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  1. Mr. Rick, Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Hopefully, you will be up and around and back to normal quickly. 😊
  2. Yes sir, we did sail together. I do not remember which ship. We were on Summit Hawaii cruise that started on December 23, 2006. 😊
  3. We saw him in Houston a couple of times. And, we have seen "The Jersey Boys" six times. 😁
  4. I definitely did not grow up in Jersey. 🤠 But Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons have always been my favorite.
  5. I used to say, to myself: "Another beverage package post?" Now I say: "Thanks for posting!" 😃
  6. They think the vaccination will be 50% effective? Maybe we can get a shot in both arms. 😁
  7. I guess I better ask now. If I put "waffle" in quotations, will I be offending anyone? 😎
  8. I wish I would have thought of that. 😎
  9. What do I miss about cruising Celebrity? Let me think about it a while. 😎
  10. Thanks for posting. It is appreciated. 😊
  11. Actually, I love the plain waffles. I try to make "close" friends on the roll call with some wonderful Canadians. And then I "butter them up", (the waffles and the Canadians 😉), into bringing some pure Canadian maple syrup. 🤠
  12. Mr. Don, I don't know about being a great asset, but a very nice comment. Thank you. 😊
  13. Hello Jim, It is nice "seeing" you also. 😊 Lois did post on about three days ago on a topic started by Host Anne.
  14. Celebrity waffles are pretty hard to obtain at this particular time. But, Jacquie did whip up a batch for breakfast today. She has the original Celebrity recipe. 😋
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