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  1. https://www.bizjournals.com/southflorida/news/2019/09/20/carnival-gets-approval-for-port-terminal-expansion.html?ana=yahoo&yptr=yahoo
  2. There are several flights AMS>LHR>MCO tho you would need to check Air2Sea for availability. MCO has become a very busy airport for overseas arrivals in recent years.
  3. For us, flying into YVR was easy (from Louisville) on Delta. Routing was SDF>ATL>YVR. One member of our party flew into SEA and took the Super Shuttle....the advertised 4 hour trip took him 8 hours (mostly after dark) due to traffic, a wreck and border delays.
  4. In our experience, private tours will not make you late for your sailing. They have too much to lose. Anecdotally, most of the late tours are with 'ship approved' providers. They know they have a safety net provided by the cruise line.
  5. Princess has most of their itineraries out for most of 2021.
  6. Does BA not allow checkin and boarding pass via their smartphone app?
  7. If you travel light I recommend the Ferry. If you bring most of your earthly possessions then use a cab or Uber.
  8. Essiesmom had it right, you are considered 'in transit' passengers. Don't be surprised if the ship takes/keeps your passports to show to various authorities along the way. This is normal and your documents will be returned when and where you may need them. Visiting Israel may be another matter. Super security concious. The ship will have detailed instructions to ease you along the way. Being American citizens means little other than 'no visas' for many countries. Be sure to verify this for every port/country long before you leave. Many tourists do their best to NOT look like tourists or Americans. Being tourists means that you can expect to haggle over prices, that the merchant will always prevail and unless you have local currency (or maybe a credit card) you will pay an inflated exchange rate.
  9. Heat. I have heard that Europe is hot in July and August. Panama is even hotter, truly blistering. Heck, Panama was hot, hot, hot when we were there in early November. Frequent cruisers are just not looking for that in the summer. Alaska, Norway, the Baltic....No reason to pay good money for scorching heat when places like Alaska, Norway, North Atlantic, the Baltic are available.
  10. Worth exploring. Last I knew, the Super Shuttle was $40. each way with possible long delays at the border for customs. For our trip, LEX>ATL>YVR, it worked out way better....low cost fare bucket, no shuttle, on time flights. We bought our tickets in Jan-Feb (Delta). One minor problem, the FA told us there was a charge for IFE because it wasn't an international flight (ATL>YVR). We just stared at her...quizically....while she thought it all thru....finally it was "Oh whatever".
  11. For a comprehensive list of flights, airlines and prices go to http://matrix.itasoftware.com . You cannot buy a ticket at this site, but it is free and very helpful.
  12. So true...also true is that the same amount of time could be spent sitting in an Uber or a taxi in heavy traffic. Personally I like the fact that, on the TriRail I can sit in comfort, using wifi and passing the bumper to bumper traffic as the train goes along its merry way. We have not yet tried the Brightline train, but it's on our list of things to do.
  13. We would never book directly. Any glitch so far away from home would garner little to no attention by the cruise line. OTOH our TA would be all over it...helping to find an acceptable solution.
  14. Circling back to the OP, while itemizing port fees and taxes could be done, it is still a fact of life. They will be paid. There was a time, long ago, when they were rolled into the cruise fare. As I remember, legal action resulted in separating them from the cruise fare so that we have the cruise fare and then we have the port fees and taxes. When I think of port fees and taxes I always remember our full transit Panama Canal sailing a few years ago. Fees and taxes were added, $400-500. per person. Obviously paying for passage thru the Canal is pricey and several threads on CC have itemized the several fees the Canal Authority levies on cruise ships. After that, paying port fees of $50-150 for a Caribbean cruise seems routine.
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