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  1. The rain stopped here and the hurricane turned east and missed us entirely with no subsequent rain. Unfortunately it hit Mobile and Pensacola. I heard they were expecting as much as 30" of rain with massive flooding. Bring down the 'rowboat' Tony! They'll need it! Keep them in your prayers.
  2. We could send you up to 10" of rain but you really don't need to send us any fire in exchange. We also expect to have 100mph winds but you probably don't need that either. Poor Louisianna just had Hurricane Laura and now they may get Sally also. NOLA may be in big trouble again. We have a tentative direct hit on Gulfport/Biloxi but these things can change in a few hours. And then there's the Corona virus. It all certainly keeps life interesting.
  3. Down here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast: Battening down the hatches, getting the flashlights out, putting raingear on, putting boots on and getting the rowboat (not Tony's size) prepped. Can't run. Don't know where to run to at this point so we have to stay put and hope for the best. Raining now. Huricane Sally coming in! Did Katrina 15 years ago so we have some idea of what to expect. Wish us luck.
  4. "destroy public property" ? 'table linens" ? "Kansass" ? What we have here is a failure to communicate.
  5. Tony, This whole story sounds a little 'fishy' to me!
  6. I'm going anyway. My wife says I am very immature and that I should act my age. I qualify and if I don't get my way, I'll hold my breath!
  7. Dimmit Tony! Don't give them any more ideas! They may take you up on it. BTW: I'm still waiting for my interest free loans with no definite repayment date. In this age of computerization, why can't refunds be made instantly? They can accept new cruise deposits instantly. Sorry, I don't buy the lame 'Covid" excuse anymore. That excuse is wearing very thin.
  8. Yes. Of course! You must first fill out a SOLAS Form SOL 4875639462, in triplicate. Submit it to the regional SOLAS office and get approval to remove the dishes. If you don't do this or do not get preapproval, you are subject to 15 years imprisonment and a fine of $50,000 (US). If you are one who chooses to disregard and place dishes in the hallway, please bear in mind that you are endangering other's lives in case there is an emergency evacuation. Imagine an evacuation crowd tripping over your dishes and falling on broken glass. PLEASE BE CONSIDERATE! Tnis is not a part of a joke.
  9. You forgot to mention the need to dodge dirty dishes left in the hallways. BTW: It's also against the law to do this. SOLAS
  10. I wish I could get an interest free loan with no requirements for a pay back date.
  11. I don't believe anything US News says. I much prefer to rely on social media for my news.
  12. Wow! If it was confirmed on social media, then it must absolutely be true! Thanks for this valuable info!
  13. My comment (#451) regarding masks was made in general and not to anyone specifically. Just as this comment is made. I quoted no one and made reference to no one.
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