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  1. Single Visa will cover all your entries. Most passengers just get them on the ship. No need to get anything in advance.
  2. Just booked this cruise and have booked a tour with Patrick . Loved your video. Thanks
  3. It is what they say and suggest but not enforced in any way. Attire has changed over the years and varies by location of cruise. Europe tends to be more formal than Alaska or the Caribbean. Lots of gentlemen in a nice pair of slacks and shirt without coat or tie. On the flip side you still see people who go all out as they enjoy the opportunity to dress up.
  4. It is not only mega-ships that can be an issue. I suspect you have never been to Santorini. Access up and especially down the caldera in the afternoon can be extremely limited. While there are multiple ways of ascending, with varying access points, all the descents return to one spot in Fira where you have a choice of either walking the Donkey path or taking the tram. Since the tram has a max capacity of 600 people/hr the lines can become horrendous when even 2 or three of the mainline 2000-3000 passenger ships are set to leave simultaneously. If you have never been, check it out. Beautiful place to visit but the number of ships in port (everyone tenders) can really affect your travel and return.
  5. Like many I try both ways but find EZair generally wins out when doing one way cruises. Just booked SFO into Buenos Aires with return from Santiago and no airline sites could get close in price. Always have to defer to SFO as they insist on booking me via San Jose
  6. Prepackaged items like power bars, trail mix, cereal should all be allowed The problem begins when people try to take unwrapped items, especially things like fruit which can carry invasive species.
  7. Have done this several times and either taxi was present or one showed up in a couple minutes. Not a terrible walk but taxis will show up regularly.
  8. Agree with JB that the National Express bus is a wonderful option. We just took a cab to Victoria coach so no real difficulty. Met another couple on the bus so we shared a Taxi van from Southampton bus terminal to the ship. Aid £5 each for the bus.
  9. Simplest would be a taxi, which will be lined up at the dock and will get you there with time to spare.
  10. We love Lucca and spent the day there on our Mediterranean cruise since we had been 6 days in Florence a few years back. If I thought a cruise stop in Livorno was going to be my only opportunity to ever see Florence then I would still make the extra effort to go there. It is a remarkable city with one of the singular pieces of art, the David, ever produced. Lots of other Things to see as well, and easy to navigate once you are in town.
  11. What’s In Port is another site. As noted, none of them are fool proof but you can search at multiple sites.
  12. Really, nobody just has the butler, the maid, the gardener and the chauffeur just tend to things while you are away. LOL
  13. Breakfast choices will include pastries, Princess versions of a McMuffin, muesli and a few other premade items. If you have the coffee card then your regular coffee and tea is included, if not, it can be purchased .
  14. We never followed the above recommendations before we became Elite. We just arrived based on how our travel plans best played out. Never an issue boarding
  15. Someone on your roll call will need to step up and arrange the meet and greet . Princess simply supplies a venue.
  16. One dining room is always open although with short hours. The crew will always steer you toward the buffet which is generally a disaster.
  17. Most bank employees are in fact clueless as to what Chip and PIN is. They will tell you your card works throughout Europe. Most of them have never traveled or used a CC overseas. As has been noted previously, your card will work almost every where. I have personally had issues at both train ticket machines and self service gas stations but just had to work around them and find alternate payment or service methods
  18. Single word LAYERS. Alaska weather comes in all shapes and sizes. I have kayaked in the rain in Ketchikan and have hiked in 75 degree weather there. You have to be prepared for all types but be able to change on the fly
  19. We punch a hole in the ends and then tie together some string or leftover yarn. Have never had to reenforce them.
  20. You just pay the corkage. We bring wine we like and have better choices.
  21. To summarize, you will get 2 coffee packages. We put one on my card and one on DW’s. You can get up to 30 specialty drinks in Toto and each of you will have unlimited regular coffee and teas for the duration of the cruise. You will not get receipts. You cannot check your “coffee account” except that you can ask the barista to do so. You get nothing to “prove “ you have it, it is just there. At the end of your cruise it is gone, poof. Hopefully that covers all the bases.
  22. I have spent multiple days on multiple visits to London and at least 2 times to Paris. In neither of those cities have I even scratched the surface of all the things to do or places to see. You appear to be doing a drive by and we have seen it type of tour but will really have no time to actually appreciate the places you are visiting. Jumping day to day from London to Paris to Venice to Rome will be tiring. Also those overnight train treks to not allow for great sleep.. I hope you and the kids are not as grumpy as I would be with all that running around. If nothing else, at this late date I would drop Stonehenge for more time in London
  23. Having done all three I would have to place Florence way at the top if you have never been before. We did Lucca on our last cruise as it is easy and enjoyable and we have done Florence on the ground in multiple previous visits. My usual comment is that Florence is a world class place to visit with amazing art and architecture. Pisa is a nice town with a tower that leans. Unless you are set on having a copy of the photo where you hold up the tower, I would spend the whole day in Florence.
  24. Listen to mom. Always decline conversion by the vendor and be sure you have a card with no fees.. in your case I suspect the CDNA card should work best.
  25. Agree that NOK is the currency to use but in fact you will find it hard to use. Cruised the Fjords last year and did a land trip 2 years ago and can honestly say that Norway is close to being a cashless society. Even small convenience purchases can be done by CC and there use is encouraged. Get a few NOK if you must but you will not need much.
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