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  1. It has not (to my knowledge) been offered on any of our Regent cruises, as well. We're on for Xmas/New Years but have gotten no info. I have a feeling this will be something that we book, once onboard. Once we're a board, we'll ask one of the sommeliers. I'm sure they'll know.
  2. WOW! That looks fantastic! I can only hope that we'll have that offered on the Explorer at Xmas time!
  3. We're on the Explorer Christmas/New Year's cruise and I have no idea if it will be offered or not, however has anyone done this? If so, can you tell a little about it? What did they pour? Good stuff, I'm sure, but any details would be appreciated.....even if we don't have to opportunity to enjoy. Thank you!
  4. Of course it wasn't your fault! I guess I just find it unusual to have acknowledged it was empty and not asked your cabin stewards, why was it empty? The curiosity alone would've killed me...haha!
  5. RE: The Empty Fridge.... My big question is: Did you ask why? Did you then tell them what you'd like in the fridge? Call me dense, but I just can't imagine going a whole cruise without saying something or leaving a note for your cabin staff, addressing the problem......Would love an answer to those questions.....
  6. Actually, we didn't receive an email. Our info came from Regent via our TA.... Could be that TA will forward that info to folks who haven't gotten any info of late.
  7. Same cruise, same info....all seems to be as originally booked, however it's still early. Had to tweek our return air, as it was an insane itinerary. TA contacted Regent and now it's perfect. There aren't enough accolades for a good TA.
  8. I completely agree with you about planning for a specific port. Who knows what'll be happening by Dec. We look forward to going, no matter where Regent takes us, even if it's sailing circles in the Caribbean. We've been to many of these ports before so the world will not end if we don't get to specific ones. We would be completely happy to just let Regent drop grapes in our mouths and refresh their good cocktails as well as keeping the champers coming and the supply of crab legs in abundance in Prime 7!!
  9. We're literally in the same boat...Dec. 20 thru Jan 3. Have heard nothing about port cancellations or testing protocols....I'd like to think that anytime time now, we "should" hear something. We have a very reliable TA who does a lot of business with Regent....will hope that as soon as she knows anything, we'll know.
  10. We're thinking about this one as well....Even if we lose some time going east, you can't beat the price. Next project is to check out business air return....could very possibly be more than the cruise! Even just garden variety economy is more than a low cat. cruise!
  11. She looks beautiful ! Someone, please remind me of her first passenger sailing......
  12. .....oh and I REALLY missed the doilies in the trash cans........(giggle!). Missed it terribly in the Bahamas!!!
  13. Bellini-tini and espresso martini.....maybe?
  14. Yes, been there, kissed the fish....always fun for everyone!
  15. Yes! Yes! We're interested! Thank you for taking the time to post and keep 'em coming, if you can!!
  16. Please keep us all posted on the fates of those disembarked....we're all pulling for them!
  17. I could certainly be wrong, but I think Funchal is on Madeira and the Cape Verde's are aways off, off Africa. Have been to both. The Cape Verdes are in fact, pretty dry and mountainous. I'd vote for Madeira, if I had to be put ashore!
  18. And CC, of course. Over on the NCL Breakaway thread they know and they smell blood, so to speak. The funky toilet situation didn't do any good either, even tho that is fixed and totally irrelevent to the seriousness of Covid.
  19. Although we're probably not the "upper crust" Cunarders, we're sailed with them 10+ times. I, personally, would LOVE to see "national dress" on formal nights. Years ago we were on a Princess cruise which had an array of Asian passengers. Most appeared in the most spectacular kimonos and the men in robes and long flowing pleated pants. They were all absolutely stunning. I've also seen lovely Scandinavian dress as well as classical mid western garb with 10 gallon hats, turquoise bolos and silver studs, etc. I think it's totally appropriate and charming....but that's just me!
  20. ut oh....never ment to be a bother. We were just trying to get a realistic and official stance on just what's required or not. There are so many versions of what's expected (or not). Not to worry, I won't come back to bother NCL or anyone else.
  21. Sounds good. Please keep us posted! Received this from the NCL guest services honcho....clear as mud.... VP Guest Services (vicepresidentguestservices@ncl.com)To:you Details Bahamas Vaccination Requiremen...pdf (117 KB) Dear Linda, Thank you for your inquiry, we are still working directly with local officials to determine protocol for our guests traveling to the Bahamas and will notify our guests as soon as possible. Our most recent communication regarding the Bahamas is attached. Jonathan Rose on behalf of Katty Byrd Vice President, Guest Services vicepresidentguestservices@ncl.com Norwegian Cruise Line 7665 Corporate Center Drive | Miami FL 33126
  22. That's entirely possible, but now I just want to know what NCL's protocol is....to visa or not to visa! Still awaiting a reply! Stay tuned!
  23. I do understand the thing about cruises that originate in the Bahamas (been there, done that) but apparently even tho some cruises originated in Miami, if they were stopping in the Bahamas, they still needed the health visa. I've emailed the powers that be with NCL. Will see what they have to say. I'll report back when (and if) I hear anything.
  24. I just sent that off....will report back what I find out!
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