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  1. Reyno is currently on vacation but I don't think he's coming back to the Symphony. Gosh, I can't remember where he told me he was going.
  2. The open deck behind Boleros is also a smoking section on the Empress.
  3. Call your TA tomorrow. Maybe there are Central Park Balconies. Or maybe you are booked in a group and there is still inventory in the category that you want. Either way, your travel agent is the one who will be able to help you.
  4. Additional Info: John Denton does 2 months on Empress and 2 months on Grandeur. Julie Young is from Cambridge and the Empress is her assigned ship. Keith Murphy will go to the Independence some time next month ( the last I heard).
  5. I added Julie Young to the Empress. She and John Denton alternate on the NE. Also, I deleted Santiago from the Mariner as he is the Island Manager for Coco Cay. I'm not sure who is HD on the Mariner now.
  6. Symphony - Suite Lounge is Rahul Barua and Francisco Dean. Jenny Pasemba is in the Diamond Lounge
  7. They start boarding at 10:30... 10:45 at the latest. Rooms don't open until 1:00.
  8. Navigator - Farrah is home for a family situation. Grecia Guillen is in the Diamond Lounge Andrea is still in the Suite Lounge
  9. If you are referring to Andrea, she used to be a concierge on the Voyager which was doing Asia. They have a team of concierges on the Asian sailings and they are called "Golden Concierge". She is now in the suite lounge on the Navigator.
  10. No, I had a January 2020 Cuba cruise booked. They cancelled the booking and issued me a FCC. I took a while for them to get to the 2020 bookings since they repriced all of the 2019 sailings first.
  11. Navigator: Suite Lounge is Andrea Juhasz and the Diamond Lounge has Farrah.
  12. Gisleni has been promoted to Asst Front Desk Manager and is on her way to the Independence to start her new assignment. Fabio and Francisco are the concierges now for the Freedom.
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