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  1. This thread is awesome! I'm laughing out loud...thank you Blazerboy for keeping this going!
  2. LOL - it is the Coco Cay post Perfect Day, with all the bells and whistles. smplybcause, thanks for your response!
  3. Hello all - I am seeking information for possible first time Norwegian cruises. My family has done Celebrity and Royal Caribbean and we love Coco Cay. For those who have visited both private islands, how do they compare? Any photos of Great Stirrup Cay? We have a 12 and 9 year old. Any info will be greatly appreciated. TIA!!!!!
  4. We will be overnight in Lisbon pre-cruise and are looking for a hotel recommendation. And any tour company recommendations, as well. The ship is actually overnight in Lisbon before we sail, so we will have two 1/2 days there all together. It's a first-time visit for both of us, so any recommendations will be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  5. I sailed on one of the Edge preview cruises last December and a week cruise this past January, both in the IV, which I would not choose to do again, as I prefer the traditional balcony. The main point for me is that the Edge (and Apex) offer a different cruising experience, which anyone is welcome to try, or return to time and time again. But I see no reason to take a successful class of ship (Solstice class) and try to turn them into something they are not, nor were ever designed to be. Let those of us who love the S-class be able to travel on those ships as they are, and those who love th
  6. Hi Norris! I was away for work, but had made a note to check for your GSJ upon my return, so here I am! So excited to take the journey with you. I have never been to the Fjords, but by the time you are done I know I will feel like I was there right alongside you and Carol.
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