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  1. We bought ours eons ago (it feels like) so I don't remember where I bought them. Just google handle wraps for bags. On some websites you can even personalize them.
  2. We have black and navy blue suitcases but we have bright green handle wraps on the tops and and sides which easily distinguish them anywhere.
  3. Our dear Marilyn, vtcruising, posted this. It was supposed to be on the Edge.
  4. We used to do the same thing too. Thanks for reminding me, need to get back to basics. 😊
  5. Apparently he likes to move around. He was seen on Summit by himself. 😁
  6. Oh please don’t. 🙄 Maybe you 4 guys should get your own thread. 😁 I'm sure it would be a lot easier for you all to communicate without the rest of us who are trying to discuss the OP's topic. 😎
  7. Hopefully this should be easy. 😊
  8. Sadly Phil, I have to disagree with your conclusion of “probably zero”. Our mutual friend Michael, from Wales, never left his home, yet contracted Covid and passed away. He would order items he needed and have them delivered to his home including groceries from Tesco. It is believed that that is how he contracted the virus. Take care. Wash your hands and stay safe. ❤️
  9. Absolutely. We were booked on the Apex Inaugural TA and if X had not canceled it we would be on board right now. YMMV.
  10. Perhaps not in Michael's/Retreat, but I have observed this behavior in Luminae. We were on a TA one Spring on Reflection and a group of 12 friends had dinner almost every night at a long table in the back section of Luminae. They required many bottles of wine each night for their “party”. The more they drank, the louder they became. It made for a very unpleasant dining experience for everyone else trying to have a peaceful dinner. I have no problems with a group of friends/family in Luminae having dinner together but the behavior of this group was unbelievable. And sadly the Maitre D' wouldn’t say anything to them.
  11. Keep in mind when cruising resumes ships will not be sailing at full capacity. And no, we will not be sailing smaller sized ships. We love X and the their larger ships, especially Reflection and Edge.
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