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  1. It will be interesting to learn what the plan is, hopefully there will be an announcement soon.
  2. Looks like Freeport. Someone else just confirmed it.
  3. Completely agree. I love OC because it’s not like the other cruise line’s islands. That’s what people are saying on this other site, that’s why I asked him to post a pic of the email. I then realized he didn’t book on the US site so maybe that’s the difference. Maybe the MSCUSA side of the company hasn’t caught up yet.
  4. This same person posted a screen shot of the email but it’s not in English
  5. Only thing I thought of was maybe they’re finally going to work on the channel to accommodate the new “World” ship?
  6. Had the same experience on Divina in January. On our cruise the passenger’s poor behavior and downright rudeness made the party crowd on Carnival look like rookies. MSC seems to be attracting these folks in droves. I’m reading this daily on other social media sites. It’s been 6 months and my husband still won’t even entertain the thought of giving MSC out of the US another try. (It was our third MSC cruise and the first two were excellent.)
  7. Has anyone received an email from MSC about this?
  8. Sure, I can’t speak to what happened later in the day but for us it was a great experience. Our check in time was between 10:30-11:00 and we were on board before 11:30. It was so much better than last year, much more organized. Haven and Suite pax boarded first.
  9. I’ve cruised NCL since they put fans on the prohibited list but my USB powered fan was allowed.
  10. You would have loved our fried rice at Tappanyaki on Pearl last month! Our chef was awesome and everything was delicious! IMG_7915.mov Here’s a video of him starting the rice and adding a LOT of garlic!
  11. Yesterday I read a thread on here from someone cruising NCL and there were signs that alcohol wouldn’t be served while in Southhampton because of local laws. It sounds like it’s not just Southhampton after reading your review. We don’t buy the drink package as we’re not huge drinkers but we do enjoy getting a drink when we board with our lunch. Will have to scratch NCL for our 2024 European cruise as I’m not seeing this mentioned on other line’s boards. Is this exclusive to NCL and them not wanting to pay a tax? Seems they could just pass the tax on to the consumer instead of just forgoing it altogether. Sorry to hear you were disappointed. We’ve enjoyed the food on our last two Pearl cruises.
  12. I think when someone says “show” we’re talking about the entertainment in the Stardust Theater. On our sailing this year it was a little lacking. Spinnaker on our sailing did game shows and the Glow Party and a lot of Funky Roots band nights. That was only the second sailing so it sounds like they’re adding more variety in the Spinnaker which is good
  13. Any guess as to why the Captain appears to be AWOL? Last year they were still keeping the officers away from the general population because of Covid but at least we heard announcements from him and his name was listed on the program. This year nothing.
  14. Ours too! We were considering driving to NY next year for our Bermuda cruise as we’ve been on Pearl twice but now I’m looking forward to trying Gem from Boston.
  15. I don’t understand why this is becoming common ground on their ships. I agree…we’ve sailed Carnival many many times in the past when our kids were young and while there were some party-ers who drank too much it was nothing compared to the rude jerks on our cruise. On Carnival they were the minority on Divina they were the majority and it wasn’t fun. It’s a real shame that adults act like this.
  16. Ugh I’m sorry to hear this. What is happening? Just came back from NCL to Bermuda a few weeks ago and saw none of that…and we had a sold out ship during school vacation. I don’t get it. Having said that one week on NCL was more $$ than our 2 weeks on MSC and we did not have the drink package on NCL.
  17. I really think it was the super low pricing which included the all in alcohol. What we paid for 2 weeks all in was half the price of other lines we looked at.
  18. I’m glad to know this going forward. Thank you!
  19. Our Pearl cruise last month with our 9 yr old grandson “Free at Sea” for 3 of us was $457 more when the drink package was chosen as one of the perks. When I questioned the TA he priced it out without our grandson and it went down to around $314 I can’t remember the exact amount. TA checked with NCL and was told child would get the non alcoholic or whatever they call it package if we chose drinks as one of our “free at sea” perks. NCL rep told TA we couldn’t choose it for just the 1st and 2nd person that all 3 of us would be charged accordingly. We ended up not getting the drink package at all as we had a lot of OBC from TA and knew we wouldn’t drink $457 worth of beverages. I’m glad we went that route as our bill at the end was only for the balance of my grandson’s service charge as ours was paid by TA. Have things changed since last month or did we just get an I’ll informed NCL rep?
  20. Your entertainment was pretty much the same as ours. I am anxious to see what will happen next year when a different ship will be doing the Boston to Bermuda schedule. I think because Pearl is used for music charters all winter they tend to bring on some of the same entertainment every year. We saw Seaside Duo, Funky Roots and Legends on Pearl to Bermuda in 2022 so it was all very repetitive for us this time.
  21. The lack of common courtesy from many passengers is the main reason I cannot get my husband to book another MSC cruise from the US. He is open to booking another one from Europe though as our experience was very different so I’m currently searching for something before he changes his mind. Unfortunately I’m reading daily negatives about passenger behavior (especially out of Miami) on other sites.😏
  22. Hi, Thank you for reminding me to update I completely forgot I’m sorry about that. After researching our options we ended up using the cruise plan through our cell service provider. It was $100 for a month and Divina was included in their list of 175 cruise ships. It was much less expensive doing it this way for the 14 day cruise and it worked pretty well. We have AT&T
  23. @Barb Nahoumi List of officers on this program but no mention of the Captain. I honestly couldn’t tell you who he is or if we even had a captain. lol (just kidding I know there had to be one) 😊
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