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  1. I really hope it was just kids goofing and maybe putting on another cabin on another floor ...


    if it was adults … well ...


    and we decorate our door, but it's maybe $5 worth or less from the dollar bin attached with some glue on magnets ...

  2. 7 minutes ago, sun&sea said:

    Second rep seemed totally cluesless!! How are you getting through to the Princess reps??? One hour 10 minutes WASTED. She insisted I had to refare. No such thing as add-ons. I asked for her supervisor. Then, after 20 minutes, she comes back and starts the same thing!!! My cruise is to capacity...NO, it's half empty!!! Blah, blah. This should not be this hard. Then I was transferred to customer service. Two minutes on hold, click. Cut off. 


    Not happy at this point.



    could the add on's be capacity controlled ?

  3. 2 minutes ago, Daniel A said:

    When is your cruise?  I  have a cruise booked for Feb 2, 2020 and this promo doesn't apply to that one because the promo only covers cruises that sail after March 26, 2020.

    Looks like my little 5 day is not covered...7 or more in Caribbean... bummer

  4. 1 minute ago, Daniel A said:

    Some other time/thread I'd like you to explain what a mock booking is and how to do it.  But not now, this thread is busy enough.

    it's just like doing a regular booking online … but instead of putting down a deposit , you put a 'hold' on a cabin for a couple of days with no payment required … you get a booking number just like any other cruise … 'mock' bookings may not have been a good choice of words , sorry ...

  5. 1 hour ago, san diego sue said:

    I have been on three Medallian ships so far (Royal, Caribbean Princess, and Sky).Each cruise had a different process for boarding with and without Medallians. On the Royal didn't have  Medallian. In line checkin got it. I was concerned about my photo not being on. When we were scanned getting on the ship, the person didn't take our photo but was taking others. I asked and he said already on there and showed us. Mine was a photo taken the year before on the Royal(I guess somehow they save them).

    Then on Caribbean Princess this summer , same thing, the photo was three years old taken on that ship. On the Sky, my photo was already on, and it was the old Caribbean Princess photo.

    For the first time, I downloaded the Medallian appl a few days ago for a Royal Princess cruise coming up. Didn't scan a new photo but could have,the same old Caribbean photo was already on. I kept it.

    The process to board for people with Medallians was totally different on the Sky Princess in Europe. If you had Medallian, you didn't go to any check in desks, just boarded (after security).

    I don't use our phones once on board.So no ordering drinks etc.

    The Medallian works just like a key card and to charge items on board. Why are people wanting a key card instead?I can understand if you have any implants.Is it a privacy issue?

    first drink free with the medallion app … j/s

  6. 3 minutes ago, Daniel A said:

    It sure looks like a big win to me!  Be careful that you aren't counting on the figures for people with prior bookings doing upsells.  It sounds like you would be making a new booking and won't know what the cruise would cost until Wednesday.

    correct - I've got a mock booking holding the cabin until 12/12 … so we'll see what happens

  7. 38 minutes ago, Redwing55 said:

    Hmm, I did check that... FAQ and other flyers.  But to me anyway, it seems like both occupants have to purchase same adders for a booking.  I didn't see it in the section for those that already have a booking and are just adding to it.. not rebooking.  Maybe I'm just slow.. or maybe I'm just hopeful???  LOL.   It's that my wife isn't a drinker so there may not be that much of a deal for both of us to sign up.  I guess I'll know in a couple of days... patience.. something that I lack! 🙂

    on a 5 day cruise we are looking at … my 5 day PBP would be $ 350 just for me


    under the promotion, if i'm reading it correctly, we could BOTH get the PBP and GRATS for $ 30 pp per day , or $ 300 total


    win, win?

  8. 19 minutes ago, jagoffee said:

    Interesting as my saved cruised does not have any pricing.  Thanks

    I just went back in and did a mock booking for a cruise we will book on 12/11 and put a hold until 12/12 on a cabin ...

  9. 5 minutes ago, Vic The Parrot said:

    Is it about the size of a half-dollar? 

    2 x 3 inches - rubber duck … supposed to take a pic of it and post on Face Book Duck Pirates  … 


    I guess you find these ducks at different places , take the pic, and then either take the duck home with you or place it somewhere else for someone to 'find' it again ...

  10. 1 minute ago, jagoffee said:

    You are able to get pricing for a new cruise booking?  Perhaps the issue is with an IPad as it is not working for me for me.

    yes … it was in my 'saved' cruises, but yes the pricing was there as well

  11. 1 minute ago, c-boy said:

    so vol, ya didn't get an upgrade. Was the tree day'er still worth it ?

    absolutely … ended up adding the 1 day pre-cruise at the Hilton … very relaxing


    we did get a "move-over" offer 2 days before … I called back, left message … they called back when I was out of office ( I know, I know ) ... I called back, left message - never heard back 


    I was gonna ask for everything … so prolly wouldn't have got it anyway ..


    but, yeah … I'm not sure I'd do another "inaugural" like that with all the obnoxious 'cruise planners' on board 

  12. 3 minutes ago, Daniel A said:

    Since you are considering making an initial booking for a 5 day cruise it will be $50 refundable deposit for PAX 1&2 in the same cabin.  According to the fine print on the sale flyer: 

    "Deposit of $100 per guest is refundable. Full Suites require a $200 refundable deposit per guest. Cruises under 6 days require a $50 refundable deposit per guest. Deposits are required for guests 1 and 2 only. Reference promotion code: NZ*."


    thanks - but there seems to be another thread about deposit amounts changing on 12/9 … today 


    maybe that doesn't apply to certain promotions like the above


    50 would be nice,  100 acceptable IF both are refundable

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