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  1. I agree with you that the 70 year old required doctors release is discriminatory. I am hoping this will go away if the Corona virus runs its course, if it ever does without a vaccine. I can see how they don't want me now and I also don't want to go on a cruise until this virus situation is safe again. I was 70 in February and wonder when my next cruise will be and wonder how hard the cruise line will continue to make it for me to board.
  2. I am booked for a May 17 cruise out of Galveston on the Liberty. I think this will be too soon for the virus to be gone and we will need to cancel. I am looking at a November 14 cruise on the Odyssey. We planned to fly on Southwest and they allow 6 months for the next flight, so I would need to cancel before May 17 and book a flight before November 17. I guess we can book the November flight and then cancel if the virus is still prevalent.
  3. I took this excursion a while back and it was a good excursion. You can see the two volcanos as you approach them for quite a while. They are quite majestic to see. The swim stop was nice. It might not be the same bay as now. I enjoyed the day, but it might not be what you are looking for in an excursion.
  4. I print out the luggage tags, too. Maybe people just have the porters write them, or they have high enough status to ask for them to be sent.
  5. There must be a way to challenge this decision. Go higher with this.
  6. My husband and I are both Diamond. We find 4 bottles of water in our cabin when we arrive. It is not restocked as we use it. They are 16 oz. bottles. We sometimes refill them ourselves from the tap. Also, during Diamond Happy Hour time, we can get a bottle of water as one of the free drinks.
  7. I think applying for TSA PRE is a good idea. We had bought a pass for the bus transportation in Galveston and it was extremely slow leaving due to various problems and we barely made our flight at 12:30. We had TSA PRE and walked through security. When we got to our gate, they called for boarding in five minutes. Had we been in the security line, I doubt we would have made it. Plan for everything that can go wrong and do what you can to avoid the delays.
  8. I read posts of people who take a carry on size suitcase for the week and if this works, more power to them. I take two suitcases and can manage both of them. They stay under the airline's weight and size limits. At the pier, I tip the porter to put them on a cart. They fit under the bed after I unpack. I don't mind having two suitcases, in fact, I like having two suitcases. To each his own.
  9. We live outside of Kansas City in Overland Park, Kansas. We have flown to Galveston twice for the Navigator and once for the Liberty. We flew into Houston Hobby and got transportation to our hotel in Galveston. We had a reservation with a transportation service to pick us up at the airport and take us to our hotel. That was easy. What was hard was initially getting a hotel room. It could be we picked the wrong dates, but twice we struggled to find a room 10 months out. We finally did, but the next hurdle was getting a cab to the pier the next day. We called the cab company the night before as recommended by the hotel and made a reservation and they did call the next morning and then pick us up and take us to the pier. I think staying in Houston might be the solution and then having a transportation service take us to the pier the next day. We will be on the Liberty again sailing May 22, 2020. All the Hilton or Marriott hotels were full. We made the reservation in June. I always think it will be easier that next time and it never is. Most people on the ship seemed to be from Texas or Oklahoma and drove to Galveston. Some drove a good distance. Texas is not a small state.
  10. I have Diamond status and I don't think I ever got priority boarding for security. Security took as short or long a time as it did and then we got where we could get in a Diamond line. It depends how many security lines are open for how fast it is. My brother had the Key and said they went through regular security and then got the special Key boarding. We were boarding the Allure then, but I don't remember the diamond question coming up until after security at any port until after security. We are both on the Liberty in May out of Galveston, him with the Key again, and we will see what happens there.
  11. I found out that different apps run in the background and run up your phone bill on the ship. Facebook was one. Even though I did not use Facebook on my phone, it still used a lot of data. Look at how much data your apps use. I have AT&T also. I always get a text about the amount of data I have used. I call them and it is always some apps that did it. I did not send any pictures or do anything to run up the bill the second time, yet still I had a big bill. I'm turning it off the next time.
  12. We bring magnetic hooks to hang on the ceiling to hang wet things on them. I put pictures of my grandkids on the wall with a refrigerator magnet. Every ship I have been on has had metal walls and ceilings so far. ☺️
  13. I have had a promenade room several times. I have one booked again on the Liberty of the Seas. These cabins have a much more open feel that a true inside room because of the window. I like looking down at the promenade at any time of the day. I agree about needing to close the drapes when dressing, but this is true also for Central Park and Boardwalk rooms on the Oasis class ships. I also bring a clothespin in case the drapes don't close well, to hold the drapes closed better and block out the light overnight. Maybe since the remodels, I might not need this. I did not find noise to be a problem. I must not have been in the cabin when most of the noise was taking place.
  14. If I lived on the coast I might be able to stop using plastic straws. I live in Kansas. There are no sea turtles near our landfills because there is no ocean. There are places giving out awful paper straws here, but mostly there are still plastic straws in restaurants. I did not like the paper straws on the ship. They were too wide and felt wrong. I like narrower straws unless it is a thick drink. I understand that plastic straws take hundreds of years to go away, but what Imp 29 says about plastic bottles and Styrofoam items is also true. Washing aluminum straws or bamboo straws on the ship in that dinky sink would be possible, I guess, if you brought your own dishwashing soap. I guess you could soak them. I buy the soda package and the new drink bottle has a built-in straw.
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