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  1. I wish we could opt out of the paper delivery. I'd still want the Patter, but keep the rest, Princess. I'm looking into bringing my own straws now. 😞
  2. I haven't asked. I suspect money is a big motivator and perhaps cabins will start to be designed a little bit smaller and won't fit.
  3. Thanks for posting the wine list at Vines. I am so disappointed to see the Spellbound gone, but it probably cost too much for them to make a profit. I think next cruise I would be OK with Vines wine. Appreciate the photos. Enjoy your cruise!
  4. We've never done the balcony dinner, but your photos have looked amazing!! Thanks for taking the time to post. If you happen to go to Vines would you take a photo of the current wine menu. Wondering what wines can be found there these days. Thanks,
  5. That's the best way to show Princess you are unhappy with them, book elsewhere. However, I hope you express your displeasure via email now and after your cruise via the ship, and cruise survey. Princess needs to realize that they are losing customers. If enough complain maybe they will realize the issue. Look what happened with Crooners. They took it away and brought it back on new designs.
  6. How do you like them? How long have you been using them? Easy to clean? How do they hold up? I've seen some wobbly reusable straws. Thanks for your feedback. 🙂
  7. Wow what a nice thing to say! Not the case and not worth sharing but have a great day
  8. I have not had a cruise paper straw, but all paper straws I've had at bars in SF or restaurants have been quick to disintegrate and hard to suck out of.
  9. Nothing sucks more than finding this our after final payment. I'm sorry you are going through this frustration. Try calling back at another time to talk to someone more receptive. See if you can upgrade your cabin? Mini Suites have a sofa and so does a Deluxe balcony. We have booked a Deluxe balcony on our next cruise because we wanted a sofa. After a lot of hard work we were able to make a change last year after final payment to our cabin. There were special circumstances and issues and Princess resolved it. It cost us $800 more for the cabin, but we were much happier with the new cabin. Good luck, and I'm sorry you are dealing with this. It seems frustrating.
  10. Paper straws never outlast the drink. You need like 2 to make it through your beverage. Not a fan of paper straws.
  11. We got this email today as well, but I thought it was from Princess. We just opted out. Thanks!
  12. I'll drink the tap water from the dining room but I won't drink from a tap in the bathroom. It's my personal thing. I know it's the same water, but I like cold water and I don't want to feel like I'm drinking toilet water. It's in my head, I know.
  13. You can bring as many cans of "soda" you want. Just not glass bottles of seltzer.
  14. I think you still get the minutes. The discount is for an unlimited package.
  15. Pay as you go sounds like the way to go. It will be MUCH cheaper. They say the water is drinkable from the tap but I don't do it other than to brush my teeth. You can pre purchase water from your personalizer and you can carry on all the water you want as well. You don't need medical clearance.
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