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  1. Use the multi city routing at the airline or use the cruise lines air program. A third option depending on where you live is to check out some of the alternate carriers that do not show up on sites like Expedia. For example Norwegian Air and Icelandair both sell one way as independent packages and can be less than booking the more traditional carriers.
  2. Basically you should be able to get everything online. They will email some documents and/or you can download from your personal site at the cruise line. You can then print anything you might need or bring documentation on your personal device.
  3. I have had a lync style monitor for my ICD pacemaker for over a year now. After discussion with both my cardiologist and Medtronics we agree that it is difficult for the system to operate when you are on a ship at sea. I generally do not take it with me, but I do let my cardiologist know that it will not be monitoring me for a defined period of time. If yours is like mine, Medtronics will contact your cardiologist when they have gone 96 hours (4 days) without receiving data. At that point they will investigate why the data is not appearing. If your cardiologist is aware you are traveling then there is no further action necessary. I suggest you pursue what to do with them in your personal case.
  4. The era of cruise ship libraries is sadly coming to an end or least subject to shrinkage. With Kindles, iPads, etc. fewer people are reading and carrying bound books.
  5. You should plan on going to the Malecon. You will dock, not tender in PV. Your options to town include a taxi from the port, a less expensive taxi from outside the port, Uber, or the adventure of a local bus taken from the parking area of Walmart across the street. Once on the Malecon you will have plenty of shops, bars, restaurants to occupy your time, as well as statuary along it.
  6. Having spent time in both places I would suggest the itinerary originating from Southampton for a couple of reasons. I believe you would find flights from your home in Canada to England more readily available and perhaps less costly. Your mother’s mobility issues may be a problem in multiple ports but might be magnified in some of the popular Greek stops. Lastly, and this is purely a matter of opinion, I personally enjoyed both Athens and London, but if I were choosing one as an introduction to Europe, I would have to opt for London. Give yourself at least 3-4 days at one end of the cruise to explore the city.
  7. Simply because of limited season and great popularity. Or in economic terms, the law of supply and demand. Lots of people want to see Alaska but there are not as many cruise ship’s berths there as exist in the Caribbean.
  8. I love Lucca. It is a classic walled city. Lovely to roam and grab a light meal. Have been twice. We also enjoyed the Cinque Terra on a land trip but that was a few years back and it was less overwhelmed by tourists. Pisa would be lower on my list unless you just really want that photo of you holding up the Tower.
  9. You can refill bottles or a reusable bottle from any of the places on the ship. However the water package is an incredibly good deal as cruise line purchases go. I often buy a bottle of water or two in local convenience stores when on trips and in tourist areas it is usually at least a dollar. At $0.50 a bottle even with the added gratuity it is cheap and convenient to let Princess provide it.
  10. Clearly just took some time for the new gratuity level to be applied. Package is still base price of $6.00 but now gratuity is 18% rather than 15% so price went from $6.90 to $7.08.
  11. Long Beach is a much less crowded and much easier to navigate airport. It’s major downside is fewer flights but you seem to have that issue solved. If pricing is equivalent I would go LGB.
  12. Kotor you will be right in the town. You may tender or dock.
  13. Basically used my CC. The Scandinavian countries are virtually cashless societies. Might get some Euros for those country’s where it is the currency. Spent a few dollars in Russia and brought home a few Rubles.
  14. The other food venue that Princess regulars, we are Elites, swear by is the International cafe. It is open 24 hours so is a great spot when hunger arises at an odd time. Basically breakfast stuff in the early AM switching to salads and Paninis and soup in the afternoon. Always some desserts and the go to spot for cookies. The DW is a self defined Cookie Monster We always stop by if we are on an oddly timed excursion and skip lunch or in the AM if we want a quick bite before getting off the ship and do not feel like a full meal. The coffee center is right next door so works well for a quick snack.
  15. Highly recommend Alfredo’s for your embarkation day lunch. Generally not crowded, easy to find and a good menu. Not just pizza. We have done it multiple times on the Royal.
  16. There is no real difference between those 2 times so whatever works best for your schedule.
  17. Need a cell phone and the App. Looks like a taxi or shuttle for you.
  18. It would help a lot if you indicated what port. In most places a taxi or Uber is a better deal. If the city center is closer to the port than the airport, it would be foolish to go back to the airport.
  19. Other than places where I have been totally on my own with trains and public transport, I do not consider $75 pp excessive for Europe. It is very different than the Caribbean. You really should pre schedule in any ports where you will be requiring guides. In a number of these ports, think Livorno (Florence) , Civitavecchia (Rome) you are actually quite distant from where you may want to visit. Whether you hire companies or do it OYO you need to have the plan in mind prior to arrival.
  20. I’m on a cruise with a group of 30 in November. At this point I do not anticipate playing an active part in the Roll call as I will already be involved planning activities for that group and I cannot conceive adding additional responsibility for others I do not even know.
  21. You should be looking already for private tours. While it has many interesting sites to visit, there is not a vast tourist infrastructure. We were late to the game when we booked this cruise and ended up on a Princess Cruise tour as pretty much everything else, including rental cars, were booked solid.
  22. That scenario might seem perfectly logical, but it is not what the reality holds. Astro has essentially given you the list as it continues to be defined.
  23. You have just begun the 1000+ thread on the question of passports in port. Be prepared for answers justifying both sides and potentially some nasty exchanges, although they will not necessarily be directed at you. I will join the no you do not need your passport club, but leave you to sort out the other responses. Have fun.
  24. Problem is that a ships tour tends to limit your time as they have a set pickup and return. OYO gives you much more flexibility and is incredibly easy.
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