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  1. It makes sense as you could have been in contact while travelling to Bahamas and it would not show same day
  2. With the right mask glasses will not fog. It requires the metal over the nose which you bend to shape each wear. I have made many like this and people love them and I get lovely thank you notes. Now I really do not enjoy making them but seem to have fallen into this.
  3. I can only get it on Chrome. Will not work on my other browser
  4. I fully get all the restrictions and see the exceptions.. Well , I live in what was a covid free province. A 20 year old with a student visa arrived in Halifax from the USA to drive to PEI late June. A car came for him and he was to do a 14 day isolation. he did not have his papers in order was was driven back to Halifax. The other 2 people in the car now have covid as do some of their contacts. ( they isolated after being in the car but family bringing food caught it) He stayed here and did NOT isolate. he is now in isolation under federal authority and the contact tracing has begun. It only takes ONE !! The Canadian border is tightening more now. Everyone just needs to stay home !!
  5. It actually does for anyone with a thyroid disorder which is not balanced.. overactive.. Mine is this way at the moment so as soon as I get in the heat my temp goes up. It is not as fast as I would like coming down
  6. LOL.. I don't think that hot dogs are traditional foods fare for anything except kids b-day barbecues or American ball games. We always barbecue or picnic and families have their own traditions. Many here in Nova Scotia end the meal with strawberry shortcake as it is prime strawberry season Does July 4th have a traditional food?
  7. We would love lost of visitors.. but no covid. Can't have my grandkids this summer as they are in the Ottawa area
  8. after a port stop in Rome we planned a week precruise the next time. Fabulous old city to explore. We want to return to the Amalfi Coast. We want to explore British Columbia as we live in Nova Scotia. This summer we ill explore more at home where we are now covid free
  9. wow.. you really need to be able to collect power up points. have you tried calling Captains Club? I suspect that it is too late for the first 2 offers
  10. I just hope that this is weekly. It will get me to Elite Plus sooner.. maybe 4 x2 week cruises and these points. If it gets me there one cruise sooner it will be worth it. Too bad that this week was only 1 point
  11. May be sold out due to the lift and shift where people booked this summer can switch to the same cruise next summer. My Aug 2021 cruise is down to 11% cabins left.
  12. Interesting that when I filled it out yesterday is was for 10,000 and 1 cc point. How did I miss out on 2 CC points?/ the one is good as I was at 579. Maybe it will get me to elite plus one cruise sooner. At the rate we are now cruising this may take a long time
  13. I depends on the cruise. There will be no discounts when the cruise is selling well
  14. We all need to suck it up and stay home!! There is no cv19 in PEI and very little in NS where we want none. One person brought into NB where it had cleared up and it and it is starting to spread there again! It only takes one. Our borders are closed! Our businesses are slowly opening. No cruises ships here in Halifax is another blow to our economy but cv19 again will be worse
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