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  1. The reason I care is that if a person who is not vaccinated comes down with COVID while on the cruise (through prior exposure or exposure during an excursion) everyone on the cruise can be affected. Remember what happened on the cruises (other than Azamara) at the beginning of the pandemic.
  2. We’ve been in 7070 twice, once on the Journey and once on the Pursuit (and we have it booked again!). I think it’s a great location. It’s just a few cabins down from the Laundry room, so it’s easy to check washer/dryer availability, but no noise. Our cabin of choice!
  3. There are self-administered rapid tests that have been approved by the CDC and are available for sale in the US. https://www.afar.com/magazine/cdc-approves-at-home-covid-tests-for-international-travel?utm_source=Sailthru&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=051121 AtHomeTests&utm_term=Daily Wander (Have opened newsletter before)
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    US Dollar Prices

    Same with the US site now.
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    US Dollar Prices

    US website giving error also! Parse error: syntax error, unexpected 'case' (T_CASE) in /htdocs_20200818/sites/all/modules/custom/azamara_blocks/azamara_blocks.module on line 507
  6. We’re in the US. After a very positive experience with Azamara’s ChoiceAir on our “extended” March 2020 Pursuit cruise in South America, I’m sold on always using it. The responsibility and costs are on their shoulders to get us back home.
  7. More thanks! Our wonderful TA was able to take care of this today (we're in the US) for our October '22 Trade Routes cruise. Saved a considerable amount. I also think that this cruise was recently added to the promotion list, as I check frequently. Friends in the UK were able to take advantage of this also.
  8. Rabo


    I booked our flights last week using ChoiceAir for our February ’22 cruise. I was surprised that the flights were available, as the last flight is more than 330 days out.
  9. Personal preference, but I have to disagree with Don. White Night is an event enjoyed by most of the guests on the Azamara cruises I have been on.
  10. Not thrilled with the name . . . but the ship’s name isn’t a factor in my choice of cruises.
  11. I’m really not thrilled with any of the three name choices. Back on January 25, I suggested Azamara Passage. I’m sticking with that.
  12. We were in 8090 for our 2017 Australia & New Zealand cruise on the Journey . . . and absolutely loved it! Sitting on the veranda and watching the wake of the ship was so relaxing. Some have complained about more movement, but we we not bothered at all. Other have complained about excessive soot on the furniture, but we felt it was minimal and easily wiped off. We usually book V1 Veranda cabins. At the time we booked, there was a great promotion being offered. It was an upgrade from an inside category to a veranda category. My TA actually was able to book 8090 (which was the high
  13. Don, I will have to concede that the US Government knows more than Royal Caribbean. I hadn't looked further than what RCG stated on their site. My apologies! Jerry
  14. Don, According to RCL, The Jones Act and the Passenger Services Act are the same thing. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/questions/jones-act Jerry
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