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  1. Father, I just got home so I will join you for the 5:00 PM singalong. That way you don't have to sing alone. I do miss our toot fests. Thanks Redneck Bob.
  2. Thanks Copper, I know I miss the toot fests that we get to enjoy all winter long. Hope all the crew members get home safely.
  3. Lois, sorry to hear that you were in the hospital for 6 days. I hope you are doing much better now and on the way to a full recovery. My biggest issue is COPD from bad habits when I was younger. I quit smoking almost 20 years ago, but I didn't quit early enough as it damaged my lungs and with this Covid-19, that is not a good thing. It woud be great to be on a cruise, but I think I will probably wait a little bit to see how the first few months of cruising work out before I get brave enough to get back aboard a ship. Take care of yourself.
  4. Hi Lois, I think you are right, it will depend on supply and demand. I'm sure that there will be plenty of people that will be ready to cruise when things open up again, but are they all going to be willing to be the first test tube sailors until we see what happens when things resume? I know I have some underlying health issues so I doubt if I will be rushing back again until I am confortable with sailing on a cruise ship again and being able to get off and on the ship safely and healthy. Hope you are staying safe down there in Sunny Florida. Neil
  5. Well I guess our Sail away is over for the day. Thanks Roy for starting the thread. Good Night.
  6. Volendam is under way. Let the parade begin.
  7. Departure toot from someone, I wonder who it could be.
  8. Checking In for our big sail away today.
  9. Thanks Roy, we miss the sailaways so much that even a two ship sailaway will be a treat.
  10. Father, I hope that you also have a Blessed Easter.
  11. I have had both good and not so good meals on every cruise line I have sailed with, so I am not going to say which line has the worst food in the MDR. None of them are gourmet dining at its finest. Everyone has their likes and dislikes and since food is so subjective, what is good food to someone may be terrible food to someone else. For example, I did a TA once that was 16 days long. I think they served a different type of meat loaf about every fourth day. A lot of people do not consider meat loaf a gourmet treat. I don't mind a good meat loaf from time to time so I didn't think it was bad food, but others might think that was terrible. I am just saying, to each their own.
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