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  1. We will be in 4164 on the Oosterdam TA in October and are definitely looking forward to that extended balcony. Our PCC told us that 4164 and 4166 are very popular and usually among the first to be booked.
  2. On a recent Rotterdam TA there was a group of mojong players who "reserved " 3 Crows Nest tables every morning but didn't begin play until after lunch. After a day or two, people began to move their briefcases and sit at the tables. The players found their tables open after 1pm. It all worked out...maybe they got the message. One thing we like about HAL is the abundance of places to sit by a window on many of the decks...and play a game or just be. There are available tables for everyone. Being considerate of others is the key.
  3. We purchased Detour insurance for our Caribbean cruise on Holland. We did visit the medical center and Detour paid our claim in full. The amount was $200 which was not a large claim, but we felt it was major to us. We definitely recommend Detour Insurance. They responded to our phone inquiries and were very professional. You can submit all your paperwork on line or through the mail. Our claim was settled within one month.
  4. Travel insurance through Detour Travel Insurance We submitted a claim the end of January which was approved yesterday. This company is underwritten by Nationwide. They have been very easy to work with and timely...no long waits on the phone either. I highly recommend them for medical insurance for a cruise.
  5. We have a medical claim pending with Detour Travel Insurance We are hoping they will pay for a visit to the medical center totalling $199.
  6. If you want the sun on your veranda you will want to be on the starboard side sailing to Europe. When sailing back to the States we choose the port side for sun exposure.
  7. We booked a VH obstructed and were offered a balcony upgrade at $199 pp. We agreed and were offered a V cabin on deck 5 Rotterdam but moved to a VA cabin on deck 6 (which was directly above the original V cabin on deck 5). Strange that deck 5 was a higher category in the very same location??? Be aware that upgrading also increased the cost of the original price of our platinum protection plan. But we felt it worth the $$ to be in a better cabin.
  8. Is the veranda on the V class cabin smaller than the other class verandas? We have heard this might be true and we were just upgraded on the Rotterdam to a V class veranda. For sure it will be better than our obstructed veranda. Thanks for your insight.
  9. Be sure to do the math. When we looked at our current reservation we found the cost of changing to a new reservation would be higher than the actual amount of adding on the gratuities to our original reservation. We can pay our gratuities on reservation #1 for less than making a new reservation. In other words it might not be a "deal."
  10. Has anyone stayed at a Ft Lauderdale hotel the night before leaving on a cruise with the hotel providing parking while you cruised?
  11. So excited...this time next week we will be sailing! See you soon, Jacqui. Safe travels!
  12. Today we got an offer of 100 OBC if we make our final payment 2 months before it's due. Not interested ...doesn't seem like an incentive? Why are they doing this?
  13. According to our PCC they asked as a group to clarify the new bookings only wording. They must have been swamped with unhappy clients. Not sure this promotion was ready to be rolled out as it was originally presented. The poor wording caused discontent among HAL loyalty clients....
  14. We know it's odfly shaped and has two windows. It is a DA class...for a Panama Canal cruise. Good choice?
  15. Just signed up for this 14 day cruise. The HAL $ sale clinched our commitment. Anyone else joining us on this passage?
  16. Can you tell me how it was in cabin 6102? We are condidering it for a Panama Canal Cruise. Thank you
  17. That's amazing but already booked by another...6102 is the alternative.
  18. We are thinking the front view will be good when coming into ports also. We will definitely leave our cabin when going through the canal...just have to walk out the door to the deck on 6.
  19. It is very tempting and good price...must decide by next week. The verandas are out of reach!
  20. How was the Zaandam? We have sailed the Oosterdam, Rotterdam, Westerdam and NS. The size of the Zaandam is appealing. What was your impression?
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