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  1. One thing I don't understand here are restaurants offering drinks to go? Why are they promoting drinking and driving? I seen this on several places here in So. Florida.
  2. First of all, I personally know several people who are snowbirds who are staying in Fl. and not going back up North. They don't want to fly and catch the virus on the plane and they don't want to drive. Second, our Governor is asking people to self quarantine, but how do you enforce it? The stupid will remain stupid and not care about infecting others.
  3. I'm okay with that, good for the Senate. Why should my tax $$ go to bailout a non American company who mostly employs non Americans? I'm sorry the workers are getting sent home, but I think the cruise lines should make them whole, not us.
  4. I cancelled our cruise on March 10, supposed to sail March 22. I got a Dr. note that we couldn't sail and got all our money back. Credited to our CC. This was before the sailing got cancelled anyway. But their "Cruise with Confidence" policy says you can get 100% FCC.
  5. I'm not really complaining about the $100.00 charge, just don't think it's the right thing to do. No, $100.00 isn't going to make or break us. We have lost Thousands of $$ in the stock market, but we know once this virus is over, it will rebound. I just don't look at our holdings right now because it will make me sick.
  6. As will I. Is it their right to charge a fee? Yes. Is it the right business decision? No
  7. I never said it was Costco, it is not Costco and I cannot name the agency as it is against Cruise Critic policy. I don't think I am being a spoiled brat as you imply, I just don't think this is a good business policy moving forward and wanted other opinions. Thank you for yours.
  8. Sorry, didn't answer all of your questions. We booked the cruise 6 months ago. Yes we have travel insurance, but the cruise line is refunding our money so we won't be filing a claim.
  9. They did tell us when we first booked our cruise with them about the fee, but that should apply if we changed our mind, not under these circumstances. They said it would be applied toward a future cruise, are they now charging people to book a cruise with them? I have sent them an email saying I don't think this is a good business policy and will hurt them in the long run. And NO, if they do not reverse this charge I will NEVER use them again in the future. We would not have cancelled our cruise if this virus had not come about.
  10. We are both over 70 and have medical conditions. Our physicians told us not to cruise, so we cancelled our upcoming sailing. Now our travel agency,(a big box one) who we have used many times in the past is charging us $100.00 as a cancellation fee. Do you think this if right? I don't. I understand they are in business to make money, but going forward, this is not fair to the consumer. IMHO.
  11. Is it any wonder why people post something on here and then it's wrong 5 minutes later? Royal keeps changing their advisory. Last night it was, don't come to their pier, call and this morning it is gone. Why can't ROYAL CARIBBEAN make up their minds? For what it worth (not much) we're due to sail in 2 weeks and have had 0 emails from the cruise line about the virus, only to print our set sail pass or download their app. I understand things are changing, but set a policy so we understand what we will lose if we don't go?
  12. Yes, please share! Not only 5000+ passengers, add 3000+ crew
  13. We are in Fl, in our 70's not so great health, sailing in 2 weeks. 99% sure we are not going.
  14. We are "due" to sail on Oasis in 2 weeks. We are in our 70's and originally booked this 6 months ago, and yes we have travel ins. but not cancel for any reason. DH and I have decided we will be a no show, hopefully get our taxes and fees back, but better to lose $2500.00 than our lives. We both have disabilities that put us in higher risk.
  15. Just my experience. I used my scooter in Dec. for the first time. I found most people were very nice and made room on the elevator for me. The scooter fit into our cabin with no problem. Now we have a HC cabin booked on our next cruise in March. If you are on medicare and have a documented disability that requires you to use a scooter, medicare will pay for it.
  16. Our change happened during our cruise and we were never informed about it.
  17. I know the OP is referring to Port Everglades, I was saying the issue of leaving from 1 terminal and returning to a different terminal happens and there is usually a shuttle bus for those affected by this.
  18. You got that right. Were in West Palm and I only go south for a cruise.
  19. You should focus more on the ship and ports more than whether or not it is out of Ft. Lauderdale or Miami. Each port has positives and negatives.
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