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  1. We have select dining for our up and coming TA. We prefer to share a table, is it just as easy to share on the Edge as on the other S and M class ships ?
  2. Ok thanks , we are still 36 days out so will check next week. I have printed off our invoice from TA which states our amenities just in case
  3. Does your express pass have your beverage package on it ? I can’t remember seeing it before but I’m sure there was a post on here saying that it is now. I have just printed ours for Nov 1st TA and there’s no mention of it
  4. We bid just slightly above the minimum on balcony, infinite balcony and CC balcony was $60 infinite was $100 CC was $160
  5. No I have never heard of that I will check it out thank you edit checked out , and the trips are from Miami port we disembark in Fort Lauderdale thx anyway
  6. Thank you for that information, that’s exactly what I wanted to know. The last time we took a tour of the Everglades and were dumped at the airport at midday and had to wait in a queue for 2 hours before check in even opened
  7. Has anyone taken the hoho excursion ending at Miami airport on disembarkation day? Was it worth doing ? What time are you dropped off at the airport or can you choose a time ? Our flight is not until 6pm so we do not want to be at the airport too early TIA
  8. When we were in Boston 2 years ago we booked the trolley tour so that we could get off the ship quickly as this was our first stop on a TA and we had to go through immigration. The price was about the same as booking direct but the difference was that you could only take the round tour and not hoho like the direct booking , we did not notice this until we got there
  9. I was booked on a b/b from Athens to Singapore very disappointed as India is on my bucket list. OBC is only applied if you book another sailing before Monday 26th August. If you choose to cancel you get back your deposit but no OBC for future sailings or previous bookings
  10. It’s not in cruise planner it’s in manage reservation, not sure if Celebrity UK is different from Celebrity.com but that’s how I did it
  11. If you go in to view your reservation it is under ‘ delivery on board ‘ and is along with gifting flowers, xperiences etc. You can buy the OBC and gift it to yourself
  12. I just purchased OBC online this afternoon and actually got a good rate against the £ for it
  13. My favourite is the tres leches cake, oh and the German chocolate cake is very good as are the tiny lemon tarts or chocolate tarts. Oh I think I like them all , lol roll on November when I can indulge again
  14. Are you able to share a table on the Edge for dinner when using the 4 MDR ‘s ? We have select dining but prefer to share when possible, also if you pre book for two people does that mean you get a two top ?
  15. We were offered to bid on an upgrade for our June Reflection cruise. We were sailing with friends in 3 consecutive cabins so we didn’t participate
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