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  1. Likely you were using an FCD rather than an FCC. They really had no business converting your FCD to anything else. It should have been returned to your account for use on another booking (unless it was ready to expire). I would raise "heck" with your TA and get it all explained to your satisfaction.
  2. I cannot answer about breakfast or Total Wine. I can tell you that the Tri Rail does not go anywhere near POM, if that is your destination. Best bet, IMO, is uber or taxi. Indeed, the TriRail ends/begins at MIA. It was great for us when we returned from Lima after doing a HAL South America sailing and then Machu Pichu. But we were going north to the northern terminus of the TriRail in Palm Beach county. You fail to mention which port your sailing is using. If Port Everglades then the TriRail could be useful. If POM, then it's back to the uber or taxi thing.
  3. Put the following into a google search window.... Princess Medallion accessories then do a bunch of clicking.
  4. No 'distant' foreign port is necessary for a Ft Lauderdale>Montreal itinerary. It would be required for Ft Lauderdale to Boston...Distant foreign ports in South America have been listed here by others. I would add that, going north, a port in Greenland or farther east would be necessary to satisfy the 'distant' requirement.
  5. Please read all of the rules....."Please write to the Community Manager at: community@cruisecritic.com. This is not the place for you to assume powers that you do not have. The above 'rule' will clear things up if you have an issue or problem with a post.
  6. So what if someone gets my passport number? My US passport has no sensitive information on it. What's more, anything that is on my passport is also available online thru a cheap, $2. records search. And who cares what cabin you are in? If I want to know your cabin, I can follow you along and see where you go. We're on a ship, after all.
  7. Because Carnival Corp is the provider and originator of the benefit I prefer to abide by their requirements. 1. Fax or regular mail. There is no exception for email submittal. 2. Submit no less than 3 weeks before sailing. There is no requirement to own shares within 90 days. This could all change in a heartbeat, but it is easy to think that someone at Princess is putting their own spin on the submittals. There needs to be a uniform set of rules and requirements.
  8. Say you have an Alaskan trip planned on Princess...there is a very popular excursion (sells out often) that you want to take...the sailing is 5 months away....you cannot or will not pony up the payment out of your pocket but you could commit your Shareholder Credit against the cost of the excursion. I think you can think this thru. BTW, this is a very real example. When Princess began requiring up front payment for excursions, rather than payment after participation there was an explosion of protest. (check the Princess boards from several years ago) Then they found out that the Shareholder benefit could not be used unless it was less than 3 months old...again, lots of howling. Hence, CarnivalCorp began approving Shareholder Benefits almost as soon as you booked, even if it was a year or more away. Will it return? Stay tuned.
  9. It was changed to sell more shore excursions. If it is again 3 months, I would expect it to revert to the unlimited when COVID settles down. Selling shore excusions is a profit center, even for shareholders.
  10. Seems to compare apples to apples with Delta Skymiles or AA Aadvantage programs. You can use their 'points' (or miles) to buy hotel rooms, attend concerts and a plethora of other sundry things. And it is definitely a partnership between Carnival Corp and American Express.
  11. Because the PP is small (640 pax) there are fewer features that Princess customers are used to. IMO, Princess, CLIA and other cruise lines have avoided cancelling their sailings in December because the holidays are a major profit center. They will likely hold off on cancellations until the last minute. I suggest, also, that you keep up with the COVID restrictions imposed by the various countries on that intinerary. If you can't get to the embarkation point, being booked is pointless...and likely expensive.
  12. Being speculative/hypothetical we will assume that you will be Passenger 0 . Post here when you return.
  13. If you have no success, rest assured that, at the 2 year anniversary date of your unused FCD purchase, you will receive a full refund. As an fyi...an FCC and a FCD are two very different things.
  14. Did the OP return and comment on whether they had insurance or not? Many posts here seem to assume they did. But it is hard to tell without confirmation. It's not unheard of for passengers to forego insurance for whatever reason/excuse they might have.
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