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  1. Looks like the cruises you are looking are are selling well. It might be helpful to call princess directly to help with cabin availability and pricing I find when I call I also like to have the deck plan or a mock booking available to compare and ask questions
  2. I had fun, it a was a fun excursion. Left the kids at home, and DH and I did a day in Seattle, the one day cruise and a day in Vancouver. We mostly can only get away for short periods of time so are used to one day trips to other places. We had fun but probably wouldn't do it again.
  3. We did Anytime dining for a few years and don't like it. I don't want to wait to eat and I don't like buffets. The last year we did Anytime dining we ended up with half the cruise in specialty dining because you can mostly walk in and be seated (even on Christmas that last time we did Anytime Dining, but I think that was dumb luck). The new dine times work better for us, 7:30 Late Traditional is perfect (which is what dinner has been every time we've done Late Traditional since the times changed). If you are on a port intensive cruise, I could see Anytime being busy and Traditional dining maybe being an issue to get back to. We prefer traditional, but its up to you, and what's more important. If you are OK with waiting do anytime (sometimes you can walk right in), if you want to have a set time, do traditional.
  4. In our youth we sailed and enjoyed Carnival. In my 40's now and love Princess. We've been cruising mostly Princess for the last 15 years (?). It's been a while. Princess is more laid back than Carnival. What I did enjoy about Carnival was the Piano bar, and Princess' Crooners is not the same. Usually it's not adults in the disco, but kids or empty on Princess. We still have a great time. In the summer you will still find some younger people and families on Princess. We tend to cruise during holidays (Spring Break, Christmas and Thanksgiving) so I think the kids are in higher numbers than "normal" Princess cruises, but it's never been a problem for us (I should add that we have 2 kids who mostly cruise with us, but DH and I try to do a couples vacation every once in a while, we've gotten away on 3 cruises without kids, usually in March-April). I think you should give Princess a try and see if you enjoy it as much as we do,
  5. Ask a head waiter. They will likely know what days it will be or find out for you
  6. Usually if you pay the corkage you are fine. There have been times when they didn't see a sticker, or a sticker was not provided, but having proof of payment helped to resolve the issue.
  7. Hawaii is our favorite itinerary! I hope you have a great time!
  8. Thanks for sharing! I've heard of people saying there are "perks" to booking while on board and I've never seen any myself! Nice to know they exist!
  9. Good for you. Thanks for not leaving it alone Lets agree to disagree
  10. Can we agree that this is something that could have inconsistency from Princess and leave it at that? As I said, I didn't test it, if I wanted to not deal with Princess inconsistency, I would cancel and ask for a new booking number as you mentioned. Otherwise I could leave it up to the potential flip flop of a Princess rep. Perhaps you have never had a sour experience with their inconsistencies. I have not been so lucky
  11. Yes, once elite you can send as much as you want. I tend to not send many things, my husband packs very lightly and sends a lot in. I don't like the HOT water and HOT dryer. I mark all the tags as cold water only please, but unsure if they actually do that. I still wash some things by hand myself or do a load on longer cruises.
  12. Right, I knew that, but technically, it's a new booking. I lost my previous perks. I don't care enough to test it. I was merely commenting on a potential for inconsistent behavior from Princess on that policy
  13. I don't think you need the rum runners. As others have stated, if wrapped up in your luggage they should be fine. If you want take extra precautions you could take bubble wrap for bottles. I think you will be fine. I've traveled with bottles in my luggage. I've never had a problem with breakage (knock on wood), but weight could be a concern.
  14. I have not tried, but I suspect if your original booking is refundable you can call back when you have a FCC, cancel and rebook your same cabin with the FCC. The problem with the Princess reps is that they are consistently inconsistent. Getting a response now means nothing until you go to do "something", anything, because their answers vary. I recently re-fared with an existing booking, that had a refundable deposit to a non refundable deposit. That process was simple, but I suspect they wouldn't let me transfer to a TA because it was originally booked a long time ago (this is just and example of things that could be inconsistent, but I didn't try and not your specific situation)
  15. We were on the Royal under the SkyView Bar and enjoyed the location. We did not hear any noise from above to bother us. We were on Marina deck, M422. The balcony was disappointing, even though it was "bigger", but we had an awesome cruise. The location was great, just a short walk to the retreat pool.
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