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  1. Not this year. At least we haven’t booked yet. We were planning on doing a land trip to Thailand, Japan or Vietnam but now I’m not sure. The Royal is my favorite. I have not been on the Regal but I know I’d love it too! Glad you got away from the cold!
  2. We've done it. It was a fine cruise. Weather was really warm. The merchandise was all discounted, and not much left. lol It didn't bother us much. We enjoyed it, did a Southbound cruise and did a week pre cruise in Alaska. It was awesome. We did see bears and eagles. Our river rafting trip was a bust with low water. We got stuck on a rock and our guide had to jump out and push us off it. I said next time I want to do an early season cruise so it's colder and feels more "Alaska", but if there was a deal, I'd go! I never say no to vacation!
  3. If they have it, you can ask for it. I am sure the "cheaper" version of all liquor is what Princess prefers to serve. We always request the brand. If I want a vodka soda, I ask for Grey Goose Soda. If I want bourbon, I ask for Blantons... Just kidding. I don't let them serve the cheap stuff, because they will if you don't specify.
  4. Thanks for the review Lynn! I had worried about the Retreat pool and it sounds like I would not like the new set up. Love it on the Royal! I'd love to go on a new ship, but we mostly cruise from the west coast. Glad you had a good cruise. It's nice to be on vacation.
  5. If you mean getting your drink through the PBP and then buying a drink at the same time, yes they let you do that and walk away with two drinks.
  6. Sadly, one at a time with the package. We have gotten our favorite bar tender to put a bucket of beers on ice for us behind the bar, then as we need another, it was provided, but we've never been given the full bucket when we have the PBP.
  7. We got an upsell in December. I looked up cabins I wanted, but none of the ones I wanted were "available for upsell", they were available for new bookings though. The Upsell department had it's own list of cabins that were available. We eventually got the upsell, but we started 3-4 times and by the time I looked at deck plan and said yes, it was taken.
  8. It's the same shrimp and if it's in the buffet, it's cheaper to get and bring to your room (for free). However it's been some time since we did that, SO, I would love to hear that it's been upgraded and better now.
  9. We wait listed once for Club class after we booked the cruise. We eventually got an up sell but were on a cruise when they sent it, so we missed the window to book
  10. I personally enjoy both style ships, but they are different. Royal Class ships are bigger than Grand Class. Would do either in a heartbeat.
  11. I too am very curious as to how this will affect the Olympics, for both athletes and spectators.
  12. I travel for work, I'm on planes constantly, in hotels, rental cars, restaurants, etc. where I don't control the sanitation process. While not a cruise, I am going to Japan in 6 weeks, unless the CDC recommends against it.
  13. I always leave gratuities in place. If I have a problem with someone, I address that problem on the ship. If I have spectacular service, I go out of my way to fill out the form on board and to commend the service on the post cruise survey, and provide an extra tip if warranted. If service is mediocre, I leave it alone. We prepay for budgeting purposes. There have been cruises where we had so much OBC that we didn't prepay, but that is not always the case.
  14. No, you can pay up to a few days before the cruise. If I'm pre-paying I usually spread it out, so it's not all at once. You can start before final payment, if you want. Shore excursions need to be paid to be booked.
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