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  1. I still think California will have a problem to start soon, but I may be overly pessimistic and jaded. I know the mayor of San Francisco has taken a strong stance on this. I don’t know how the mayor of Los Angeles (not sure who resides over the port there) feels. The Governor has also dealt with this with a heavy hand. So, it will be interesting to see what happens on October 31. Sounds like the CDC may lift the no sail order. I don’t know if State or local government can stop ships from sailing or if foreign ports will even allow ships to dock. I would love to go on vacation, but before I pay in full I want to understand what that means, what’s included, what’s different, on a cruise ship. I Need to know those details. Will will we dock at the ports on the itinerary? How many will we miss, if any. I know the cruise contract says it can change them but if the expectation is only 1, I probably won’t go. What happens if there is a Covid outbreak? Will we be quarantined on the ship? What’s the plan? I’m fine with the easy stuff, I’ll wear a face mask, hand washing is great and hand sanitizer, Fine, but how will the public venues work? Restaurants and bars? I suspect what ever the plan is, it will be modified after it begins to iron out and tweak the process. I don’t go to shows, but what’s the plan there? More shows per night? Less people allowed? No shows at all? This impacts other public space. What’s the official capacity ships will sail at? I’ve been to hotels, I know their Covid capacity for hotel and restaurants on site. Will princess provide this information? We have final payment upon us in a week. I don’t know if I will have enough information to make Me comfortable enough to make the payment. I know there are those who will be fine and I look for to hearing how things go for them. It’s just too much money to put out for us. I do worry that I won’t get back the money I’ve paid so far into Princess. The stock tanked and that one doesn’t kill me. We’ve enjoyed the perks and if Carnival survives and keeps giving the perks, we will still benefit, but all the cancelled cruise credits and FCC’s we still have concern me if something happens. I was willing to be on a September cruise as a Guinea pig, but time has passed and made me more cautious/frightened. I am excited that this meeting happened and hope it means crushing will start soon!! Once they’ve ironed out the kinks we will book and pay for our next cruise. I just need to understand what’s different
  2. I think Princess will accept final payments. I don’t think the cruises will happen this year, at least not in California. I don’t think the governor will allow cruise ships to dock here. I wouldn’t want to be out thousands of dollars during the holidays. For us, it’s better to spend that money elsewhere. 😢 this will break years of tradition
  3. In the past I’ve had success in making a booking for a wait listed category. This was a holiday cruise in 2014. At the time I couldn’t book a room for 4, like I needed, and I was willing to pay the refundable deposit. We received our wait listed category after final payment was due and people dropped out of their bookings. However, I did check in regularly with Princess to check on the status of my wait listed cruise. They never contacted me. I found out during one of those calls that there was a cabin available. We had every possible category we were willing to take on our wait listed reservation. It’s possible my available waitlisted cabin would have eventually lead to a call from Princess but I find it’s better to be proactive unless you don’t care if you do or don’t go. So, I’d add all available categories to your wait list and call regularly to check if anything is available.
  4. I suspect they will not go. However, I am not sure Princess will cancel prior to final payment for this one. Don't think I'd willingly play chicken with Princess on this one.
  5. This is our most frequent cruise. I actually don't like 7 day cruises, I feel they are too short. Don't get me wrong, if that's what I get, I'll take it! My preference however is for a longer 10-15 day cruises from our of my home port of San Francisco. We love sailing under the Golden Gate Bridge. We've done the Star to Hawaii out of San Francisco back in 2014 and really enjoyed it. Even though we are local to the Bay Area, we always do a pre cruise stay in SF to enjoy the great restaurants there. We've done the Mexican Riviera so many times on land trips and cruise ships that I feel like we've done most of the excursions too! We no longer do any excursions off the ship in these ports, but that's because we've found "our place" for those short hours in each place on the Mexican Riviera. In PV I did love the tours to Las Caletas and Yelapa for water and sun. These days we take the bus downtown, eat somewhere on the Malecon (breakfast across the street from the cathedral and while we don't have a favorite place for lunch, our last places have been to Cheeky Monkey and the place next door/across the street from there), then we shop at the Huichol shop (that also has Catrina's in the window) at the beginning of El Malecon. We hit it up last in case we buy something we want to be careful with. If we do make a large purchase we do a taxi back, otherwise we take the bus again. In Mazatlan we sometimes get a Pulmonia, open air taxi to drive us through town, pick up an 8 pack of beverages at a corner market OXXO, maybe get some pastries downtown, watch the divers from the cliff, drive through the Golden Zone, and grab a bite to eat somewhere. The Cathedral is beautiful if you've never been. In Cabo, we have a few places we like to go to. Uber is fairly cheap there. We sometimes go to Mango deck, there is a restaurant next door that has great steak for breakfast, and cheaper than Mango deck. The kids enjoy the beach time as well. I used to love the stop in Ixtapa and was very sad to no longer have it. Very romantic looking town, with cobble streets, its quaint, great food. I miss it. Manzanillo is not my favorite stop. There is a beautiful fish (blue marlin?) sculpture in town and when we went I think it was December 24 or 25 and nothing was open. I'm sure I can find something there to enjoy, just haven't been enough times to know what that is. While I do love sailing out of SF, when it comes to a California Coastal (not what you were asking about) I prefer to leave from LA so that Monterey and SF are port stops. I never want to get off the ship in LA and I prefer Monterey over Santa Barbara when only in town for a day. I know I can do both with a short drive, but it's nice to not have to pay for parking and have a cruise ship to take you home. 🙂 When traveling to port and considering LA or SF I would focus on Ship and cost to fly to each port. Cheaper airfare /cruise fare may help me with my decision making.
  6. Previously the CDC extended the no sail order to September 30, 2020. I suspect the next CDC update will tell us when the next extension is set. My guess is we will know more in October, past this no sail order. In Mid July they extended 2.5 months. Who knows what is next? Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  7. When getting an inside cabin Plaza deck is an amazing location. We love it! However our experience with OV on plaza matches Thrack’s experience, worst ever location, loud banging at night and I could sleep. Crazy thing is it was a cruise to Hawaii, first one and and it’s my favorite itinerary that we have done many times over since our “loud” cabin on plaza. Our friends cruised across from our cabin in an inside room and they had zero issues with sound on the same cruise. We never had issues before before! So I do stand by my Plaza Inside is awesome but OV can be LOUD with banging Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  8. I tried to find the session on youtube, but it doesn't seem to be there. I could only find Princess Connects Live! from July. Is it so bad they aren't even going to share it? Whoopsie! That IS bad!!
  9. I wouldn't worry about it. Princess isn't going to police this. I will admit, it makes me crazy to not be able to find a spot when I want one. The last resort we went to we would wake up at 6 AM, claim our chairs, go to breakfast at 7 and walk from breakfast to our spots. We'd stay in our spots until 3 ish. There were times that the chairs saved around us were taken while we were at Breakfast and people would not show up until noon. I don't have that stay power or patience on a cruise. Too many other things to do!
  10. I agree, Enforcement is what is lacking. A lot of change will be required to modify the process. Employees fear customer complaints Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  11. Nope, doesn't seem cheaper if you are doing multiple stops with a car
  12. So, which ferry from where to where do you mean? We've done Anchorage to Soldotna (driving) to visit friends, and there are other places to visit, but no idea what ferries are available in Alaska.
  13. It's possible people are just booking for cabin preference and plan on re booking if prices improve, or cancel prior to final payment. I know our Alaska pricing is more next year than it was this year. We hope we can get to re fare for a cheaper fare, but if we can't it may be our last cruise to Alaska. Doing a land trip to Alaska is just as rewarding, you just don't get to see as many places.
  14. Nope, not booked or planned at this time. You missed the if we were cruising to Europe part to my message 😉
  15. We are in California too, and our salons are not opening yet! I have been patiently waiting for that to happen. My hair is in desperate need.
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