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  1. 3 minutes ago, Ken the cruiser said:

    OK, just so I got this right because our TA isn't as sharp as some. All we need to do is call up our TA, have our 4 BSE bookings refared to the "bare bones" rate, if it makes economical sense to do so,  and then have her add the BEST2DG code to our applicable bookings for $30 pp/day? Cool!!! 

    hopefully it works for you … just as you stated, re-run the numbers under the current pricing on the re-fare or cancelling and doing a new booking


    has the cruise fare changed since you booked ?

  2. KEN, you have to call Princess or your TA to do this … make SURE after checking your currently booked fare, and the current fare (today) to see if there are any differences


    also make sure the person you talk to knows about the option of ADDING the BEST2DG code and not doing a re-fare or booking

  3. 6 hours ago, yvr49 said:

    We want to book a cruise in August but don't need the WiFi part of the BSE as we already have that with Platinum.  Is there any way to get the Drinks and grats perks for $30 that have been mentioned in other posts, using the BEST2DG code,  with a new booking?  If not we'll just book using the standard fare as the price difference using the full BSE is over $800 for the 2 of us.

    that's what we did … booked the bare bones cruise, then added BEST2DG to it … saved us almost $500 doing it that way, partly because we booked under "Getaway" promo 

  4. 4 minutes ago, Tedferg said:

    I am amazed that it is not promoted as an addon plus keep prior perks - I would not have known that but for the thread here on CC. Even fliers from my TA do not mention this.

    and that has led to a lot of confusion on both Princess reps, and with 'TA's' who didn't understand the promotion


    and is seems like maybe they still don't with posts about having to "re-fare" to get the 'add-ons' 

  5. 3 minutes ago, pms4104 said:

    More likely that Princess is weighing the value of offering a bare bones and a more incusive fare, with pax choosing one  

    BSE is currently available as an "add-on" and it expires 2/29/20 ...


    wonder if after that, and after evaluation, if it will be available again, but maybe only for re-bookings under that promotion , or new bookings only … and NOT as the 'add-on' to existing bookings and promotions

  6. 29 minutes ago, Tedferg said:

    I wonder if BSE is a test of a lower priced PBP. Maybe they could adjust the drinks per day number. At the right combination of # Drinks per day and Package price, they might get more people to opt for a newer package even though it is higher cost than their usual by-the-drink cost. It would be convenient and some days you win, some days you lose.

    I've never "lost" a day with the PBP... even port days...😎

  7. if anything , 'formal night(s)  hashave gotten more casual over the last 3 years , from what I have observed ...


    dress pants, a long sleeve shirt ( no tie ) for me … no jacket required - and dress echo sandals - at least in the caribbean


    other regions may vary

  8. 19 hours ago, satxdiver said:

    I have been on 11 Princess ships thus far and have never seen bowling offered.  I have also sailed on CCL, HAL and RCI and have never seen bowling lanes.

    it's for crew only and located next to one of the crew only bars … at least that's what I heard a couple of the crew talking about meeting there at 2 am after their shifts … 

  9. Pretty sure I got the BDE on the BSE ( Best Deal Ever on the Best. Sale. Ever.)


    we booked a "Getaway" promotion where the 2nd person is/was 50% off the fare of the first … when we added BEST2DG ( drinks and grats ) for $ 30 per day for me , 5 days at $ 30 per day - $ 150 … this was added to our cruise fare … and as such , when the BEST2DG was also added to my wife's fare , "her" cost was $ 15 per day ( remember that 50% off ) 


    talk about a winner, winner, chicken dinner !! 🤑

  10. like Colo above, we try to get to the port between 10 and 10:30 … if we have to wait somewhere, we'd rather be waiting with our carryon(s) in the terminal, than waiting for the traffic to clear … 


    we've even 'tailgated' in the parking garage when we got there at 9 am one time … but didn't fire up the grill 😎

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