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  1. thinfool

    Park N Go at Port Everglades

    You unload your car under the rain shelter, then they take your car and park it. They retain your key because cars are relocated during the week to accomodate returning passengers....meaning that your car will be in a location that you can easily load your luggage and exit the lot rather than being buried deep in the mass of vehicles occupying the lot. If you'd rather not leave your key you should consider parking in the port parking garage (more $$).
  2. thinfool

    Bringing alcohol on board

    ????? Really? I don't know of 'many' who do this on HAL. You can buy a full bottle of alcohol thru the HAL website and you can bring one 750ml bottle of wine in your carry-on bag.. That's it....and 'many' comply. Not sure where you can go to do what you describe and 'get away' with it.
  3. We were on the 10/26 sailing from Quebec to Port Everglades (cold, windy, even snow). The captain, on one of his daily comments, related that the ship will enter Wet Dock in Freeport, Bahamas before heading to the West Coast so that the Stacks can be lowered a little bit. It seems that the current height of the stacks could result in damage to the bridge in Vancouver. (Seems like the bridge would damage the stacks, too)
  4. So is a good travel agent....who will make sure you are kept abreast of important things regarding your voyage...like final payment date. A good travel agent can also whine his/her way with the cruise line to get your trip reinstated at the original price.
  5. If your family is embarking for a 'closed loop' cruise to the Caribbean....where the ship returns to New York for disembarkation...then the PVSA will not allow you to board at Cape Canaveral unless the ship visits one or more of the ABC islands or Cartagena, Colombia. In addition, cruiselines no longer allow "downline" boarding for many, many itineraries even if the PVSA is not involved. This because CBP requires that new passenger manifests be submitted which involves additional costs and manpower for the Cruise Line. Having said that, there are reports that Royal Caribbean is now allowing this downline boarding if it is legal and if the passenger will pay an additional $100. to cover the costs of the boarding. Finally, a more accurate answer will result if you will tell us the itinerary, ship, cruise line that is involved.
  6. With respect, this link is nearly worthless for cruises that fall under the WHTI guidelines, which is where sailings to Costa Rica fall.? Also, other than Cuba, no port in the Caribbean requires passports or visas for US citizens on a "closed loop" itinerary. The ID requirement of a passport or birth cerificate/photo ID are contained in the CBP requirements for 'closed loop' cruises within the WHTI described region and are there to allow US citizens to enter the US at the end of their cruise. With very few exceptions, cruise passengers are 'in transit' when on a port visit and do not need a visa to enter as a tourist. (see Cuba, above)
  7. thinfool

    Canโ€™t sign into the app

    Apps no longer work for cruise critic.
  8. Using an app or a browser? The app no longer works...attempts will be futile. Using a browser like Chrome or Safari, depending on your type of phone will mean a better chance of success.
  9. thinfool

    How to search Princess board

    Hope this helps a little....you can use a free fax service like faxzero.com, no printer rquired, and there is no 90 day rule anymore. Cannot comment on operational hours for their fax machine, which is not a machine at all, but is a computer that receives any/all faxes. Out of curiosity, how did you learn that "not only closed on weekends, they shut off their fax as well"?
  10. You are correct. You or your travel agent (and this may be a time when a good travel agent will be more effective than a consumer) need to keep talking and trying to get somewhere with Princess.
  11. Please give detailed details. I want to know which lines allow pricing changes after final payment...?
  12. thinfool

    Illness Questionnaire when you Board

    Commonly known as the Liars Form, someone figured out that no one was going to admit to projectile vomiting an hour before boarding. ๐Ÿ˜Ž
  13. Nyree, who runs Estancia Excursions, also fills 4X4's for trips to Volunteer Point. It amounts to a big cottage industry as P. Watts and Estancia both employ local folks who own 4X4's and want to supplement their income. VP is an absolutely wonderful experience. We saw 3 different types of Penguins there. The gentoo chicks were newly hatched...so cute! Payment is not taken until you are on the private tour. That way, if the ship cannot stop at the port there is no issue with refunds. GBP payment is preferred but USD will be accepted, tho at a healthy penalty to do the exchange. There are no ATM's on the island. This tour is usually available thru the ship but will cost about $150. more than booking privately.
  14. thinfool

    Transfer from FCO to Civitavecchia port

    The train works fine tho there are the issues mentioned by others. Because European trains are way different from those in the US, I would never buy tickets on this side of the pond. Walkup ticket purchases were never a problem when we were there. One thing...once you buy the tickets, regardless of where you buy the tickets, they must be validated, usually at a validation box on a post on the station platform. You can be fined if you have an unvalidated ticket when the conductor checks tickets onboard.