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  1. It is possible to book hotel rooms for the day. Dayrooms and Dayuse are two options. Otherwise most hotels have public bars you can while away a few hours in for the price of a drink.
  2. If you want water ask for an ice bucket and put it in the fridge to melt. The water tastes funny because its made by boiling the water and condensing the steam.
  3. Email P&O and they will provide details. Crazy system.
  4. Depends on the port instruction, Captain request, tides etc.
  5. No food in buffet was a thing when we cruised with P&O over ten years ago. Early evening closure was to allow families to take children for a child oriented tea (lots of 'brown food', awful) and change from afternoon to evening meal options. The later time was to allow the change from evening meals to late evening light bites.
  6. If you have good mobility nowhere in Manhattan is that far from a subway station. We took the subway to just outside Battery Park to get the Staten Island Ferry, Walking is also a good way to see NY life and its difficult to get lost in the grid system of midtown and above, We estimated we walked about 30 miles over a 5 day stay!
  7. Never sailed in suites, but have done two cruises on Ventura and two on Celebrity Eclipse, all in balcony cabins. Much prefer Celebrity as an overall package. Better designed ships, prefer ABP parking at Southampton. Food options and buffet far better on Celebrity, its more of a food court with cooking stations. We had two really good prices for balcony cabins (one a guarantee fare) both included drinks and enough OBC to upgrade to the full drinks package. It made the trips all inclusive. Only downside was the second was fixed time dining and on Celebrity it is too early if you do afternoon excursions. They do however have far more tables for smaller groups than the 8+ which P&O favour.
  8. I'm on their mailing list for offers. It must have been from when I booked parking many years ago.
  9. Once you get your head around the fact the subway runs on route numbers and not lines (so each line runs a number of different routes) it is as easy to navigate as the London underground. Just ensure you use the entrance for the line direction you want as many entrances only serve one platform and entrances for the different platforms may be some distance apart. You then need to check the route number on the train before getting on, If you want to pay contactless by iphone or android you need the OMNY app. Taxis are plentiful, but don't expect drivers to have 'the Knowledge'. You need to tell them the junction you need to be dropped off at, eg 5th and 53rd street as apart from the very popular sights drivers may not know specific buildings, hotels etc A great youtube resource for all things NYC is 'Here be Barr'. I watched most of his vidoes before visiting. What to see, what to avoid, how transport works etc,
  10. Email from Manchester Airport with parking and lounge discounts landed in my inbox just this morning.
  11. You also need to ensure any app updates will only be done when there is wifi coverage and aren't automatically done when the phone is connected to a mobile network. My phone updated 11 apps this morning, that could be many megabytes of data to pay for!
  12. On ship turn data roaming off, or use aircraft mode. Alternatively you can keep roaming on, but turn off automatic network selection so you have to choose the roaming network before it connects. As regards non EU countries check your provider. I'm with Smarty and free Norway roaming (up to 12 gB data) is included.
  13. Generally no because unlike a scheduled business class or first class ticket none of your premium fare is going to the lounge operator. Sign up to Manchester Airport email alerts and you may get offers for lounge access.
  14. Jet 2 online check in opens 28 days before departure. Having done two flights with them this year and one more to come it is 28 days to the hour!
  15. Either take an inflatable toddler bed, or an adult sleeps on the pullman. We have had double bed and pullman berth, they prefer singles due to ladder access, but you can use the ladder on the end of the pullman on some ships.
  16. The time to change trains will be in line with the maximum required at each stationo change platforms. if they are giving 11 minutes between changes it is probably a 10 minute connection time station, Rather than manage this yourself by taking other trains if you want longer connection times you can add time when searching for tickets and alternative timings will be given.
  17. Correct. The freedom restaurants are midship, above each other on different decks, Bay treet is at the rear. Food is the same so it doesn't make any difference.
  18. Vigo and Lisbon both walkable from the port. Research Vigo and find something to do. Not much going on in the town, there are attractions within short distance but if they aren't doing a tour they may need to research transport options, Lisbon. Lots to see, but having been for an extended stay following a cruise visit it is spread out and very hilly. Belem is a long way from the main centre, similarly the Oceanarium area with cable car along the river is a long way the other way, but both are worth visiting. The statue of Christ is across the river so a visit there also needs some planning. Trams, train and metro are all available, easy to use and not expensive. As the Lisbon stay is overnight it does mean time to see a lot, but not everything!
  19. One way long haul tickets are always expensive. You can sometimes find cheaper flights by accepting some inconvenience. For flights to US and Canada look to go via Dublin, Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris or less popular hubs such as Stockholm etc. Cheap flights to mainland Europe should be available, but we are now in main school holidays in Scotland so prices won't be as low as earlier or later in the year. It can sometimes be cheaper to book a package and not use the accommodation. Google flights would be my go to and I'd only book through the airline website, not via an agent thrown up by Skyscanner or other similar sites, especially if a transit is required.
  20. Issues around crowding on sea days demonstrate the low space per passenger on the Grand class ships with the extra deck of cabins.
  21. Pre book. If possible A good time to go on is just before sunset when the buildings are being lit up. In September sunset is around 7pm.
  22. The main downside with all Grand Class ships such as Azura and Ventura is the lack of a crows nest bar and not many public areas with a view to sit and watch to world go by. In the Med it may not be as much of an issue as sea days can be spent on deck, but if the weather is poor indoor areas are limited.
  23. Whilst I noticed the river in Rome and crossed it by foot, it wasn't an attraction as say the Seine. I can't see what you would see from a boat trip. If you want to do justice to Vatican and St Peters Basilica you may not have time for much else. Even with skip the line we were there about 4 hours and didn't do the climb up St Peter's as it was close to closing time.
  24. As above. Its due to you not going through any passport check on leaving the US. You will note in airports all passports are scanned on entry and exit. This is not your fault, but the passenger manifest should be provided to US Homeland security by P&O who should then update the records. Not much scope for failure in that process is there?!
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