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  1. One more HAL crab cake story…I was speaking to the Pinnacle’s head chef. I told him that I was a pescatarian and ask him what I should order. He said the crabcake. I said, “I’m from MD.” He said, “Don’t order the crabcake”😉
  2. I was lucky to see several cooking demonstrations in the Oosterdam in February. One was Pinnacle Grill crab cakes and crème brûlée. The chef is a wonderful presenter. Unfortunately, the crab cakes are not to my taste. As a MDer, my crab cakes contain blue crab something to bind the crab meat together and Old Bay. These crab cakes had celery, onion, red pepper, thyme, chives and garlic. How could you even taste the crab meat?
  3. Quick post, I’m getting ready to leave for Ocean City. I will not celebrate anyone who censored Shakespeare’s works. We should all try to reach out to lonely people. @Haljo1935 I had an advantage fare on my SA & Antarctica cruise in January. I was unable to add HIA using the website but I called my PCC and she add it for me. Positive thoughts to all who need them. Cheers to those celebrating!
  4. Good Morning and thank you for the FR & D. Global Energy Independence Day promotes awareness for alternative forms of energy. The day offers opportunities to learn more about renewable forms of energy, such as solar, wind, and geothermal. Fossil fuels such as oil, coal, and gas will eventually run out. They also cause air and water pollution, land degradation, and global warming. These problems are motivating scientists to discover newer forms of energy that can be replenished. I had my students write a Clerihew to illustrate they understood the poets we were studying. Here’s one written by the originator, Edmund Clerihew Bentley Will someone write one for us today? Four line poem Rhyme scheme: aabb. First line is a person's full name. The final three lines sum up the person named in the first line in a humorous way. Positive thoughts for those who need them. Cheers to those celebrating.
  5. Sorry, I don’t know the answer but maybe this thread would help.
  6. Happy Tuesday! Another hot one, perfect day for a mojito. Aren’t they all made with mint? Unfortunately, most of us know someone who has suffered with breast cancer. No Bra Day is an annual observance on October 13 on which women are encouraged to go braless as a means to encourage breast cancer awareness. No Bra Day was initially observed on July 9, 2011, but within three years it had moved to the 13th day of the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, October. Please get your mammograms! Positive thoughts to all who need them. Cheers to those celebrating.
  7. I have never seen fresh mango or strawberry used in a daiquiri or margarita on a HAL ship. They have always come from a mix/ plastic carton (also the pina coladas).
  8. @grapau27 What is an English breakfast in the UK? This is what HAL serves I’ve enjoyed a butty (sandwich) while traveling but my favorite is a cheddar and chutney toastie (grilled cheese).
  9. They serve a “Full English Breakfast” on HAL which includes English Back bacon. It is also available in the Lido.
  10. Good Morning and thank you for all the info provided by the Fleet Report & Daily. I believe the quote means that we all have choices and that all our choices have consequences. BTW, the attribution of this quote to Wilde is probably a mistake. In 1927 Unitarian minister Charles Francis Potter said, “What you read when you don’t have to, determines what you will be when you can’t help it,” he was speaking about the importance of libraries. He felt libraries must be for the people and they must be accessible; he believed as much should be spent for the libraries as is for the streets. Positive thoughts to all who are struggling and those suffering from the consequences of extreme heat and hurricanes. Cheers for those celebrating.
  11. My DH wears a pair of black dockers, a dress shirt and a tie for dressy nights. Occasionally, if we are on a warm weather cruise, it is a collared shirt without a tie. No sports coat needed.
  12. It worked! My screen name is zero one zero six, which you can see in the drop down menu.
  13. @Haljo1935 Crepe myrtle bark shedding is a normal process. They are often prized because of the coloration that shows up on their wood once the bark is shed. The bark is supposed to shed, and after it is done shedding, the wood will look like a paint-by-number painting, making it particularly beautifully even in the winter when the leaves are gone.
  14. Happy Sunday! Thank you to all the regular posters, especially those who post port pictures. The shrimp with peanut dressing looks particularly good for such a hot day. I am going to try the last recipe tonight. Although @grapau27 has provided us with the historical definition of a dive bar, that is not the definition of today’s dive bar. When I travel I frequently visit dive bars because I prefer to meet local people, not other tourists. A dive bar opens early. They have cheap booze. No martinis, no Cosmos. Food is usually bags of pork rinds and pickled eggs in a jar on the bar top. They don't take credit cards. Your feet stick to the floor. Bathrooms are “memorable. They have Keno, a juke box, a pool table. There is probably a bar pet. The bartenders have been there for decades and know everyone. The customers are cold to you at first, but eventually warm up and like to talk when they realize you're "one of them." You get to hear many great stories. Listen. Enjoy. Positive thoughts to all who are struggling. Cheers to those who are celebrating.
  15. @cccoleHi Cherie- If you put the @ in front the person’s username you will see a drop down menu and you can click on their name to get the “blue bubble” and they will receive notifications that you were responding to them in your post. Sorry for the hijack, I hope to make it to Greenland in the near future!
  16. It is definitely a dwarf. Your canna looks similar to mine. I frequently bow to Jacqui’s expertise.🤣 It definitely freezes in MD but we didn’t get much snow last year. Honestly, I just dug a big hole and put all the soil from the planter in the ground without looking at the roots/bulb. I live in MD, it is not planted near my house. My wildflower garden is along the woods line. If someone gives me a perennial, I just plant it and hope for the best. Except for some minor weeding, I let nature take its course. Thanks for all of your comments! I love the ability to multi quote so that people who are not members of our garden club don’t have to wade through all of my posts.
  17. The flower resembles a canna but it is a short plant, less than 2 feet. Also, it is in my wildflower garden which I don’t water. Regardless, it is beautiful and I hope it returns every year.
  18. Oh my, it’s hot! Don’t know how those of you in the southwest survive the summer heat. At least my “tropical” flowers are doing well. Not even sure what this is…I took it from a planter that was going to be thrown into the trash at my parent’s over 55 community…planted it last Fall and crossed my fingers.Positive thoughts to all. Cheers to those celebrating!
  19. Here is Beverage Package list of included alcohol. My DH drinks old fashions. He asks for Buffalo Trace and if they are out of that Makers Mark and they are under $11. Knob Creek is over $11. Bourbons will vary by ship. They look like maraschino cherries to me. They still serve chile rellenos made with poblano peppers in the MDR. You should post on your Roll Call to see what other cruisers are doing- I find Trip Advisor gives excellent restaurant and tour recommendations. Another source is the Greek ports of call forum. Have a great cruise!
  20. @BermudaBound2014 I was all about the penguins, not hiking. My favorite tour was with adventurefalklands.com (formerly Patrick Watts' company, now owned Shaun Jaffray) I also enjoyed a completely different penguin experience with reservaelpedral.com in Puerto Madryn As far as hiking, in Ushuaia we used almacalma.net for an excellent tour of Tierra del Fuego (contact Nicolas Wolaniuk). In Puerto Montt puertomontt-excursiones.com (contact Denis Purtov) Let me know if I can help in any other way
  21. @BermudaBound2014 I recommend that you look at the January 2024 Oosterdam RollCalls for some tour contact info. I will go back and find my specific contacts for you when I get on my desktop.
  22. Was wonderful to see this thread pop back up on such a hot day! For those of you cruising to South America and Antarctica in December 24 & January/February 25, NOW is the time to book your tours. They fill up quickly!
  23. We will be at a BBQ this afternoon. Joey Chestnut will not compete at Nathan's hot dog eating contest because he signed an endorsement deal with Impossible Foods, a brand that sells meat substitutes. Competitive eaters at the Nathan's contest cannot endorse hot dogs other than Nathan's, which sponsors the contest on the Fourth. Thank you for the pictures of Gibraltar. I am looking forward to our visit there in 2025 with many from the Daily. I did reply to the “other” thread. I tried to help a new HAL cruiser who seemed very worried about her upcoming cruise because of the thread. She seemed grateful. This is aquafaba; when the liquid from a can of beans is whipped, it resembles egg whites. Since many do not like raw egg in their drink , it is a common substitute. Sending positivity to all. Cheers!
  24. I look at my statement on the Navigator App every morning. (You can also view it on your TV.) If there is an error, I use the “Let Us Know” feature on the app to report it. I never go to Guest Services. I have had 2 billing errors in the past two years after cruising 65 days. 14 day cruise on Nieuw Statendam in March 2024- no errors 22 day cruise on Oosterdam in February 2024-charged for a drink, I had HIA package, charge was removed in am 15 day cruise on Rotterdam in October 2023-charged full price for a drink over $11, corrected in am 14 day cruise on Rotterdam in March 2023- no errors BTW- I use the Let Us Know feature every night to compliment at least one crew member who has made my day special. I have complimented servers and state room attendants but I also get the names of people who are cleaning the staircase and refilling the bathroom towels if they have been particularly kind or pleasant to me. They usually thank me the next day.
  25. Club Orange can move from the least expensive inside cabin to the most expensive inside cabin. CO does not move you up to a higher category such as ocean view. The main reason I book CO is for the cabin upgrade although I like the private CO dining room on the Pinnacle ships. I would not pay for CO simply for priority tendering. Have you checked to see if CO is still available? It sells out quickly.
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