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  1. I guess we’d be considered old coots but we’re not dead yet! More updated music would be fun especially at the pool areas! Maybe even some live music would be appreciated!
  2. On the Feb Grandeur Caribbean run, we stopped in St.Barts as well. Didn’t know this had been an issue…
  3. Wow! Guess they mean business!
  4. OH NO! (echo...haha!) we've enjoyed all of your accounts so much, but this last one wasn't such a good one....so very sorry! Hurry up and get better! We'll be watching for you in the future on CC!
  5. Mulligan’s on 39th& Madison We can both walk there from our hotels We’ll toast you guys! Will pass on your greetings to them!
  6. We’ve enjoyed all of your comments on your cruise and the ship! Thanks for taking us along! Tonight we’re having dinner at a pub with Jackie and Dennis in NYC . Will be thinking of you when we suck down the Guinness! Best, J&L
  7. Z, what was that terrific looking cocktail with the tennis ball ice “sphere “? Looks yummy!
  8. Pictures were fabulous! Cunard should hire you for some of their copy! Thank you for sending them on to us!
  9. ut oh.....so sorry that dinner in P7 left A LOT to be desired. It's usually one of my favorites. Here's hoping it's a "one of" and doesn't happen again. Please keep up the food and drink porn....loving it.... Carry on...... L&J
  10. Poor roses! I think they probably had too much dinner! Have been thoroughly enjoying all of your posts and we're living virtually thru your comments! We enjoyed the Grandeur in Feb. and it's fun to cruise again with you two! We loved the Meridian as well, and had fun with their specialty cocktails. Pool bar was a fav with us as well! Carry on and keep us posted! L&J
  11. Hi Kids! Bon Voyage from a couple of the "Legendary Explorer TA " sailors! Now that was a great time! John and I enjoyed the Grandeur in Feb. and will again in November. We're actually meeting Jackie and Dennis in NYC, before they head off on the Grandeur TA, NY to Barcelona(?). Wishing you a wonderful cruise, take care of the pool bar for us, best to TNR!
  12. I love seeing kilts, national dress (no matter from where!) and other garb that folks put together for formal nights. One of the most memorable were some Japanese folks who did the full on kimonos and men with those fabulous wide pants, sashes, etc. Another along the same line, but totally different was a gentleman for the west who wore a black suit, fabulous "formal" boots, a bolo tie with a chunk of turquoise that would choke his horse and a stunning black stetson. He looked terrific! So, please bring and wear your kilt!
  13. I totally agree with all of the above posters who say "go for it"....it's your vacation and you should do what you'd like. A martini at tea would hardly be the strangest thing I've seen on Cunard! Don't get me started on that thought......giggle!
  14. I quite enjoyed the short read by Alan Cumming.....and I didn't mind his coat one bit. I think Cunard is probably the only line that I know of that has "miles" of comments on dress. It's one of the things that makes people watching such fun! And as far as the plaid coat, we've seen it all.....The fellow with the rumbled jacket and wrinkled tie, attending formal night activities as well as the (much) older lady in tiarra and sparkly shoes. As long as it fits (at least sort of...) the dress for the evening, who am I to throw stones.....
  15. We just stayed at the Mandarin in early Feb. this year. Fabulous hotel....and not demolished!
  16. I could be wrong but we were in a G cabin (bottom of the boat) on the Splendor. We only had a shower, although it was the biggest shower EVER. I'm quite sure we had a clothes line in there.
  17. We also love and appreciate the tub with shower AND stand alone shower. We use both. I too love that leisurely soak with all that good water and nice products sloshing around.....a real treat! The stand alone shower is perfect for a quickie cool down and clean up after a hot day ashore.... But that's just us....!
  18. Those poor little lamb chops.....all dressed up in their pretty coats and......well, what happened to their buds? (giggle!) Must agree presentation is poor.......
  19. Cadillac Margarita….with or without salt! Meridian bar has endless suggestions on delicious sounding cocktails!
  20. I'm pretty sure there are only ladders
  21. If you are using a (pre) hotel that Regent includes, your transport is from the airport to the hotel and then on to the ship. If you're using Regent air at the conclusion of your trip, the ship to airport transport is also included.
  22. Some good points above. However after all of the add ons with the premium lines (port taxes, service charges/tips, specialty restaurants, shore excursions, and last but not least, drink packages) you come pretty close to what a "bottom of the boat" fare is for Regent. Oh, and I almost forgot above, air fare. So are far as we're concerned, Regent is actually a bargain .... And as a lazy so and so, it's all done for you.......
  23. There must be even a little Italian in you!
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