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  1. It usually means that they are working on it but seems early. Try again later
  2. no idea but to their advantage
  3. they would have to be across the hall .. hence 'inside'
  4. perhaps your coffee shop only takes the real Zenith cards .
  5. I have had it taken from me. If you have a drink package it is to their advantage to let you keep it as it saves them money when you drink your own.
  6. I didn't receive one and was able to bid
  7. a spouse at the same address gets same status including all perks. A random person in your cabin only gets admission to events.
  8. that is normal. The concern here is that his status comes from RCCL
  9. many of these cabins are deck 12 under the buffet and can be very noisy starting at 4am.. been there done that. Once the bid goes through you don't have a choice. You should know the cabin number very soon. Check your APP as it may be showing there, If there are still open cabins call and see if you can swap but you must stay in CC class at this point
  10. depends on how many empty cabins. We got one 30 days before and another 2 days. They do the higher level cabins first and work their way down
  11. being an extra 5 feet away won't change the noise level
  12. The space between beds is barely enough to walk through. All they do is move one of the narrow night tables between the beds. Assuming the ceiling is metal as in all the other class ships ( need confirmed) you can bring magnet hooks and a fabric shower curtain to hang between beds for privacy
  13. Not possible to transfer a deposit on one cruise to another already booked cruise. When you made the deposits and then booked the cruises conditions are set. You may be able to move the deposit to a new cruise but there may be a $100 penalty so you will lose that $100 unless you chose the refundable price for the cruise. So first thing you must do is check the terms under which you booked your cruises. This rules.
  14. your don't need to transfer . The other person just logs in on their device with your info
  15. Most people I know don't want scented products
  16. not allowed to take on the ship, wine only as per rules on your cruise contract
  17. the info was wrong. Last time is likely 9:30 and that is pushing it. Often the call comes by 9am
  18. We have sent laundry first day a few times and took 48 hours . Basic laundry is 2 day unless you pay extra for the 24 hour service. Timing depends on how many Elite and up are on board getting their free laundry. Last cruise ours took 72 hours due to the high numbers using the service
  19. Just being able to cruise is special. Just look around you and be thankful!
  20. One name on the booking must remain the same. Tough lesson learned crap happens when we least expect it.
  21. after several go green cruises , I can say they still turn the bed down, empty the garbage and replace wet towels
  22. well , after 22 Celebrity cruises we had the bed by the veranda only twice and loved it until the 2nd time. To get to the bathroom in the night we needed to drag the little table into the corner by the closet so we don't trip over it and pivot the TV back against the wall so we don't walk into that either. so forgot the table one night this year and hubby trips over it knocking the vase of flowers to the floor. Of course it smashed and he got glass in his hand. Blood on carpet , counter and down the cupboard door. Then when I woke again later I didn't have shoes near the bed and had to make my way bare foot over the carpet whilst praying I wouldn't get splinters of glass in my feet. Poor room steward had extra cleaning that morning!!
  23. no scam at all. I agreed to the points for less service. I have never seen a difference in what was done in my cabin. I disagree with the staff being given more work
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