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  1. bring magnetic hooks and a light weight solid color shower curtain . It can be hung from the ceiling for privacy for sleeping and even dressing . Very easy to draw open and closed.. Not a hook for every hole in the curtain though. I would suggest 3
  2. I got two no s before I got a yes. Others on our cruise said there was none
  3. We were there 2 weeks ago on the Silohette and found the Nexus line. No one seemed to know that it existed but we kept asking. same line as use by wheel chairs at the far end
  4. As a Canadian we have our own which is REAL to us . Others countries have Harvest Fest etc. I doubt they are thinking that the American dinner would be real..lol
  5. There are people from many countries sailing and this holiday is just American
  6. you are limited to what you get free with the basic package and may possibly pay extra for some drinks. My liquor is always taken from me and I have never had a BP. My friend who was boarding with me kept his bottles and had a BP
  7. They probably think you will drink your purchases . If so then they will be serving you far less liquor which is at their expense when you have the premium package. Smart move on their part!
  8. There has been speculation that some keep wine they buy in port and perhaps these are people with beverage packages.. Think about it . If you drink your own then Celebrity saves money. My wine was taken from me and returned on the last day and I have never had a package
  9. We took our bottle to the lawn along with a couple of those fleece blankets and cheese and crackers and had a nice 'picnic'.
  10. Don't want to miss Kirkwall as I have a cousin there. He is wanting to meet up with us and show us his homeland!
  11. Hopefully since the cruise is in August there won't be a weather issue. I can easily rent a car in Boston to get home and actually have family just outside the city who would be delighted if we stayed with them. I cannot imagine the situation of having the issue of the family moving to Bermuda!
  12. Talked to Captains Club and they said no problem... but of course follow the process. Of course I want back on the ship for Happy Hour and dinner as it sails at 7:30 pm Pier 21 is very emotional and we are proud of it
  13. So true.. I will do that as well . I know the cruise is a log way off but part of the attraction of this one is not needing to fly home!
  14. I called a number given to me but it seemed a generic department. I will try again tomorrow. I will also email with the link you provided.. Thanks
  15. Immigration and customs are one in Canada and it is customs who need to be there when we take our luggage off
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