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  1. I figured if you were in an Iconic Suite, Juan Valdez would bring you coffee personally. 😆
  2. The 5:30 PM the first night is just a place holder time. I have never heard of them having the chef's table the first night. They have a wine pairing that they offer at the chef's table. There is an extra charge. If you do not want the pairings, and you have a beverage package, you can use that at the chef's table. Most of the time, the executive chef on the cruise will head up the chef's table. There would be a small likelihood of Boulud being on the cruise, but it could happen. I hope this is of some help to you. 🙂
  3. I reconsidered my post. Some would probably not appreciate my humor. 😁
  4. They were selling Caymus by the glass on our cruise. The up charge was $10.00 a glass if you had the Premium Package. I believe the up charge is now $13.00. 🙂
  5. Captain Pagonis, what a great guy. But, there is still some great officers that are very friendly on Celebrity. 🙂
  6. No problem sir, you can be a snob anytime you want to be. 🙂
  7. Mr. Bo, It would be wonderful sharing a bottle of wine with you, or two. 😇
  8. It does not give the breakdown on the label. Sorry.
  9. Mr. Ken, You are correct, the Conundrum is on the premium package. 🙂
  10. It surprises me that a lot of folks like the red Zinfandel. For a while, Celebrity carried Quivira red zin. We liked it a lot. It is very hard to get now. Celebrity does have St. Francis zinfandel , but it is not by the glass, unless you can make friends with the wine steward. 😁
  11. I do not think I have to comment on what my downfall is. 🤠
  12. And, there is suppose to be a brand new show and menu for our sailing on Apex. 😊
  13. They will serve you cappuccino in the dining room. They will get you a cappuccino almost anywhere waiters are serving you. 🙂
  14. The OVC serves breakfast until 8:30 AM. Everyone not on a B2B or Extend-your-Stay are usually asked to leave around 9:30AM.
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