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  1. The meat being rare would have been the request of the diner.You will be given a choice
  2. gold1953


    You need to call your TA or if you booked direct the Celebrity. You can also book online
  3. Best to call and have him set up under your status so that his points are set to your equal yours. He will then be collecting towards the next level which cannot be achieved through RCL status
  4. He is Elite because you are . A spouse living at the same address will take your status . He does not need to have ever sailed on any line.
  5. There are more people booking for a lower price with non refundable deposits
  6. it is refundable until before the 90 days. You must pay the full amount of the cruise by that date .It then falls into the list above
  7. The refund is as listed above .. full amount only up to 90 days before the cruise and then less as it gets closer
  8. We have seen Atlantis and it was amazing to tour . We have used public beaches and 2 issues .. the vendors would NOT get out of our face while we were sitting on the beach. 2 even had a fight in front of us .. fighting over whose customer were but we told both we were not buying!! Also watch the undertow.. seriously . A fit young saxophone player who was employed on our ship drowned!!! he was not in deep water
  9. Yes this is s serious issue but the ban on wood products has been a law for many years . 17 years ago my 4 year old grandson's drum was taken at customs because there was a knot on the wood
  10. I see that a link has been posted. I am in Canada and I know they look for any knot I the wood or tiny hole as these made hide insects. You will need to read the details for your country
  11. Check the regulations about importing wood. It may have to be completely unblemished and treated
  12. The way they now work the Elite priority is as others say .. go to a meeting point when you want to get off the ship. The host escorts you to the tender and ….. yes puts you in the front of the line.. So people with tickets for the tender # that is boarding may not get that boat. The last time we did this we did bump people off the tender.
  13. Yes this is the way it is
  14. Elite and higher status get priority as do suites. Tours booked through the cruiseline do as well. CC class does not. Tender tickets are passed out but you very likely will not get on one of the first tenders as they will line the booked tours up and the early tenders go after this process. They are led out in a group ahead of tender #s. Also CC class gets priority embarking .. not at ports of call , just when you initially check in. Bets to change the time of your private tour
  15. We often stay in casual dress and even skip the MDR. Yes most are in dining attire and you will be the odd one out.
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