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  1. Changed 'plane' could actually mean changed 'airline'.
  2. All down to what repair is needed, is an op required to pin it? My daughter has travelled and cruised with broken hand and cast.
  3. Looks like 15m wave estimate was slightly off. 21.1m at Le Conquet in north west France, thats 70 ft!
  4. There is a chance it could be the lowest recorded pressure since the 50s. Currently looking at low 960s, but could be low 950mb. 70-90mph winds down the Channel, 15m waves in the Bay of Biscay, not somewhere to be on a ship. The jetstream is currently crazy, I saw a screenshot earlier of two identical aircraft, both the same and both at 35,000 ft of the west coast of Ireland. One flying east was doing 600 knots, one flying west only 280kts.
  5. Accepted the error, taken a refund or an alternative if offered. We visited Krakow this summer and booked for Auschwitz. It was cancelled the day before due to a shortage of guides. Refund arrived within an hour. One Vanderbilt was our choice of high level viewing in NY, visited an hour before sunset so saw ESB all lit up from 98 storeys up in an open air bar and DJ amazing experience.
  6. Space per passenger is far more important than absolute size of ship,
  7. OP needs to clarify what they are complaining about as its unclear. Either. £10 a day for a drinks package for a 6 month old is excessive. Easy solution. Don't buy it as its not needed. OP has been lead to believe fhe £10 a day drinks package is compulsory for a 6 month old if other passengers on the booking buy a drinks pacakage. Probably not the case (and FAQ states it isn't) but clarify with P&O and don't be surprised if its a website error, P&O are good at those,
  8. No problem whatsoever. At 6 months our daughter had flown to Tenerife, but for a land based holiday. Life on ship is no different to staying in a hotel.
  9. We found Alcantara to be a great location as Lisbon is a linear city along the river bank. Alcantara is half way between the old city and castle to the east and the Belem area to the west which has lots to see, including the Pasteis shop. It is also very handy if you want to cross the river to the Christ the King statue.
  10. The latest update to windy with the increase in data layers is excellent.
  11. Any aircraft under 30 years old is young. BA operate first generation 777s which are 25+ years old. I was on an almost 35 year old Jet2 aircraft a few weeks ago, it didn't show its age. No IFE is a first world problem, Phone or tablet and a spare battery pack.
  12. Likely to follow the airlines and charge a flat fee which can be £5-£20 per flight.
  13. Ullapool is a small town at the end of a 70 mile road from Inverness. Virtually a one street town and a ferry port. Great seafood bar. Any excursions will need a drive somewhere, but there aren't many major attractions. Inverewe Gardens is probably the most noteable in that area, the Russian Arctic Convoy Museum isn't far and really interesting, far more to see than the size of the building suggests. Good for a wet day which in Ullapool is quite often! The scenery is however amazing, true Highlands country - mountains and lochs, Loch Maree on the road to Gairloch being especially noteable and Suilven mountain near Lochinver.
  14. Remember premium cabin attracts extra air passenger duty of about £100 over economy for flights to Caribbean,
  15. Just google 'cruise ship passenger space ratio'. Add the name of the ship in the search if you want a specific figure.
  16. If you don't want overcrowding you need the 'space per passenger figure'. Arvia has a figure of just 29. Mid 30s is the figure to look for.
  17. Local paper regurgitating sensational nonsense! It 'crashed' after 'hurtling' into an oil tanker.
  18. Not all children are from the same mould. My daughter was never one for the kids clubs, but thinking back I can think of a reason why. With us both working full time my daughter was in nursery/school from 7.30am until 5pm every day so she barely saw us. We think she saw kids club as a continuation of her usual routine so hardly a holiday for her and maybe just wanted to be with her mum and dad for a change, so we sacked it and enjoyed time with her. She's well into her late teens now, independent, part time job, good mates, but long days at school and we hardly see her. We had a week in Scotland last week and she came along, It was great doing stuff together, walking, fishing, picnics by quiet lochs, even simple card and board games around the kitchen table was something we never do at home I wouldn't force it, enjoy the family time and in ten years you'll be thankful of the memories.
  19. Taking children that can't yet move far is easy (!) and a cruise is no different to taking a 7 month old to a holiday in a hotel. You need to take the usual baby items, a compact 'tent cot' may be worthwhile. Formula can be made up if required, stired in the room fridge, warmed in hot water, baby food can be heated, if using bottles sterilising tablets or fluid. How port visits work depends on the cruise.
  20. Trollstigen and Troll Wall from Alesund is worthwhile, but the downside is you can't book the weather. If the weather is poor your only idea of what you should be seeing will be from the photos in the visitor centre,
  21. If they are light sleepers they do need ear plugs as there are 1001 other things generating noise which may disturb them. Other passengers, banging doors, general engine vibrations, side thrusters, capstans noise when pulling chains and ropes, crew calling each other etc etc especially when preparing docking which can happen from v early in a morning.
  22. Traditional fish and chip shops aren't a common sight in central London. However Mayfair Chippy will provide what you are looking for. Being in Mayfair it will also mean a large bill, but scraps (a rare thing in the south) are free!
  23. 35-45mph north westerley winds whipping up 5-6m waves all along the coast of Norway.
  24. On our first cruise we were unfortunate to have a cat 1 medical - death on board. The call went out during dinner. It wasn't until we went back to our cabin we found out it was someone two cabins down from us. Even though we didn't know the person we were treat well as we couldn't access the corridor. Next day the cabin steward said he had been up all night as he had additional duties to undertake when such an event takes place.
  25. We used to use an agent as they had access to more fare options than online, in particular guarantee fares.
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