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  1. Pre Covid embarkation day we would always be offered a specialty restaurant discount by the buffet for the first night. Sometimes they offered us a 30 or 40% discount. We were usually able to negotiate a BOGO (50% off). We told them never mind if they didn't budge. Sometimes they had to check with their supervisor before being able to grant it. Obviously I don't know how it is post Covid, however we found before, that if SP restaurant bookings were down, they'd offer discounts on successive nights. With the ships sailing at low occupant rates, that may work in your favor. I wonder if they'd negotiate a dinning package once on board under current conditions? Maybe someone who's sailed recently, might have an experience.
  2. I just called Azamara to ask them when the online check-in will be available because I booked a cruise less than 60 days out. She told me two weeks before the cruise.
  3. Is this a case of those who can, cruise and those who can't PUP?
  4. If you love the R class ships and a foodie, you'll probably really like Azamara. They're all R class ships with elevated food and service.
  5. There is a way of getting extra OBC just not the shareholder benefit. It's called using a TA that rebates on their commission. The one I use now will send me a check after the cruise for those lines which don't let you redeem their OBC for cash.
  6. I didn't explain it properly. I knew what was in my head but y'all didn't lol The initial $300 was a perk I booked under also with unlimited wifi, grats and premium liquor as listed on my confirmation. Then was added $100 shareholder for 7 days. I don't know what the extra $50 is for that was added to my account after the confirmation. However it may have something to do with about being after final payment on an earlier cruise that got canceled so they gave me the $50 for the lift and shift? My TA and her Celebrity rep couldn't figure it out. Who knows why Celebrity does what they do? This was before their brilliant AI promotion where they figured they could charge people for what they were giving them as free perks to book. A lot of people aren't the wiser. The $666 FCC was actually cash I had paid on my credit card but they took it off my booking from cash in the L&S, then gave it back to me as FCC and applied it back to my sailing. It's their voodoo economics during the pandemic.
  7. I definitely agree with Ipeeinthepools about double checking your reservation. I haven't booked directly with Celebrity for I can't remember how long. My TA makes it very easy to understand what's included. Here's a partial shot of our7 night Feb Apex sailing in an aft facing S1. The larger OBC is from our TA and gets refunded in cash at customer service. I don't sent it to the credit card so I can keep the 3% cash back reward. The other is from Celebrity and goes to my DW. Celebrity's website shows I'm actually getting $450 from them for shareholder benefit and $50 more for I don't know what. But I don't look a gift horse in the mouth. When our TA places us a group, she tells me and there's extra ROBC
  8. My wife says that a lot too. So does my patrol partner 🤣
  9. I've never seen where Celebrity lets you click on their website to obtain your guest copy. I suggest what Dave may have been clicking on was his email attachment of the confirmation.
  10. My current TA lists all of the perks from them and Celebrity on their PDF confirmation. You should be able to request your TA send you a copy of the Celebrity guest copy. Mine does when i ask. I USED to use a huge online TA who's invoices never included the perks on it. They also charged a cancellation fee for their agency. I haven't used them for many years. I never trusted them after they stuck my credit card for a cancellation fee four months AFTER the insurance paid and closed out the claim. Otherwise I could have been reimbursed. My current TA does not charge cancellation fees.
  11. Our passports didn't expire until June '22 either but with the nightmare stories, we figured why wait. Our next cruise is Feb '22 to Caribbean then Mia to Montreal in May '22. We just went ahead and did it feeling better to be safe than face anxiety. It's good for another 10 years. You might consider expediting the renewal. Or as DaveFr suggested, make the call to find out how Regent will handle it.
  12. Thankx. Now I understand. It's like them saying Celebrity is a luxury cruise line. 🙄
  13. I'm curious which drinks you believe are premium? None of the spirits appear to me to even be better than the bar brands they served in the classic package.
  14. Mr_T, TYVM for such an informative review with pics. It's interesting to see your take on the IV vs. Sky suite and MDRs vs. Luminae. I'm encouraged because we'll be on APEX this February. It will be our first SS and first E class sailing. Perhaps my tainted Celebrity experiences of a few years ago will evolve due to the new ship and quality. So again TY.
  15. The only thing that Celebrity does for The only thing Celebrity Immersions themselves into is your pocketbook. I agree, they can claim they do destination immersion all they want but repeating the marketing lie doesn't make it true.
  16. I mailed off our passport renewals on August 20 to TX. The new ones were issued September 10. I can't complain.
  17. y'all should read the book, "Who Moved My Cheese." You might see yourself in it. lol
  18. When our TA sends me our booking confirmation, it breaks out the amounts included for the air and the pre cruise hotel. That's what the fare was reduced when I later declined the air and hotel on one of our cruises.
  19. I was told there has to be at least 90 minutes gap between the end of the first excursion and the beginning of the second one. I don't believe the excursion selections, when they open, will allow you to book multiple port tours if there isn't the proper time between them.
  20. Your last sentence makes a good point. Just because someone is booked in a suite, that doesn't mean they have to eat breakfast in Aqualina. I agree I would prefer the outside and wouldn't want to confine myself to the limited menu or segregate if we were in a suite either. But what about all the perks people in suites receive that guests in lower categories don't? Should they all be removed to make some people who don't books suites feel better?
  21. I don't think of it as making it a two class ship. I see it as a perk in a regular area of the ship for passengers who paid a lot extra for their cabins. Just as there are also perks based upon loyalty level. Anyone can eat in Aqualina during regular evening service. Subject of course to paying the surcharge and being able to get a reservation. Unlike Celebrity which does have a two class ship by restricting the resort to suites only.
  22. Why be disappointed? It means you got a really good price on the cruise to begin with. 😄
  23. That's the same reason I still have the Apex scheduled. I booked it while people were waiting for a clear future and before AI. When I looked not too long ago, my cabin had increased by over $5,400. So had I booked at over $10K, this sale would have saved me $2k but as I posted earlier, my cruise is still $3k below today's price if my category were not sold out. They chased me to Regent while it was on promotion and then recently AZ. I got larger suites with air/transfers and hotel on Regent for less pp/pn than Celebrity was charging at the time. So Celebrity lost out on four cruises from us till mid '23.
  24. Or people who booked before the AI promotion that raised booking prices substantially.
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