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  1. We need to try to keep "rumors" off Cruise Critic.
  2. Ha! I've got you beat, have been waiting since early April for our refund.
  3. Exact same scenario with us. And what is so maddening to us is that we're talking about thousands of dollars. Is this even legal?
  4. Same thing happened to us, and yes we now have to wait another 60 days.
  5. Six weeks after having requested a refund, I received a FCC certificate. When I called I was told they have no evidence of my request and that it will now take another 30-45 days to receive my refund. They are obviously playing games with us.
  6. Celebrity cancelled our April 21 sailing and we requested a full refund. Today we received an email informing us they have issued us a FCC. Looks like we now will have hours on the phone to try to get the refund.
  7. The one time we asked our butler to unpack, we could tell he was not happy about it. Boarding day has enough for them to do.
  8. We've been doing Holland America's 2 new ships.
  9. Well I love to hear I'm the younger generation! We're 70 and love, love BB Kings and Rolling Stone. It's the reason we have been booking less Celebrity and more HAL.
  10. We have done Sky Suites many times but have come to decide they're not really worth the extra cost. In our opinion, the only thing they have going for them is Luminae and the extra space. You could eat in Murano every night with the savings from a veranda, and I love the cozy feeling in the smaller room.
  11. Now I've seen it all, in this fractured society we are all living in. People that are proud to hate Oprah. I'm sick of it, keep your hate to yourselves. And yes, the culture is so shallow that it is obsessed with celebrities.
  12. My husband's suit was pretty much ruined. Don't send anything that you value very much.
  13. In our experience, there is a difference in what to expect from a sky suite butler and a higher category suite butler.
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