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  1. Rome2rio is the site for all public transport queries. We have used the train from Sorrento to Pompeii and it was easy enough. No need for Italian as the ticket staff are dealing with thousands of passengers a year from all over the world asking for the same tickets. The trains on the line are old, busy, no aircon and not that reliable, but its a nice trip. Pompeii is huge, its all in the open air so take plenty of water and snacks, a hat and sun lotion if visiting during the summer as it could be 85+ degrees. Don't try and do it all, you will know when you have had enough!
  2. There are now far more cabins at sea than even 5 years ago. Far more competition keeps prices keen. However as cruises are still similar prices to 15 years ago, but the price of food certainly isn't, so thats one area where large savings can be made by operators.
  3. If you don't want the train the only option is taxi. Either private hire which needs to be booked, or black cab from the rank outside the terminal. Black cab will be £80-120 depending on time of day, private hire may be cheaper.
  4. One of the windiest places in the world. 155mph gusts just this year. Low pressure systems aren't generally as prevalent in summer as winter, but they can and do happen. We had a grey, overcast and cool day for our visit, but its a fascinating place.
  5. Elizabeth Line from T3 to Tottenham Court Road, black cab for the remainder of the journey.
  6. Britannia can be done quickly, but if you want to enjoy it it is half a day, but you need to get there for opening as its not large and you will feel crowded out as the day goes on.
  7. Only you know your child and their routine, try and and keep it similar so you all enjoy the holiday. Don't get too hung up about night nursery, our daughter was 3 on our first cruise, she never settled there so we abandoned it. It was a long way from the dining room to the nursery to collect her and she was upset when we picked her up. For her first holdiays abroad we used a Littlelife travel cot which is like a small tent. Small to take in luggage and can be dismantled in the cabin. Sleeping in a pushchair is no bad thing. It means you can get your evening meal and show without being disturbed.
  8. Not sure you will need much data in Oslo and Copenhagen, free public wifi is available.
  9. A port which for me is instantly forgettable!. It was national day in Sweden, so quiet. I think we did this trip for half a day then had a wander around town in the afternoon, appreciate its a Princess trip, not NCL, but most cruiselines do similar trips. https://www.princess.com/ports-excursions/helsingborg-sweden-excursions/helsingborg-and-coastal-drive/
  10. There are similar rip off prices when you get off the Monte toboggan. Taxis have a habit of suddenly charging per person, be careful (the rickshaws are even worse!).
  11. From experience it may be worth waiting until you arrive. We did just that and chose a cheaper option as the weather was so poor it wasn't worth spending a lot of money to be on a bus seeing nothing but thick fog and heavy rain. We did go to the peak above the fjord and saw the ship for a few seconds!
  12. If you want to see the Fjords in all their glory,you need to find cruises which stop at ports in them, so check Google maps for locations of each port. Norway has significantly reduced the number of larger ships which can visit each port, so many 'fjords' cruises are now very coastal port focussed. Flam, Olden, Gerainger and Skjolden are deep inside fjordland so look for trips which include those. Bergen and/or Stavanger are expected. I've been to both and happy with either. Cruise by doesn't mean much, but its time spent crusing the fjords. Of your list I'd look at 1 and 3 and it may come down to which ship you prefer. Trip 2 looks a pretty poor offer.
  13. All P&O will do is source your flights and book them as part of a package. I'd make the flying part of the holiday and search out cheap flights with layovers and consider premium economy or business class with a less popular airline using a codeshare. If you want to fly to one airport and return from another after the cruise you will need an open jaw ticket. Google flights is a good wesbite to play with, just change ticket from 'return' to 'multi city' to research open jaw fares.
  14. Option 2 for Fjords, option 1 is more of a coastal trip. The trip to do in Flam is Norway in a Nutshell. A full day, coach to Voss, then two trains back to Flam or the trip in reverse with trains first the the bus back. Brilliant day out.
  15. I am assuming you have very good reason to need to visit St Andrews because its not a place I'd break my neck to get to for an hour.
  16. The TUI website has a virtual tour of the cabin. https://my.matterport.com/show/?m=JjgAUfkzeEs
  17. FR24 isn't an official source of timings as it only records times from when the signal is picked up from the aircraft, which is generally when aircraft are on runways.
  18. Its a few years since we used Manchester and there have been a lot of changes since our last visit about 6 years ago. I've have been there three hours before and airside in less than an hour. I have also been there three hours before the flight and been subject to queues so long we arrived at the gate as boarding started!
  19. Holiday in March is the Easter break which is 2 or 3 weeks depending on the area and the school. Some areas have the Easter weekend in the middle of the holiday so will finish on 22nd. Other areas have first two weeks of April regardless of when Easter falls,so will finish 28th. In West Yorkshire we have five local Authorities, only one, Leeds finish on the 28th. All the others finish on 22nd.
  20. Cancel and claim on the current policy. They will need a doctors certificate advising they are unfit to travel due to investigation into a new medical condition which has arisen since the holiday was booked.
  21. Council long stay multi storey. £40ish a week.
  22. Its still winter schedules so it should be quieter. It will of course be busier over Easter if your break clashes with schools finishing which could be from 22 March.
  23. The 0.05% is a similar figure to the "99.9% germs killed" on cleaning products. You can never promise 0% or 100% so a very small leeway is permitted. As a Guinness drinker I don't like the Guiness 0.0% because I have a taste for the real stuff. However I don't drink much lager so I will happily drink the 0.0% lagers as I have no real idea of what the normal lagers taste like. I have found some taste 'soapy' and others are like a shandy made with soda water rather than lemonade. As regards cost I pay £3.20 for a pint of 0% lager at a local sports club, a pint of beer, Guinness is £4 to £5. You can however keep 0% Gordons gin, its vile!
  24. No problem. The new 0% alcohol beers are no different to soft drinks, they can be sold in licensed premises to under 18s.
  25. No need in Alicante. The town and beach is a stroll from the port. The Round the World yacht race exhibition, which you will pass on the walk, is worth a look, there's also one of the yachts on display outside, but access is limited to a few hours a week. Castle is worth a visit for amazing views. Again you can walk to the lift which is off the main coast road parallel to the beach, be aware the lift doesn't go right to the top, you need to walk through the castle grounds and up plenty of steps to get the best views. You can walk back into town, takes about half an hour from the top.
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