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  1. Main luggage so I'm not carrying it far. To protect it stick the bottle down the leg of a pair of trousers, roll the trousers and place it in the middle of the case. I've done this for years on flights and never had a bottle break.
  2. If its sold out it does not necessarily mean it is full to capacity. How cramped it feels is more down to ship design than number of passengers. How much space per passenger when at capacity being one measure. Ventura and Azura are considered very poorly designed in terms of public spaces and passenger flow, so they feel cramped - space per passenger 31. Celebrity Eclipse is larger, but we always found a quiet spot. It has a space per passenger of 36. Iona figure is 29. Lots of cabins, not much public space.
  3. No different to what happens when entering the US from UK. We entered US over summer in Dublin and there was a queue of hundreds of people and we expected it to take hours. It took just 45 minutes for passport and security x ray scanning. Everyone had passport, ESTA, fingerprints and facial recognition done, we then had to go through security. The reason it was was quick was due to it being properly managed with about 25 border staff on duty doing the checking. As regards cruising we have on occasion had to take passports and had them checked and stamped by EU country border staff. Last one was Germany 5 years ago.
  4. Sounds like a sensible plan. Heathrow Express is much quicker than the tube and only £5.50 each way if booked in advance. https://www.heathrowexpress.com/tickets-and-offers/tickets-offers
  5. No issues with a pushchair. I've not been on Britannia, but on other ships I have been on there is a walkway at the rear of the theatre where you can watch the show from.
  6. Once a toddler is part of the trip you need maximum flexibility and work around routine. Our daughter was a similar age on our first cruise on Ventura (admittedly 13/14 years ago) and we tried the night nursery once, but the rules were the child had to be asleep and if they woke up and didn't settle within a few minutes you were buzzed to collect them. We managed about half an hour before we were buzzed and never bothered again! It was a long way to collect her, she was in a real state having woken in a strange room with strangers which lead to a disturbed dinner for us. It was far easier to get her settled in the cabin, put her in her pushchair and take her with us to dinner and shows and more often than not she just slept through everything.
  7. From ESTA site. How does Cuba’s designation as a State Sponsor of Terrorism impact my travel to the United States using my approved ESTA? If a traveler is found to have visited a country designated as State Sponsor of Terrorism, the traveler is no longer eligible to participate in the Visa Wavier Program and must apply for a visa to enter the United States.
  8. And is it an 'honesty box' situation. If you have a new passport which is now blank of stamps would the US know if you have been to Cuba if you don't reveal it when applying for an ESTA?
  9. Applied for my daughter's first adult passport in May as we had booked a holiday in August. It was back within a couple of weeks.
  10. 10 days is a decent length of stay. Plenty to do as listed by others and if the weather is good I would suggest a visit to nearby Porto Santo. You can take a ferry for a long day trip, or take the short flight. Hire a car as you can drive all the roads in half a day and it has a long stretch of beach for something different,
  11. Never been on Azura, but have been on Ventura and Grand Princess. One of the shortcomings of Grand class ship design is the lack of a crows nest bar and no obvious alternative of a large public room with a view where you can watch the world go by.
  12. Easy to DIY. Walk to cable car from port, about 15 minute stroll alongbthe prom. Cable car to Monte, pay for toboggan, walk back to port. Taxi from the toboggan run to the town centre can be a big rip off, so be aware if you take one. Agree the price first.
  13. In my four visits I've had over 20 degrees and full sun, 10 degrees and windy, rain as heavy as I've ever seen lasting days and fog so thick you couldn't see more than 50m. I've also had combinations of these over the course of a week so you need clothing for all. On ship is kept at constant temperature.
  14. Its cutting it too fine for me to be comfortable with those plans.
  15. Cabins are relased to different agents. Some travel agents can't have sold their allocation yet.
  16. I've not read small print, but is 13 the age at which children can be left in one of the kids clubs without the adults needing to stay on board?
  17. No different to airlines and taxes. If you apply for a refund they apply an admin charge so you get nothing.
  18. 2 months is a long time in terms of seasons in Norway. 1st March will still be winter, by end of April first signs of spring and much more daylight, However my parents did a Fjords cruise in early May and lots of trips were cancelled as the high road routes were still blocked with snow. They don't get cleared through winter as there is no need due to lack of fjord visitors.
  19. Unless it has improved the onboard street plans were generally useless. Try and find alternatives before you travel.
  20. I have experience of night before check in at Leeds Bradford with Jet2 (it was a Jet2 holiday, not a cruise). My advice is if you can do it. You can have a lie in on the day of the flight as you just join the security queue, rather than (in our case) a huge queue of about 1,000 passengers all trying to check in baggage for flights which left within half an hour of each other.
  21. Depending on the port you may be to get Port Authority wifi. Otherwise you need to go into the mobile data network and and the phone should identify the mobile network providers available, select the Norwegian one which offers free data roaming. Just remember its only free roaming until your plan inclusive data runs out.
  22. Our only Vigo visit was on a Sunday. Apart from the shopping centre by the quay and the seafood restaurants everything else was closed. We managed a walk to the castle. Being a national holiday you may actually find events, parades etc taking place.
  23. Norway uses the Krone, so no need to pay for anything in Euros. The country is now largely cashless so have a fee and foreign exchange free credit/debit card to use. It is expensive, but on a cruise there is no need to spend anything ashore. If you do buy gifts, clothing etc don't forget to claim the VAT back. By all means plan, but always have an alternative in case its throwing it down (which it can do a lot).
  24. I wouldn't worry about it, the difference between now and 15 months is vast. Our daughter was 18 months on our first cruise. There is no need for a sterilizer. Sippy cups can be washed out easily enough. If you are concerned take some Milton cleaner. No need for a bath. By 15 months old you will be into crawling/toddler territory so the shower will be more than adequate.
  25. The EU articles state when you leave Schengen for a third Country you need an exit check.
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