late getting in…It does happen once in a while. I’d prefer to eat breakfast and take it a little slower. But I do agree the port and airport are really close so it may be possible.
  5. We put each dress item in its own dry cleaning bag. I’ve saved them for years for this purpose but I think if you went to a dry cleaners they’d sell you some. We use a “cruiser suitcase” where the clothes stay on the hangers and fold in the middle. We don’t have to send anything out. Steam in the shower helps if needed. Otherwise we go wrinkled.
  6. You are brave. It can be done but we won’t book anything before 11 and then do our own luggage. It’s just too stressful to end a vacation that way.
  7. We have booked her for 2026 so we’d like to know what you think of her too! Since Royal doesn’t circle Japan we had to use Celebrity.
  8. Brilliance beds were hard as a rock too. On our 46 night we spent the first 3 port days searching for a foam topper. Found one in the little town of Napier NZ of all places. They were discounted to $40/king so we bought 2 and slept great the rest of the trip.
  9. Our bags went on a truck from the Marriott straight onto the ship. They were waiting outside our cabin when we got there. A few took carry on size bags with them and put them under the bus. We put our ship tags on our suitcases before we put them out in the hall at the Marriott. We found and consumed our own wine along the way. So yes watch for places. The cruisetour doesn't care if you drink your own purchased alcohol. We didn't drink on the bus or BYOB on the train but enjoyed our own at the hotels. There will be opportunities along the way.
  10. It’s still there but only as a bar. No food. Rarely used and not open a lot. While we like Izumi we don’t like the location on Brilliance. Good views but hard to get to and you must go outside in wind, rain etc to get to it, There is a back way through crew areas to get out in case of wet weather but not get in. Not a deal breaker, just not convenient.
  11. As an American, we found ordering and getting the check strange. Most restaurants we went to used the QR code method. Since DH has a food allergy he usually went up to the bar or wait stand to order, paid there. It was weird for us to then just walk away when we were done. We also more then once had to go get our own water, condiments, silverware etc from a table set up in the restaurant. It’s not wrong if it’s customary in a country, we just didn’t know what to do, hadn’t read about this prior to our trip. We adjusted but it seemed to us that servers were there just to set your food down in front of you and that was it. They did not come back to see if you were happy or needed anything else. It’s not wrong, just different.
  12. We did Napier on our own. We had planned to go to the hot tub and pools by the ocean in the city but it rained that day. Instead we went to their aquarium and did a behind the scenes blue penguin tour. The shuttles from the ship dropped off us in front of it. The rain stopped and we walked back through town to the other shuttle drop off. It made for an inexpensive laid back day.
  13. We used Bums on seats in March. I’m not sure they can do a shorter version but we really enjoyed our tour with them. It’s worth asking. We did the tour that also went to Hahndorf.
  14. The trip to Lone Pine was one of the highlights of our around Australia cruise. Not only did we get to pet a Koala but we hand fed and petted Kangaroos. I highly recommend going!
  15. Congrats on your upgrade. We got our last 2 cruises upgraded for a fraction of what they would have originally cost. The one before that our bid wasn’t accepted. If we’re on a B2B with the same cabin we don’t bid. I have come to really dislike the time and effort it takes to change cabins. But we always bid if it’s a single cruise with varying outcomes.
  16. We do use it for what’s on the list on the bag. Nothing nice. I don’t use it on a 7 night but when we get to10 days or more or B2B’s I do send it out. I’ve had one nightgown come back a bit gray as I think it was washed with a dark load even though I put it in a bag labeled white. And it does have a bit of a funky smell but it’s not a dealbreaker. I do a lot of laundry by hand on longer trips and I appreciate the perk of sending out underwear and socks. Note the bag is per person who is D+ and per cruise, not per week. It’s one bag for 7 or 12 or 18 nights.
  17. Such a bummer for the people who had booked these cruises. We were on the cruise just before her break down and met many, mostly Americans, who were staying on until May in Vancouver. Those people have now been displaced for 2 weeks while she was fixed. I’m not in contact with any of them but am wondering if they gave up and went home or if they stayed in Australia hoping to get back on. We had debated the TP and had even booked the SP once but decided to back out before final payment. The crew has gotten a break but they have also lost 2 weeks of tips. Stuff happens, being flexible in travel is key, but it’s still disappointing for those involved.
  18. There are pros and cons to both. We like the Fort Lauderdale airport better. It’s easier to navigate. We usually fly Southwest and they have a lot of flights there. Miami is more walking inside the airport. Not a huge deal, FFL is just nicer. Hotels are usually less expensive in Fort Lauderdale. Even near the beach they are less than downtown Miami. The cab fare with tip or XL Uber from Fort Lauderdale to Miami can run up to $100 especially in rush hour. All that said we usually fly into Fort Lauderdale because we can get non stops, stay at Riverside ( because we like the area ), and Uber over to Miami the morning of the cruise. If we fly into Miami, we stay at a airport hotel and Uber to the pier in the a.m. Post cruise it’s always better to fly out of Miami but you can cab, Uber or get a shuttle back to FFL too.
  19. Kleenex is provided. I’ve had to ask once when it wasn’t.
  20. i think you do have to look at where you’re at before you book something independent. A port of call that’s rarely used, an island off the coast of Africa, with people who may not fully understand being timely, probably not. We book independent excursions and will continue to do so. But there are times when a long distance is involved or the port time is short, we will not.
  21. How’s this one for fun….we were on Brilliance RT Sydney and went to NZ. No Australia ports that cruise. B2B then going around Australia. We had to pack all our belongings even if in the same cabin, special tag them, leave them out the night before turn around. Morning of turnaround had to get off after everyone else did, collect our bags off the ship, recheck them. You could then head out to Sydney or get back on the ship. Since we had to bring valuables off with us we chose to get back on rather then drag them around in a big backpack all day. We were then not allowed to leave the ship again. Strange rules and made a lot of work for everyone. We did get our luggage first but it was still a super hassle. It was not that way in Perth when we continued on for the third B2B. Just coming from NZ.
  22. I find it annoying and it discriminatory. I know it has to do with insurance for the vendors. So far, we’ve only run into this in the Caribbean and Alaska.
  23. We are starting to mix it up now that we’ve retired. However most land vacations are not less. Once you book a hotel, food, gas, admissions to places it does add up. We struggle with where to eat every night on land and then there’s no entertainment but a TV most evenings. If you fly and rent a car to get around then the price really goes up. All that said we are shopping around and looking for the best prices pp/per night. Jr suites and up are pretty much off the table anymore and we’re even booking some ocean views due to prices. Our budget isn’t bigger so higher prices do affect us.
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