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  1. We don't gain. Eating unhealthy foods or over eating results in a reduction in energy and possibly indigestion. We want to feel vibrant at every moment while on any vacation so we are careful about food choices. We are not losing out on anything,.. The food is prepped for us and the dishes taken away.. Such a treat in itself!!
  2. every room category can be bid on once you are booked. This is in case of cancellations
  3. Bothe ships are very good. Reflection is newer. Dining room max for a table is 10 so you will need 2 tables No splash pools and only children who are 100% toilet trained are allowed in pools . No swim diapers allowed
  4. I am booked on this one . Very high priced at the moment
  5. Yes, you can make reservations but there is a cut off for the # of people as they must leave a percent of tables open for those who show up for the 'open' time aspect. We ran into this on the Eclipse. The reservation allotment was filled and we were told to show up and get in line. If you have a time you want for any nights then book early to avoid this issue
  6. We all have different shopping habits..lol. We usually tour a couple of days pre-cruise. We don't buy souvenirs with things written on them. Sometimes nothing and like last cruise a few things for Christmas gifts. This added quite a bit of weight. Plus if one needs to put a liquor purchase in luggage it sky rockets
  7. Yes they are taking space on all S class ships for a private suite area
  8. Yes I see this listed on every Celebrity ship.
  9. What ship? CC class on S ships can be under the OVC and it is very noisy. We had to move cabins
  10. many people waiting for the rental car shuttles have not pre booked the cars. If you have, then as soon as the shuttle pulls up wave your papers to get the attention of the driver. Those with booked cars get on first. Works for us!
  11. Yes they know and you should get a B2B OBC. Check ahead to make sure it is put on your account
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