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  1. Since I was the one who mentioned you 😊 I wanted to add that my comments and subsequent deduction was based primarily on personal experience. No one should be surprised that X would be trying to generate more revenue, that's what they’re supposed to do. 😉 The disappointing part of this are the outrageous prices they are charging for accommodations on the Edge, and spreading to the rest of the fleet, that seem sub par to those that their customers are accustomed to.
  2. Sadly Bogdan is not on board. He told us in December he was being sent away for “dry dock duty”, supervising the Revolution renovations for the Retreat on the Millennium, I think. Btw, Bogdan was promoted to the Retreat Manager, responsible for the overall supervision of the Retreat area. Priscilla was the Suite manager and the one who you should talk to, but I'm not sure she is there either.
  3. It was deeply disappointing to open the door of our S1 on the Edge and see the verandah furniture. I agree it should be more useful for the prices X is asking. I personally believe this furniture was specifically designed for the IV cabins.
  4. I thought the same and reading that Marilyn was told that X wanted guests to spend less time in their cabins confirms their intention to generate more revenue.
  5. The first cruise with my DH was in 1977 on NCL's Sunward. Our first cruise with X was on the Summit in 2003 and we fell in love with the brand. Who didn’t want to identify with the actors in their commercials who started off by saying “I was treated like royalty...”. There were so many special little touches back then. I remember one cruise where the pool butlers were roaming the pool deck checking to see if anyone needed another drink, then asking those guests baking in the sun if they would like a cool spritzing of water from an Evian bottle. Now of course I knew that there really wasn’t Evian in the bottle, but it was the offer that mattered. There was live music several times a day in different venues. At the Cova bar we would listen to live music, which always received enthusiastic applause for the talented musicians, while enjoying our coffee and pastries. Those were the good old days...
  6. Yes... that brings back unpleasant memories. 😉 Except we refused to give up (or give in) and continued to order room service for breakfast for the entire week.
  7. That looks like our first breakfast order on the Edge! Now imagine the teeny tiny table on the verandah with all of those plates stacked up on it. That's how the Butler left it. I think he was embarrassed because unfortunately there wasn’t anything else he could do. X should be embarrassed, that experience was not “modern luxury”.
  8. The Edge is a beautiful ship and I love the staterooms, but it's really irritating that we're paying a higher premium now for an experience on a X ship that has diminished from those of the past. The Celebrity Suites on the Edge actually do have a small dining height table and 2 chairs suitable for room service on their verandah. Corporate's idea of getting guests out of their cabins to mingle with others in public spaces may be their plan and there are plenty of hours in a day for everyone to do this. But there are many, like us, who have sailed with X for a long time now and one of the things we very much look forward to on each cruise is enjoying breakfast every morning on our verandah. I'm pretty convinced that Corporate is trying to discourage room service, especially for breakfast. I guess they expect everyone to go to Luminae. Our Butler told us that room service orders were being prepared in Luminae. We were in an aft S1 on the opposite end of the ship from the restaurant (some of us know how long that trek is ! 😉). I know firsthand the logistical problems that can arise and have seen the look of panic in our Butler's eyes when one or more of the breakfast items were discovered missing or not properly prepared when he arrived at our door. We did empathize as he was responsible for all 12 of the S1's on the aft, decks 7-12.
  9. I sincerely hope I am wrong, but I’m beginning to doubt that X will put tables of any kind in the Sky Suites. Imo, they are trying to discourage guests from ordering room service. The current chairs and the teeny tiny table on the verandah are not conducive to eating a meal either. As for the loungers, it would certainly save time and be less work for the butlers if they would just be placed on every verandah and left there. I don’t understand what has happened to common sense and sensibility with corporate in Miami.
  10. I look forward to meeting and talking to you on the Edge next month.
  11. I appreciate your thoughts and agree with you. But I am saddened to read the comments you attribute to some Zenith members. I know that there are those who achieved their status by, as you say, “sailing a bazillion times in inside/outside cabins. It probably does take a lot of time and loyalty to the brand to do it this way, but imo ultimately costs less money than those who sail in Suites. Some people have less time during their careers to cruise and treat themselves to a suite when they do. Why would their status be considered inferior?
  12. Bless your heart, your debarkation sounded like a traumatic event! Our debarkation experience from the Edge in December was quite the opposite, fastest time off of any cruise ship ever. We did wait until after 9am to leave and the Suite Concierge escorted us off. There was only one line through the T25 terminal which moved along quickly. The facial recognition process was great. One person ahead of us was not recognized, but the TSA agent pulled them aside for a manual check so the line kept moving. Didn’t need our GE. Hopefully your next experience will be better. I personally don’t see a need for priority for Suites/Zenith in the terminal, once one has departed the ship their “priority” ends. Jm2c. 😊
  13. Relax... as a member of the “112.. club” I can attest that there were no “smelly” odors to worry about. 😉 Looking forward to passing the baton to you on the TA. 😁
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