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  1. K&D, I don't believe they are affected by the virus. What you are looking at in the picture is a swarm. You need to capture them and have your own free, fresh, honey (with a whole lotta work). FWIW: My wife is the Queen (Apiarist and President of our local bee club). Never kill a honey bee. Your future food supply depends on them!
  2. Princess has always been great for providing OBC for military and it is available on every cruise. You just need to apply to get it. Today I received a message from Cunard in appreciation for military on Memorial Day. Cunard is offering the same OBC as Princess. Does anyone know if this is a permanent change in policy to align with the Princess military offer? And coincidentally, I now see Princess and Cunard offices at the same address in California. In speaking to representatives there, they refer to themselves as Princess/Cunard. I know that the two are both under the Carnival Corp. umbrella. I'm wondering if this is a result of the virus and is temporary and if the OBC is a new realignment in military OBC programs. Can anyone shed light on this?
  3. Mic, Where are you going in November? We're on the Infinity on 11-16-20. I'm optomistic. I really believe it's going to happen. We might miss some ports, but I feel certain that it will be a 'go'. I would sure like to see you again and visit further. I hope you and the Mrs. are doing well.
  4. Another consideration: Even if you tested negative, you must also consider the error rate of your test. There have been errors of 30%-40%. So how accurate is your test? Also, even if you had a 100% guaranteed negative test, as soon as you make contact with anyone thereafter, you have reintroduced the possibility of an infection from that point. All this makes it virtually impossible for anyone to state that they are not infected. You may feel great but you never know if you are carrying the virus and infecting others even though you are feeling well. Since a 100% guaranteed negative test, one would need to immediately go into isolation with absolutely no human contact to continue to say (with reasonable certainty) that they are not infected. Remember: Taking a test does NOT guarantee future immunity regardless of test results.
  5. That sounds like your safest bet. How many other contacts (possibly infected) has your barber made prior to cutting your hair? How many of those might have been carrying the virus without symptoms? Also if your barber, etc. tested negative yesterday for the virus, they could be carrying it today via subesequent contact with others. Just a suggestion: Before she cuts your hair, make sure she wears a mask and maintains a 6 foot distance when she cuts! I hear that is what other barbers are now doing. BTW: How long are her arms? P.S. Sorry I couldn't make the 'row in' yesterday.
  6. Betty, Thank you for your reply. Yesterday I also received a reply from my TA who checked with RC on the cabin size of 4605 on the Empress of the Seas. RC has confirmed that the size is 144 sf for that cabin. Still small but certainly bigger than the standard Inney at 117 sf.
  7. Interesting. Was the stylist also six feet away from you while cutting your hair? And six feet away from his last customer? And the one prior to that? Had the stylist been tested to be free of the virus prior to cutting your hair? Still not infected? When did you get tested to confirm that? You seem very certain about many events that have not been proven by your comments.
  8. How dense the population is...in not following the recommended protocols for prevention! i.e., hand washing, weaing face masks , social distancing, etc.
  9. Tony, As a fellow captain and sailor, I would like to invite you aboard my rowboat for a cruise and cocktails. I would certainly hope that out of courtesy and respect for a fellow sailor, you would be willing to reciprocate. Please advise.
  10. I'm not an M.D. or an epidemiologist a statistician, clergyman or a politician. I don't have all the vast information that they have when they make their decisions. As a consequence, I try to accept their decisions as to what is best for my health and safety because they have the education and experience in their respective fields. If you want to endanger your health, then that is your business. But if you want to endanger my health because your irresponsible behavior, then it becomes my problem. I think your questions could better be answered by those experts mentioned above rather than here in a cruise forum. All you'll get here are opinions and very few actual facts . You have a good and healthy day.
  11. I just had my donkey's hooves trimmed a couple days ago. Church is available either in your car in the parking lot or inside with masks and proper social distancing. It's probably safer than going to Walmart and rubbing elbows with many others who refuse to wear masks and refuse to practice social distancing because it's their 'right' to infect others. There is no test to see if one is carrying the virus and consequently spreading it to others. Continue with this attitude and we will soon see the second wave of this pandemic.
  12. Haircuts for dogs but not for people? Is that what you call slowly moving forward?
  13. Would you like to see a picture of my rowboat? Not quite as fancy and it is powered by a Minnkota and a deep cycle battery and is a full eight feet long. It replaced my 30 foot Capedory cutter I lost in Katrina. No more slip fees, haul out fees , bottom jobs, zincs, maintenance, insurance, etc. etc. It is actally an 8' Jon boat I use to cruise on my pond
  14. Totally agree. Everyone has heard the phrase 'old and wise'. But few realize that there is a corrolary to that. It is, 'young and dumb'. When you're young and dumb you think you are invincable and nothing can ever happen to you. So you do many stupid things. As you age ( if you live through the y&d stage) you learn along the way and generally lead a more conservative (and safer) lifestyle finally reaching the 'old and wise' stage. Yes, there are exceptions, but I think in general this is true. At 71, and after many 'y&d' close calls I've learned much. I'm certainly not going to return to the 'y&d' mode from here on! Life is too precious.
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