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  1. Hotel Maya meets your list. Just use code P41 when booking and it lowers the rice and adds the shuttle to the port.
  2. We enjoyed the FH area. We originally booked a regular cove and received an upgrade offer to the FH Suite and took it. Glad we did. The kids enjoyed the lounge for snacks, games, and ice cream. We enjoyed the small breakfast that was offered there.
  3. Did they give you any problems moving final payment? They refused to move my November 202 cruise final payment, then they canceled it 2 weeks after it was paid. Which is what I'm expecting for my May cruise.
  4. There are a few of them, just depends on which ship you are on at that time.
  5. Too many better cards out there. I got the Costco credit card and I get 3% back on ALL travel vs the 2% on Carnival for the Carnival card and 1% for everything else.
  6. Correct, Carnival doesn't want to pay the tax on the alcohol so they can do unlimited in Texas waters.
  7. You must pre-pay now. Too many people would make reservations and then no show. They there were a lot of open tables they couldn't fill.
  8. The experts that change their minds weekly? Both me and my wife are in the medical field and feel that the whole situation is being blown way out of proportion. Can COVID be deadly? Yes, but the way that the world shut down because of a virus that has such a high survival rate is astounding. We have been told to wear a mask and it will go away. I have seen many co workers test positive for COVID with no symptoms, even though they wear a mask unless they are in their home where they live alone. How did they get it? Either masks don't work or the tests were wrong. Being on the front line
  9. When I sail from LA/Long Beach, I am meeting friends who live in LA and they pick us up at the airport, so my savings is more since I don't need to shuttle from airport to the port like I would in SAN. Plus there are more options for airports. I usually fly into LGB which is closer to the port than LAX.
  10. I agree about trying to vaccinate against a virus. How many times is the flu shot given and then later it is revealed that the vaccine was for a different strain? Then you just got a shot for no reason.
  11. I know I will be calling in a cpl weeks to get final payment extended for my May cruise. Final payment is due Feb 28th and I'm hoping to get it pushed to mid march at least, so when they cancel the cruise I can take that money and go elsewhere.
  12. COVID is not horrible to the MAJORITY of the population either. I know several people who have had it and the only reason they knew was they lost their sense of taste and smell. I also know a few who had a more sever case, but said it was no worse than a horrible cold. The fact that you fear a virus with over a 98% survival rate says more about you than it does the people you claim are stupid that they don't line up for a vaccine that may or may not even prevent you from getting COVID, nor are there any long term studies to know any potential side effects.
  13. Except the lines aren't longer. We just got back from a week down there last month and it was cheaper than normal for hotels, still had all the food options we wanted, and the lines might appear longer, it is just because of the 6ft rule for lines so the longest we waited was 20 minutes for a ride
  14. With all the cancellations last year, I ended up buying a boat and enjoying the lakes around home. As far as an actual vacation, I just got back from an AI in Cancun and enjoyed it very much. Planning on going back later this year. Just hope they don't get hit with seaweed again.
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