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  1. When did a cruise in Japan. we only used a credit card to pay. Did not exchange money. Had tickets to a Suma Wrestle event but bought them on line at home. Stopped in South Korea and was able to use a credit card to buy lunch at a train station. Have a wonderful time
  2. I like to ask what cruises they have been on as I always come up with a new idea of where to travel next
  3. We use both beds as singles and push them to opposite walls. Gives a very nice path down the middle of room.
  4. When we were in Japan, we went to see Sumo Wrestling. Bought tickets on line, got a cab there and back from terminal. Very easy to do and we had a wonderful time.
  5. We love to cruise but with old age creeping up on us, we find doing excursions difficult. We are looking for cruises that we can see lots from our balcony making the long flight there and back worthwhile. We have done the Norwegian Fjords, Prince Christian Sound in Greenland. Any other ideas?
  6. It is the level of seating in the plane. From economy .....tight seating and very little perks... to premium ...roomier seats and a few more perks... to Business Class ... lots of room and lots of perks. Perks can be luggage, quality of food, early boarding etc.
  7. What phone number to use in case family needs to contact you in case of an emergency during a cruise? Is it one number for all HAL boats or a specific one per boat?
  8. trtog7

    Entry fee

    Thank you for the information. Will now look forward to being in Cartagena for a few hours
  9. I exited the Rotterdam in Rotterdam on embarkation/deparkation day last year. THey give a card and when you return to the ship you show them the card and then get on the ship. No fuss no muss
  10. trtog7

    Entry fee

    My TA got in touch with HAL this morning and they say no form or fee but things could change at any time.
  11. trtog7

    Entry fee

    Is this a fee we have to pay even if we do not get off the boat? Most countries want you to have a Visa even if you stay on the boat be cause you are in their waters. Need to do this no earlier than 72 hours before we arrive in Columbia. At that time, we will be in Fort Lauderdale and I would rather not put my credit card out through hotel wifi
  12. trtog7

    Entry fee

    Found a website that says there is an entry fee of $85 to Columbia. Anyone have any knowledge of this fee. We will beon a cruise stopping at Columbia dor about 5 hours. Feels like a hefty fee for that short time
  13. I think I am on their actual cruise line websites to get the information I want
  14. When I am looking for a cruise to book, I like surfing cruise lines websites to see what is offered, ports of call, available cabins etc. Sometimes this means you have to partially fill out information on a "booking". Very often this results in phone calls from company. Tried with one company to mark my phone number as "do not call". They said they were not able to do so.
  15. Does HAL give you water to take off the ship on an excursion ....free or paid for....... or do you rely on Excursion guide to supply water. If not on excursion do you have to buy water to take with you?
  16. What do you do if you do not have a smart phone?
  17. I wrote the President for a different refund that I was having trouble getting and got a larger amount as OBC.
  18. I have a hot water bottle I take on cruises. You can always get hot water from room service.
  19. Does Zaandam still offer self serve laundry? If so I will bring a lot less clothes
  20. Had trouble with Customer Service in the past. Was trying to get a refund for charge on on board account. Finally sent an email to president of company and after months all was sorted out Good Luck
  21. We are booked for a HAL cruise in Jan. and have an OBC for the cruise. Should it show on my account on Navigator already?
  22. I would not buy WIFI at all. Have found that a lot of time at sea it is not available or when it is too many people using itand it is slooow. Most ports have free wifi if all you want to do is check emails. You would have to forgo emails on sea days
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