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  1. Post Captain has it right. The Ferry is cost effective, frequent, and gives you a choice of landing spots. I cannot see the need for a taxi unless you wander far away from the East River. If that were the case...I would Uber rather than taxi.
  2. Nevertheless, it is. Second only to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.
  3. There is no answer to your question beyond what you have learned from HAL. Given the ins and outs of the US court and judicial system, it is doubtful that any action by a court will be allowed to take effect. Appeals, stays, etc, all in the wheelhouse of corporate lawyers, will prevail.
  4. Usage of the Shareholders OBC is controlled by CCL, not any of the individual cruise lines. Gratuities can be paid from the Shareholders OBC....as long as the passenger has purchased a retail fare for his cruise. Non-retail fares are not available to the public but are accessible by Travel Agents and employees of the cruise lines. You have a retail fare even if you have purchased your cruise on the biggest, greatest sale of the year with all of the pick 4, meal deal, booze deal etc that you can find.
  5. Note that a large accident event on either route will erase any advantage of one route over the other. Plan and learn to use google maps, waze or other traffic app to help you manage problems while enroute.
  6. TA's are discussed here on a regular basis...but not by name...more by what they did or didn't do, whether they were satisfactory and whether the poster will ever use a TA again...but again...no names. Your question about air consolidators is no different, according to CC rules, than asking what hotel to use before or after you sail. So, yes, you can ask about air consolidators by name. And a good place to start such a query is in the Cruise Air forum.
  7. Everyone here is right! Many, many whales...some dolphin. Mostly humpbacks in Alaska. Worth a comment...as we sailed out of Glacier Bay we saw several young humpies breeching in the afternoon light. Amazing! In one of the narrower sections of the Inside Passage a humpie was swimming alongside....and raise a flipper and waved at us. I'm pretty sure he/she was on the Princess payroll. <vbg>
  8. the BEST advice on getting foreign currency before departing is to get your foreign currency After Arriving....in the airport at a non-Travelex ATM. Not hard to find, will only take as much time as entering your PIN and selecting the amount that you want.
  9. And I'm not sure how much Alaska has to say about Glacier Bay....pretty sure the National Park Service has a stranglehold on the rules and regulations. It is the agency that issues permits to the cruise lines and ships that are allowed to enter and provides the Rangers that embark and escort the larger ships when they arrive for a day in the Bay.
  10. There is a huge list of airports, ports and other CBP facilities where your enrollment interview can be scheduled. Once you have 'conditional' approval, the list will be available for you to explore and schedule your interview. Note: There are a few locations that allow 'walk-in' interviews.
  11. There are far more ATMs in Italy....and Europe in general than in the US. You will, without doubt, pass one or more ATMs in an Italian airport (Rome, Venice, Milan, etc). Where you decide to get local currency is obviously your choice. We have never gotten foreign currency at a local bank here in the US. Always at our first stop when we have traveled to Europe, South America, Canada, etc "Finding" an ATM has never been an issue. As mentioned by others, we have the Schwab ATM card which rebates ATM fees.
  12. Not to disagree, but to update your information...."According to the U.S. Department of State, passport “execution fees” will increase from $25 to $35 starting April 2, 2018. The fee change will bump the total cost of a U.S. passport to $145 for adults and $115 for children 16 and younger."
  13. PNG sends a contiuous stream of shuttles to the ships in the morning when disembarking takes place. There <could> be a short wait...5-10 minutes, but unlikely. Great place, great service...we always park there.
  14. Seems that I saw a very recent release that the Pacific is moving to Tahitian itineraries. Stay tuned.
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